Who would be the starts of an all third party comic book?

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    Okay, so let' say you are on the staff of an all third party Transformers comic, and you have to pick who the heroes and villains of the comics are going to be. Which 'bots and 'cons do you pick? What is the setting for the comic?
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    Well..... mine would be inspired by the TF Universe in where there was "no Megatron" and Orion Pax was killed by Megazarak before he was chosen matrix bearer. The Cybertronians would have fled to earth were they'd been hiding in santuary for years. That would end once the Destron armada show up and start decimating the human race. Now calling themselves the Wreckers, led by Diaclone Ultra Magnus who in fact be Dion, the sole survivor of the G-1 episode called War Dawn, rose up and fought back. I'd have either MakeToy's Non "Fallen" as the big bad or IDW's Nova Prime as the Big Bad pulling the strings from the shadows of Cybertron's past. My story's a bit convoluted I admit:eek:  but here's who I have for my Wreckerz Resistance(and yeah most of the roster is of figures I do have:D ): DIA Commander, Chromia(dark red recolor of TF Prime Arcee), Wheeljack, Warbot Defender aka Springer, Sideburn (blue recolor of Hot Rod), Jazz, DTM SkyHammer, SG colored Drift. Their troops would actually be piloted mechas, Diaclone nod:wink: , that were reversed engineered from the remains of Dai Atlus, and Star Saber (Gundams :p ) and Veritechs from a comatose Skyfire(;) )(he'd be the only they could reactviate).
    I envision Destron armada as having a combination of Cybertronian and a little movie aesthetic to them to give them a slightly more menacing "alien" look to them. The Marauders would be a legion of the FP Causality "Insecticons", with the generals being, a Universe colored Cyclonus, ultra class sized, Bludgeon in Banzaitron colors(I have that fig), TF Prime voyager Starscream as a more sadistic Skywarp, Skyshadow, black recolored Sweeps with movie aesthetic, MasterCreations' Sixshot, being led by the Acolyte of greatest Prime(at least to him) IDW Thunderwing in much darker hue.

    Crazy huh:crazy:  :lolol 
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    "Optromis" and "Megastaron" are dead. The "Core" has been long-lost on an desolate and desert covered "Cyperion".

    The surviving "Autonauts" and "Disecktons" are now trapped on a war-torn Earth that is slowly being corrupted by the mysterious "Hubworld".


    "Pyros" (Xovergen RTP repaint)
    "Fissionfist" (FP Muntioner rapaint/remold)
    "Bladerotor" (Tomohawk Repaint)
    "Rockeruin" (???)
    "Steelskin" (Igear Impactor repaint)
    "Deserteagle" (Warbot Defender repaint)


    "Spacescreech" (FP Flameblast repaint/remold)
    "Tsunamos" (Warbot Assaulter repaint)
    "Earruption" (CD Red Alert repaint/remold)
    "Firebrand" (PE RC repaint)
    "Conducternaut" (MMC Annihilator repaint/remold)
    "Soileader" (Igear Rager repaint)


    "Axodus" (TFTM Protoform Starscream repaint)
    "Cannoneers" (PE Shadow Warrior repaint) (army-builder)
    "Lord Maximalgus" (MT Not-Fallen repaint/remold)


    "Alpha Centauri" (MMC Cyclops repaint/retool)

    Kudos if you can tell who they are ment to be.

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