2D Artwork: Whirl Pool

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    This is Whirl Pool. He's not too thrilled to see you, your friends, or anyone else that isn't his darling Tech. He's 6'2'' of Chickencon and not ashamed of it, if you ask him why he'll probably turn around and run for dear life. As one can already take from his name he has jurisdiction over water and can genertate powerful whirlpool's by twirling in a tight vertical angle, though this ability is rarely used.

    Whirl Pool is the cooler of his two brothers and least decorated, and as an immature Grave Digger he lacks the decorative eye markings and additional armor. When faced with a foe he'd rather run, hide, or sorta...y'know, cringe in mortal terror. But when his dear Tech is in peril he can be surprisingly fierce opponent.

    Here's a link to the vicious Earth Quake. I had a better handle on my layers when rendering WP, his optics are larger and glow more to emphasize childish innocence. Enjoy :) 

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    I really like this! The design is cool, and I really enjoy the illustration style :thumb 

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