Wide Variety of Transformers- Unicron Trilogy to Present, third party too!

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    Hello everyone. I recently moved states to take a new job, but I still need to clear out Transformers I no longer want. Everything I have listed should be considered in good to excellent condition and complete with all accessories, unless otherwise stated. Figures are priced to sell- you won't really find cheaper prices on Ebay- and pictures are available upon request. I will also entertain reasonable offers. Shipping will mainly be done though USPS. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me, and thanks for looking!

    My feedback: Avosimus Feedback Thread

    Feedback is what helps us all stay honest, and is greatly appreciated.

    What I have for sale:

    Unicron Trilogy

    Armada Deluxe Optimus with Over-Run- $10
    [SOLD] Armada Tidal Wave with Ramjet, complete with box- $25
    Cybertron Legends Vector Prime- $3 SALE PENDING
    Cybertron Scout Scrapmetal (Orange)- $4
    Cybertron Deluxe Red Alert- $5
    [SOLD] Cybertron Leader Megatron, missing key alternate provided, broken arm tab [does not affect transformation]- $20

    Movie 1

    Legends Recon Barricade- $3
    Scout Warpath, missing 1 claw- $5
    [SOLD] Deluxe Bonecrusher, fair condition- $10
    Deluxe G1 colors Jazz- $10
    Deluxe Protoform Optimus, missing flame- $9
    Deluxe Stealth Bumblebee- $9
    Deluxe Jolt (Walmart), missing missile- $9
    Deluxe Grindcore (Walmart), missing original key, alternate provided- $9
    Voyager Premium Ironhide- $20
    [SOLD] Leader Class Nightwatch Optimus, gun tab is broken off, still complete in good condition- $25
    Robot Replicas Barricade- $9

    Transformers Animated

    Activators Thundercracker- $5
    Deluxe Jazz- $9
    Deluxe Sentinel Prime- $9
    Deluxe Stealth Lockdown with Legends Optimus and Bumblebee- $15
    Deluxe Blazing Lockdown (with chainsaw)- $9
    [SOLD] Deluxe Samurai Prowl, complete (also includes traffic light from original release)- $15
    Deluxe Cybertron Mode Ratchet- $10
    Deluxe Rodimus Minor- $15
    Voyager Optimus Prime, missing right bumper piece, otherwise complete- $15
    Leader Megatron- $20
    Leader Ultra Magnus, fair condition- $20

    Revenge of the Fallen

    Legends Bluesteel Sideswipe- $2
    Legends Springer- $3
    Legends Stealth Bumblebee- $2
    [SOLD] Scout Dirt Boss, fair condition- $4
    Scout Knock Out- $4
    Scout Beachcomber, complete- $5
    Deluxe Breakaway (darker variant) wing swivel snapped on one side, doesn’t affect transformation or display- $5
    Deluxe Bludgeon (Wreckage redeco)- $9
    Deluxe Hoist (Longarm redeco)- $10 SALE PENDING
    Deluxe Dead End (Sideways redeco)- $10
    Deluxe Swerve- one of the rubber leg connectors has broken off, doesn’t affect transformation- $5
    Deluxe Gears- $10
    [SOLD] Deluxe Armorhide- $10
    [SOLD] Voyager Long Haul- $20
    [SOLD] Voyager Mixmaster, complete, one of the shields’ ball socket has broken, doesn’t affect vehicle mode- $15
    [SOLD] Human Alliance Skids with Mikaela and Arcee- $30

    Leader Class Optimus Prime and Jetfire, complete, selling only as a set- $70

    Hunt for the Decepticons

    [SOLD] Scout Backfire- $5
    Scout Oil Pan- $5
    Scout Firetrap- $5
    Scout Insecticon- $10
    [SOLD] Deluxe Battle Blades Bumblebee, some custom silver detailing added- $12

    Power Core Combiners

    Windburn with Darkray- $7
    Steelshot with Beacon- $5
    Darkstream with Razorbeam- $5
    Skyhammer, missing Minicon- $5
    Crankcase with Destrons- $10
    Steamhammer with Constructicons- $12
    [Take all PCC for $30 shipped]

    Dark of the Moon

    Cyberverse Bumblebee (with gun)- $1
    Cyberverse Ratchet- $3
    Cyberverse Topspin- $3
    [SOLD] Cyberverse Roadbuster- $3
    Cyberverse Leadfoot (Target version with gun- $3
    Cyberverse Crankcase- $3
    Cyberverse Crowbar- $3
    Cyberverse Ironhide (blue version)- $5
    Cyberverse Battle Steel Optimus Prime (guns and swords “G1” version)- $5
    Cyberverse Megatron (black version)- $5
    [Take all Cyberverse figures for $20 shipped]

    Deluxe Sideswipe- $10
    Deluxe Ratchet, complete, rear hatch tab had snapped off but has been glued back on- $8
    Deluxe Jolt- $8
    Deluxe Optimus Prime- $10
    Deluxe Thundercracker- $10
    Deluxe Specialist Ratchet (red version)- $10
    Deluxe Armor Topspin (gray version)- $9
    [SOLD] Deluxe Walmart Sideswipe (blue version), gun storage tab has broken off, otherwise complete- $6
    Voyager Optimus Prime (missing mechtech gun)- $6
    Voyager Sentinel Prime- $20
    Voyager Cannon Ironhide (G1 red version)- $15
    Voyager Skyhammer- $20
    Human Alliance Leadfoot, missing Steeljaw/missile- $10
    Leader Sentinel Prime- $30

    Transformers The Ride

    Deluxe Evac- $20

    Transformers Prime

    Cyberverse Dreadwing- $5
    Cyberverse Hardshell, missing gun- $5 SALE PENDING
    Deluxe RID Cliffjumper- $10
    Deluxe RID Hot Shot- $9
    Deluxe Beast Hunters Starscream- $6
    Deluxe Beast Hunters Prowl- $10
    Voyager RID Bulkhead- $15
    Voyager RID Optimus Prime- $10
    Voyager RID Starscream- $15
    Voyager RID Skyquake- $30
    Voyager Beast Hunters Optimus Prime, complete, sword handle is broken but doesn’t affect his ability to hold it- $18
    Voyager Beast Hunters Sharkticon Megatron- $15
    Voyager Beast Hunters Shockwave- $20
    Voyager Beast Hunters Cryofire Predaking (blue version)- $15
    Voyager Beast Hunters Grimwing- $18
    Voyager Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus- $20
    Predacons Rising Predaking (the big one)- $25

    Age of Extinction

    Deluxe Slug- $5
    Deluxe Drift- $7
    Deluxe Lockdown- $10
    Deluxe Snarl - $5
    Deluxe Bumblebee (2014 Camaro)- $5
    Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus- $18
    Voyager Hound- $20
    Voyager Galvatron with painted cannon details- $18
    Voyager Slog- $15
    Leader Optimus Prime (darker red variant)- $25


    Classics Dirt Digger Team (Dirt Rocket, Grindor, Oil Slick)- $5
    Classics Strongarm (minicon police car from Night Rescue Team)- $2
    Classics Deluxe Grimlock- $10
    Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime (from the Ultimate Battle)- missing one smokestack and spin gimmick has been neutered for stability- $3
    Classics Deluxe Bumblebee (from Legacy of Bumblebee 3 pack)- $10
    Classics Voyager Optimus Prime, fair condition, smokestacks tab is broken, but still functions as gun- $15
    Classics Voyager Jetfire- $20
    Universe Legends Hound- $3
    Universe Scout Backstop- $5
    Universe Deluxe Tankor/Octane- $8
    Universe Deluxe Galvatron- $10
    Universe Deluxe Hound with Ravage, fair condition [Ravage is very floppy]- $12
    Universe Deluxe Smokescreen- $12
    Universe Deluxe Roadbuster (Hot Shot redeco)- $10
    Universe Voyager Heavy Load (Quickmix redeco)- $15
    Universe Voyager Dirge (one sword has been neutered, can still be flipped out with a flathead screwdriver)- $15
    Universe Ultra Onslaught- $20
    Generations Legends Bumblebee (AOE Evolution 2-pack version with gun)- $5
    Generations Legends Windcharger- $4
    Generations Deluxe Darkmount/Straxus- $15 SALE PENDING
    Generations Deluxe Thunderwing- $15
    Generations Deluxe WFC Cliffjumper- $10
    Generations Deluxe FOC Optimus Prime- $8
    Generations Deluxe FOC Vortex- $8
    Generations Deluxe FOC Air Raid/Fireflight- $8
    Generations Deluxe FOC Sideswipe, missing gun- $6
    Generations Deluxe FOC Kickback- $9
    Generations Deluxe Megatron (B2 Bomber)- $8
    Generations Deluxe Minicon Assault Team (Centuritron)- $8
    Generations Deluxe Nightbeat- $8
    Generations Voyager GDO Megatron- $20
    Generations Voyager GDO Powerdive- $20
    Generations Voyager FOC Grimlock with Upgrade Kits- $25
    [SOLD] Generations Metroplex (complete)- $150 shipped
    RTS Legends Prowl- $3
    RTS Legends Trailbreaker- $3
    RTS Deluxe Jazz (with reprolabels)- $15
    RTS Deluxe Perceptor- $12
    RTS Deluxe Wreck-Gar- $12
    Combiner Wars Deluxe Sunstreaker- $9
    Combiner Wars Voyager Silverbolt, broken chest/FOR PARTS- $5
    Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus- $15
    Combiner Wars Leader Megatron with DX9 upgrade kit- $60
    Combiner Wars Leader Thundercracker- $30
    Combiner Wars Leader Starscream- $30
    Combiner Wars Leader Skywarp- $30
    [Take all 3 Seekers for $80- shipping TBD)
    Titans Return Deluxe Blurr with Hyperfire- $12
    Titans Return Deluxe Highbrow with Xort- $12

    Robot Heroes

    G1 Optimus- $2
    G1 Bumblebee- $2
    G1 Soundwave- $2
    G1 Hound- $2
    BW Tarantulas- $2
    [Take all 5 for $5 shipped]


    Micro-Changer Blight- $2
    Micro-Changer Scorponok- $2
    Mirage with Driver and Mirage Kreons- $5

    Third Party

    [SOLD] iGear Swerve loose- $15
    Unique Toys Troll loose- $70
    MakeToys Hellfire- $70
    Warbotron Bruticus with new Blastoff Chest installed, complete- $250 shipped
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