Who are your ten favorite superheroes and why?

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    Been done before in some form I'm sure, but not in a while anyway. Got the idea from the 10 favorite movies thread. You can include villains in the mix if you want to. Here's mine:

    1. Zorro

    He's one of the first of the genre to have the total package - secret identity, sidekick, great villains, awesome fighting skills. I also like that he's a lighthearted hero most of the time.

    2. Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

    I was the right target audience for this book when it first came out. A DC "magical girl" actually aimed at girls. She was as cool a princess as WW, but easier for me to relate to. I am so looking forward to her return in DC Nation.

    3. Wolverine

    Because at his best Wolvie is both a loner and a team player. A character at war with his inner beast. And he never ever gives up. It's not in his vocabulary. He's also one of the greatest believers in Xavier's Dream.

    4. Cable

    I love that he's one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, or would be if he weren't at war with his own body. I love his legacy of being the son of Scott and Maddie and the ackward family moments it causes with Nate being nearly twice Scott's age. I love how Cable is so badass of a strategic planner that he's like the Batman of the Marvel Universe.

    5. Jubilee

    Best Asian character in comics imho. The Wolvie/Jubes dymanic is one of my favorites of all time. As a teenage girl reading comics in the 90's Jubilee was my gateway character to the wonderful world of the X-Men.

    6. Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

    A recent favorite. Steph is just so much fun and her book was so well written. Steph combines my love of lightheartness characters, spunky girl characters, and heroes who wear my favorite color of purple.

    7. Huntress

    At first I just loved her because she was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman (one of my favorite couples), but now I'm finally starting to appreciate the Bertinelli version in the DCNu and how badass she is. I recently read her Year One tpb, and I love how she's one of the few characters who will tell Batman where to shove it.

    8. Husk (Paige Guthrie)

    From Generation X. I loved Paige for her unigue powers, her southern charm, her serious nature, and that all she wanted to do when she grew up was to be an X-Men. At first I was so excited when Austin made her one, then...well the less said about that garbage the better. She really need to be taken out of limbo again!

    9. Archangel/Angel

    Because unlike most mutants, Warren loves the fact he's a mutant. He revels in the simple joy of his flying powers. Then he became all badass and angsty which I also enjoyed. (For those who are wondering - I love Warren, I love Paige. I loved the idea of two of my favorite charcters on the same team, but as a couple? No, just, no!) I loved Warren/Betsy of the 90's.

    10. Jean Grey/Phoenix

    Because the Dark Phoenix saga is one of the greatest superhero stories of all time. Because she and Scott are my favorite superhero couple. Because she has the powers of a goddess and kicked butt in the 90's. Because Venus Terzo was perfect as Jean in X-Men Evolution. Because I like characters associated with fire imagery.

    Runners up: Green Arrow, Supergirl, Batman, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Darkwing Duck
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    taffy the dog from amethyst comic book series
    cosmic boy from planet baal
    lighting lad from planet winth
    lighting girl from planet winth
    nightcrawler from x men
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    10. Wolverine- badassery
    9. Deadpool- overrated badassery
    8. Batgirl (Barbra Gordon)- fun character
    7. Nick Fury- he's only here because of Samuel L muthafukin Jackson.
    6. Moon Knight- screw the Batman rip-off theroy.
    5. Punisher- musy I say it?
    4. Aquaman- Come on, everyone loves a dumbass!
    3. Flash- I just like him
    2. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)- durshehot!
    1. Batman- Do I really hsve to say it?

    Runner-up: Power Girl- Um, for two massive reasons. :lol 
  4. Megabattimus

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    Victoria, Australia
    1. Superman- Who doesn't like Big Blue?
    2. Batman- He's the GODDAMN BATMAN!
    3. Captain America- The ultimate patriot.
    4. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)- You can't beat the original.
    5. Power Girl- Proof that a character can be hot and awesome.
    6. The Flash (Wally West)- Man, I miss Wally.
    7. Nightwing- Dick Grayson FTW!
    8. Wolverine- He's the best at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice.
    9. Booster Gold- Everyone, just read 52.
    10. The Question- Everyone, just watch JLU.

    Runners up: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Batwoman, Robin (Tim Drake), Hulk, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), The JSA, and JLA.
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    Hmm, this may take some time.

    Iron Man will be #1 though
  6. NSJ23

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    1) Batman
    2) Spiderman
    3) Superman
    4) Green Hulk
    5) Savage Dragon
    6) Invincible
    7) Wolverine
    8) Ironman
    9) Green Lantern (Hal or John)
    10) Punisher
  7. Optimus1986

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    10. The Ghostbusters - Yeah, they charge people, but they wear uniforms, they have a special car, and they've saved the world more than once. They're superheroes baby.

    09. The New Teen Titans - Raven, admittedly, is my favorite, but I rarely read a comic book with characters I would love to meet and have a conversation with. I wanna spend a week at Titans Tower. Wolfman and Perez's version is king though. All others are inferior imho.

    08. She-Hulk - She's not just some off-shoot of her cousin. She's smart, funny and she broke the fourth wall waaaay before Deadpool did.

    07. Godzilla - When he isn't decimating Tokyo and stepping on people, he's defending the world (directly or indirectly) from monsters and being a hero.

    06. Wolverine - He's Wolverine bub. He's got an attitude, Adamantium claws and a great design. What's not to love?

    05. Spider-Man - A superhero with problems. He's a hero! He saves the day. Every day. Yet, he's still trying to figure out how to dodge that buck-fifty service fee at the ATM just like me. Awesome.

    04. Captain America - I read an Ultimates novel once and Nick Fury went to Cap's apartment to talk to him about something. When he walked in, Cap was kicked back eating a cheesburger and watching the Thin Man on TCM. That is so something I would be doing! I am a Cap fan now and forever.

    03. Batman - The Dark Knight himself. Batman. I challenge you just to say that word out loud...Batman. See if a small smile doesn't snake its way onto your face. Because he's awesome, and everybody knows he's awesome. People who say they don't even like Batman know he's awesome. He's a normal person, but he can stay toe-to-toe with ANYBODY. He doesn't need powers, he's got his mind. And a VERY large bank account.

    02. Superman - As Mark Hammill once stated, "everything drools down from Superman". And it does. He began the entire era in June 1938, and everybody - I mean EVERYBODY - owes something, no matter how small, to the Man of Steel. And, yes, I even like the red trunks.

    01. The Incredible Hulk - Okay... here we go... Hulk is my absolute favorite superhero, because, frankly, I have a lot in common with him. No, I don't turn green or gray and destroy entire city blocks, but I do have a temper. Don't piss me off, because you won't like me pissed off. And there are times that I just want to be left alone. Go away. Leave me be. The Incredible Hulk is my fave, because he's the strongest there is, yet, he's very, very vulnerable (again, something we have in common).
  8. UltraAlanMagnus

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    The 50th State
    2.Captain America
    4.Red Tornado
    5.Optimus Prime
    6.Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    8.Moon Knight
    9.Martian Manhunter
  9. Rusty24

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    1. Spiderman- he is the most relatable hero and I actually relate to Spiderman quite a bit. Spiderman is also a really developed character and he has a great rogues gallery.
    2. Iron Man- I love the character and the concept.
    3. Captain America- it was the first comic I ever read and I find the character incredibly likable.
    4. Superman- Superman is easily the strongest superhero of all and he is also really likable.
    5. Hawkeye- I like the character and I enjoy his sarcastic wit.
    6. The Incredible Hulk- he is a really well-developed character in my mind.
    7. Green Lantern- I like to compare him to Luke in Star Wars because Green Lantern is a space opera essentially.
    8. Batgirl- she is a character that I really like and I can't really explain why I like her so much.
    9. Batman- it's Batman
    10. Nightwing- I've always thought that a Nightwing movie could be really cool.
  10. Allsparky

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    Le Palladium!
    Any one who wears their underwear over their pants is a winner! There, that should take care of at least ten!
  11. starscream-99

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    1. Venom (Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson. Not Gargan)
    2. Batman
    3. Spiderman
    4. Deadpool
    5. Wolverine
    6. Captain American
    7. Blackbolt
    8. Gambit
    9. X-23
    10. Magneto
  12. Cyber-Scream

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    1. Deadpool - Funny, bad ass, gets the job done.
    2. Iron Man - He's just awesome.
    3. Cap - The original Avenger, nostalgia.
    4. Batman - Batman.
    5. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Always been a big fan.
    6. Hawkeye - Like Iron Man, he's just awesome.
    7. She-Hulk - Wanted to have at least one heroine on the list, and well she's the best XD
    8. Cyclops - One of my favorite X-Men.
    9. Hulk - He's the frickin Hulk!
    10. Superman - I dunno.
  13. tikgnat

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    Beneath the Loft, London, UK
    i) Black Widow, dig that outfit.
    ii) Black Cat, dig that outfit.
    iii) Catwoman, dig that outfit.
    iv) Psylocke, dig that outfit.
    v) Scarlet Witch, dig that outfit.
    vi) Rogue (Jim Lee years), dig that outfit.
    vii) Jean Grey (Jim Lee Years), dig that outfit.
    viii) Caitlain Fairchild (Gen 13), dig that outfit.
    ix) Wonder Woman, dig that outfit.
    x) Batman. Dig that outfit.
  14. rattrap007

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    Evansville, IN
    No set order:

    Superman - The guy is the perfect example of a superhero

    Captain America - Again. Plus he was a wimp with a strong patriotic duty who just wanted to do his part.

    Batman - What can one say? He's simply a bad ass with great villains

    Deadpool - I love fourth wall jokes

    Gambit - guess it comes from watching X-M:TAS. Love the accent and attitude

    Iron Man - Awesome battle suits

    Spider-Man - the showing of a superhero who struggles to juggle hero work with daily life.

    more to come... maybe.
  15. DJW107PRIME

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    No order
    Spiderman- Hilarious everyman
    Luke Cage- Badass street humor and fun leader
    Batman- I feel like no one can beat him.
    Hawkeye- Mad skill & attitude
    Black panther- king of he jugle baby
    Captain America- He stands for something bigger than one man
    Cyclops- Hard road that boy travels
    Batgirl- Cassandra KAIN she was a badass
    Thats all I got for now. Oh Optimus Prime but I think thats another survey.
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    I don't read enough superhero comics any more to really have a great reason for a lot of these choices and not all of them are the version of the character from the comics. In no particular order:

    - Guy Gardner (GL) - Has gone from being a somewhat one-dimensional character into a fairly nuanced jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold over the course of GLC ever since Rebirth. I also like that, of all the Earth GLs, he's the only one who seems to be actually having fun with his job.

    - Kyle Rayner (GL) - Has also developed very well as a character recently and has come a long way from his "I'll never be as good as Hal 'The Best Person in the Universe' Jordan" characterization when he first appeared. I like Kyle because his reactions to events feel more realistic than the other Earth GLs. Does tend to angst a little too much and that keeps him from the number one spot.

    - Batman, Chris Nolan trilogy version - I'm not that fond of Batman in the comics, since I was never thrilled with either the BatGod portrayal or the direction Morrison has taken the character recently. But the Nolan movie version is handled very well.

    - Nightwing - First sidekick to really 'graduate' into his own superhero identity and it has, except for a few short stints as Batman, generally stuck.

    - Darkwing Duck - A surprisingly well-developed character for a superhero parody, especially in the recent Boom series. The number of references to sometimes obscure superhero concepts are a nice touch as wel.

    - Wee Hughie - Well-developed character who reacts believably to the events going on around him. Manages to sometimes be a little thick and slow to catch on without coming across as a complete idiot.

    - Connor Kent (Superboy) - One of the best concepts to come out of "Reign of the Supermen" and a generally fun character, although I preferred his earlier characterization where he was less angsty.

    - Bart Allen (Impulse) - Another fun and unique character whose first ongoing series was a great read.

    - The New Teen Titans, comic version - Well-developed characters with a lot of great interaction and some excellent artwork. Up to and including "The Judas Contract"; the series was never quite as good after that.

    - Teen Titans, cartoon version - Took the best aspects of the New Teen Titans run, distilled the characters down to be much more accessible than the comics and increased the level of fun.
  17. Spiderus Prime

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    1.Nightcrawler- Best X-Men Character Ever!!!
    2.Wasp (Janet Van Dyke version not Hank Pym version)
    3.Captain America
    4.Superman-The Only Character that I belated too.
    6.Scarlet Witch
    9.Iron Man
  18. Haloid1177

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    Somewhere Between Life and Death
    1. Deadpool: He's the funniest, most random character in comics, and I love him for that.
    2. Batman: It's Batman. What more need be said?
    3. Iron Man: The movies really got me to read the comics, and it turned out he was a pretty cool character. Lots of cool armors, and Tony is such a loving dick sometimes.
    4. Venom: My favorite Spidey character, and now that he has his own series again, he can be on this list as a superhero. Love the struggles the symbiote induces, and Flash is an interesting character.
    5. Nightwing: I always loved Dick Grayson as Robin. So when he branced off on his own, I really liked him. He brought the dynamic of the first person to leave Batman. Plus, you always felt bad about his parents.
    6. Captain America (Bucky Barnes): Similar story to Nightwing. Plus his costume was way cooler than Steve's. And on that note...
    7. Captain America (Steve Rogers): Never has a story caught my attention as much as the death of this guy. I have always liked the everyday good guy with superpowers, and this is him.
    8. Cyclops: Always loved Cyclops. Leader of the X-men, cool visor, and just general cool guy.
    9. Blade: This dude is a vampire, who hunts other vampires with some of the coolest guns and shit I've ever seen. Not my traditional character, but I have always been interested in his handling of his inner demons.
    10. Moon Knight: The way his powers work, the way his character thinks, I just love it. An overall interesting character to read about and learn about.
  19. Switchblade

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    In no particular order:

    Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) - a case where a great comic can make me love a character. Steph is so much fun and I am still mad as hell at DC for taking her away so they can get in some 70s nostalgia by de-crippling Oracle.

    Power Girl - because JSA Classified #s 1-4. I'd never even heard of the character before then but I instantly fell in love with her. The Palmiotti/Gray/Conner run on her solo title was also amazing.

    Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) - star of one of the best solo titles ever. He's a nice, normal guy with a great supporting cast of family and friends but when the chips are down he's one of DC's strongest heroes.

    Guy Gardner - because he's such a great antagonistic asshole.

    Longshot - fun character with awesome powers and a happy-go-lucky personality.

    Rachel Summers - the star character of the first superhero comics I ever read and she's always been the focus of pretty cool storylines.

    Kitty Pryde - do I need to explain this one? It's Kitty effing Pryde.

    Flash (Wally West) - likable guy, cool powers, what's not to love?

    The Shade - not really a superhero per say, but I really love the layers of complexity that make up this guy and he has some really great superpowers.

    Huntress - Fun character and cool design. Also, dem hotpants. :confused2 
  20. Allsparky

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    Le Palladium!
    Ok, all kidding aside and in no particular order:

    Hawkman: I'm a sucker for bird wings, love the mace, hard to explain my affinity much more than that!

    Angel/Archangel: Growing up X-Factor (minus Jean) was my favorite group! Also liked the story of how the guy goes from millionaire playboy to this agent of death. Did I remember that right? Gosh it's been so long! Also again with the bird wings!

    Beast: Again another guy who goes through some transformation. Beast was the epitome of what I wanted to be as a kid. Strong, acrobatic, intelligent, able to multitask. Boy did I get shafted! I remember as a kid moving around on all fours trying to pick things up with my feet! When my family wasn't home I would try to balance on chairs, tables, various furniture, in various poses, usually with disastrous results!

    Iceman: Again somebody I could relate to growing up. I love cold weather, though we didn't get much in Louisiana, and anything cold. Icecream, ice, etc. Anyone who can do great things with ice such as Iceman, Sub-zero, ice sculptors, are heroes in my book!

    Colossus: What can I say? This is the true "man of steel" in my book! The guy's a beaut when he's all metaled out. Really dug that combo he would pull off with Wolvie. Stalwart he was indeed!

    Nightcrawler: Perhaps one of the coolest characters ever created. The acrobatics, the fencing, the big bad "bamf", the costume/skin color, prehensile tail, need I say more? Along with beast, I had a weird obsession with this guy growing up.

    Gambit: The guy's from my homestate and you can't go wrong with a card playin'/throwin',
    staff weildin' Cajun! Right cher?

    Batman: Any human who trains and has the resources to don a suit and fight crime, kick ass, or get the job done is truly a hero! Batman always seemed so much more real to me because he is/could be that close to being the real thing in our lives. The guy can hang with super powered villains and heroes alike. It's frikkin' Batman for crying out loud. Complete with gadgets n accessories and packed full of sheer win!

    Iron Man: Yet another everyday guy that dons a suit. One wickedly awesome powerful suit that is. The guy just looks cool, is tough, and can pull off some awesome stuff

    Green Lantern: Gotta back a guy who sports my birthstone color and I've always enjoyed the concept of the ring! To be able to construct and use anything that comes to mind is purely fascinating. Am really liking Kyle Rayner in the New Guardians series. Poor guy! Stay the fight Kyle, stay the fight!

    Punisher: I know I added an extra one but here's why: It seems that there's no justice anymore in this world, but at the end of the day, there's this guy! Nuff said.

    Thanks OP, that was fun! Great thread!

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