who would you use?

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    YouTube - Gaogaigar Brave Team Final Attack

    what autobot characters would you use to pull off a transformer version of that scene

    i would go with cybertron lyger+sonic convoy in place of gaogaigar

    with headmasters fortress maximus for the second guy sine they both got freaking huge swords

    victory saber for the 3rd guys role

    rid omega prime for the 4th guys role since they both got that whole big a$$ gun mounted on the shoulder thing

    and super godmaster forces god jinrai for the 6th guy

    i could actually see cybertron prime in sonicwing savage claw mode powering up for that hell and heaven style attack even as he gets supercharged channeling the energy attacks of the other 5 into himself to further augment his own power levels for the attack

    so who would you use?

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