Who is,,, "the White Rabbit"?

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    There is a particular toy I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately. AFAIK he has no representation in any of the comics, movies or cartoons. So before anyone else gets to play with him, I think I’ll take a stab at it.

    I’d like to propose a game for this thread, I’ll (try to) post chapters of a story with him. After each post I’d like everyone to take a guess at who he is, which toyline he’s in, and which character he is. I’ll try not to Marty-Stu him too much, but I make no promises.

    So without any further ado:

    The White Rabbit: Raid on Hypoxis.

    Prime thinks the Decepticons are massing weapons near the eastern edge of the Rust Sea. Most of the heavy hitters are tied up on the southern front, and besides this mission calls for a little,,, discretion. When you want something blown up real good, you call the Dynobots, but when you need a little finesse, (and I have to confess, Jazz is busy) it falls to me.

    They call me “the white rabbit” because it seems like every time they toss me down a hole, ‘bots find more trouble than anyone expects.

    The lithe white Autobot slipped effortlessly between the aluminum spires that shielded his approach to Hypoxis. Only a few hundred meters from the edge of the village he surveyed the area. He couldn’t see any sign of Decepticon activity, but that didn’t mean he was willing to charge across a half a kilometer of open ground. Instead he decided to circle around, sticking to cover, and see if he could find an alternative.

    Besides, he thought to himself, I can always use the straight forward approach later.

    But his patience paid off, he found an old cable trench, leading from an abandoned wind farm into the village proper. Though it was too narrow for his robot form, his narrow, two wheeled alternate form would be able to make it though the trench. Admittedly it would be tight.

    To narrow for a fat little Bumblebee, he chuckled, taking a moment to mentally jab at one of his rivals.

    Rolling slowly though the trench until he reached the cover of a small out building.

    Nice town, he thought to himself, but it’s awfully quiet for a someplace NOT in the middle of a warzone.

    And he knew a thing or two about quiet, his audio receptors were very sensitive, as well as his radio antennas. Admittedly some of the whole “white rabbit” bit was the way his head was tipped by two large white fairings that contained most of his receivers. But it’s not like he was a Maximal.

    The thing is, he was always aware of some sort of noise. Even passing stellar radiation gave a background hum of gamma rays. It really WAS “too” quiet.
    Jamming, he realized, and pretty damn good too.

    So if there was no noise to follow, perhaps he would be better off following the quiet. Working his way through the village, he worked out a search pattern of where he could begin to faintly acquire some signal. Once he’d done that he managed to triangulate the source of the jamming. Although, he admitted, he might have saved himself a lot more time by simply investigating the largest building first.

    Sometimes the obvious answers really are the best, he shrugged.

    He converted his ‘wings’ to flight mode and leapt to the roof of the building. Once on top, he worked his way to a skylight and peered inside.
    Weapons! He gasped, lots of high grade explosive too.

    He couldn’t risk calling for backup here, he had to get clear of the jamming zone. Leaping from the roof and gliding down , he made his way back towards the trench where he’d entered the village. Only to find it guarded by a Decepticon!

    All I’ve got time for now,,,,

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