Who should handle the next movie(s)

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by unicronic, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I think we've been blessed with awesome action sequences and breathtaking moments thanks to Mr.Bay - arrival of the Autobots from Movie 1 and the forest fight scene from Movie 2 rank as two high points in all of Transformers.

    However there is plenty of room for improvement. I'd very much like someone who can handle the villainy side of things better such as Christopher Nolan or one of the young up and comers like JJ Abrams.

    Someone who knows how to keep a storyline and plot moving ahead tightly, all 3 movies have big sags at some point or another. Infact it could be said that TF Trilogies best action scenes and the shorter ones.

    Someone who understands the history of the material but also who won't be encumbered by it. Take nods and winks from the past and create something new again.

    And lastly we need someone who creates heroes we can look up to and villains we can despise. I would love to see a new/next movie with Megatron being stone cold and brutal in the way Prime has been.

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