Who comes to mind when you see this truck?

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Rayzilla Prime, Apr 26, 2009.

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    My dad was showing me a magazine article about the Navistar International "Lone Star", and the Transformer fan in me said that this is definitely a nominee for a Transformer.

    It looks more Decepticon-ish to me, especially the black one (in the gallery on the website) - it looks as if it could be Nemesis Prime (truck by itself), Motormaster (with a dark gray box trailer), or Octane/Tankor (with a tanker trailer).

    On a side note, the silver one does make me think Ultra Magnus, though I'd prefer Movie-Magnus to be a Peterbilt semi tow truck only in the same grayish silver as the International truck (to be diverse from previous Magnus versions ;) ).
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    Personally, RID Scourge comes to mind.


    Motormaster and Nemesis Prime could also easily turn into that truck. Though NP would be better of with the exact same model of truck Prime turns into, just in different colors (same for bot-mode). Scourge and Motormaster on the other hand, could turn into pretty much any cool looking black semi. Well, imo at the very least.

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