Why does bay always have to have that one real cringe worthy scene?

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by OmegaPrime22, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Haha, Thank you so much! Another example - recently I've seen Star Wars 7, which totally haven't any such jokes and the movie looks not-matured, like an animation with actual actors.
    True - great post. The people around us act even worse sometimes. I remember many my school friends, who just can't produce non-cringe jokes. I even face such type of jokes, when communicate with my scientific colleagues in university. Regarding, that Wheelie scene it even had meaning, because Wheelie is at least loyal for Micaela:lol  And by the way, thank you so much for remembering me:D 
    True about Shane. I wanted to say the same - he is just ordinary guy, not bad and not good, but as a typical human he is still good deep inside - in the Hong Kong battle and CW charge he acts good! The same with Joshua Joyce and others - this Movie is just realistic and I very like it. I'm tired of typical comic book pattern with protagonist - antagonist, good and bad. The world is more complicated. Everyone has his/her own way, motivations, aims and different values and mostly the motivations are selfish. But when stakes rise normal people act "good" and selflessly. Immanuel Kant said, that it's because the God (conscience) exists inside us and scientists can't find another cause even today. And I agree Cade's reaction to Shane was absolutely predictable. Tessa is too young to make serious decisions and he really wants to see her future not similar to his mistakes and current life.
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    I do agree there has been soooo many threads about this topic. I agree about the cringe worthy stuff but its Bay.

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