Who here has Wii Madden 08?

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by funkatron101, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Is it worth buying? How is the online play?
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    I didn't want to be the first one to post because I think it might derail the thread, but here goes.

    I think that the Madden games have been stagnant since EA acquired the exclusive NFL license. Sega's NFL2k5 was in every regard a superior product (and cheaper) and the Madden series has yet to accomodate the features that I thought were so great in that game.

    Other than the obviously better graphics there have been no innovations to the series. Perhaps the Wii control scheme is the innovation I am looking for, but I don't know because I don't have the game.
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    i want to get it but i'm not a Madden fan...i like the 2K games better....

    dont take it for a grain of salt but here's what IGN though of it:

    Wii: 8.5

    8.5 Presentation
    The Madden franchise has always been a powerhouse of football goodness, and this is no different. Updated rosters, new modes, clean interface, team-based playbooks, and more.

    7.0 Graphics
    It’s a slight bump from last year, but still not nearly up to par. Madden looks like a PS2 game with a few improvements, rather than a true Wii experience.

    8.5 Sound
    Stronger than last year, but just barely. The soundtrack offers over 40 tunes, and it’s a pretty solid mix of rock, rap, and punk. Expected Wii-mote audio still remains too.

    8.5 Gameplay
    The motions respond better, kicking is fixed, more options have been added, there are far more modes, but the game has some last-generation bugs and glitches still to be worked out.

    9.0 Lasting Appeal
    We wanted more multiplayer, and EA delivered, adding over 20 mini-games, online play (though it’s still sketchy), family play, a stronger single player mode, and more.

    and here's the others -
    PS3: 7.7
    GC: 7.6
    360: 8.7
    XBOX: 7.9

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