Which Troops Do You Affiliate With Which Leader?

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Do You Have "Splintered Factions" In Your Collection?

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  1. Sparked by me having "splintered factions" in my collection along with a small conversation started around page-11> of Legends LG-16 Slipstream and LG-17 Blackarachnia In Hand of the Legends LG-16 Slipstream and LG-17 Blackarachnia In Hand. I thought this would be a cool question to toss out here to fellow TFWers. Also, I was thinking you have different set-ups in the various cartoons as well as various comic allegiances. Everyone likely won't adhere to the norm of Megatron led Decepticons and Optimus Prime led Autobots. So, guys and gals, "Which Troops Do You Affiliate With Which Leader" in your collections?

    NOTE: I am basing this on figures in your collection...or...those you plan to add...along with maybe an explanation why the affiliation is the way it is...I'll get back on here later to share my allegiance rundown gradually...


    ¤《《《《 NEEDS 》》》》¤

    1. DOTM Guzzle (PR)
    2. DOTM Skyhammer or AOE Drift or FOC Whirl as Rotorstorm (PR)
    3. TR Titanmaster Leone as Steeljaw (CR)
    4. TR Rodimus (CR)
    5. TR Alpha Trion (CR)
    6. CW Pyra Magna (CR)
    7. CW Dustup (CR)
    8. CW Jumpstream (CR)
    9. CW Rust Dust (CR)
    10. CW Skyburst (CR)
    11. CW Stormclash (CR)
    12. TR Broadside (CR)
    13. TR Seaspray (FR)
    14. TR Titanmaster Ramhorn (FR)
    15. Hubcap (NR)
    16. Outback (NR)
    17. Eject (NR)
    18. Omega Supreme (NR)
    19. Moonracer (CST)
    20. Beta (CST)
    21. Rack'n'Ruin (CST)
    1. ENE Sharkticon as Triton (PR)
    2. TFP Swerve as Earthquake (PR)
    3. MX Hulk as Fang (PR)
    4. CYB Starscream as Darkmount Thrust (PR)
    5. UN2 Dirge as Darkmount Dirge (PR)
    6. T/L Bugbite (PE)
    7. T/L Dreadwind (PE)
    8. T/L Barricade (PE)
    9. T/L Bitstream (PE)
    10. T/L Hotlink (PE)
    11. T/L Nacelle (PE)
    12. TR Overboard as Overkill (CR)
    13. UW Onslaught (CR)
    14. UW Blast-Off (CR)
    15. UW Brawl (CR)
    16. UW Swindle (CR)
    17. UW Vortex (CR)
    18. TR Trypticon w/TR Full-Tilt (TR)
    19. TR Quake (CR)
    20. Razorclaw (NR)
    21. Divebomb (NR)
    22. Rampage (NR)
    23. Tantrum (NR)
    24. Headstrong (NR)
    25. Frenzy (NR)
    26. Slugfest (NR)
    27. Stranglehold (NR)
    28. Flywheels (NR)
    29. Barrage (NR)
    30. Ransack (NR)
    31. Venom (NR)
    32. (?? as Hardcase - Transformers Wiki) (CST)
    33. (TT Dia Battles as Stormbringer - Transformers Wiki) (CST)
    1. *Ehy Scrapheap
    2. T/L SG Wreck-Gar
    3. *T/L G2 Starscream
    4. *T/L Double Punch
    5. *GDO Powerdive
    6. *GEN Combat Hero Op as Surefire
    7. *T/L MW Mirage
    8. *T/L MW Starscream
    9. TR Black Shadow
    10. Detritus (NR)
    11. Salvage (NR)
    12. Allicons (NR)
    13. Overcharge drones (NR)
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    in my world, Megatron was the leader of the combined Decepticon/Predacon alliance with Gigatron (RiD Megatron) the direct leader of the predacons. Energon Scorponok (in my world g1 scorponok rebuilt) led a splinter faction of the decepticons from Armada and Energon as well as the decepticon headmasters, powermasters, and targetmasters
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  3. My Splintered Factions Part I


    Autobots 33/35

    Team Ark

    CLA Optimus Prime w/G3 Trailer

    UV2 Hound
    RTS (Spec Ops)* Jazz (M6)
    UV2 Prowl (M6)
    GEN Skids

    RTS (Solar Storm)* Grapple
    T30 Hoist
    CLA Mirage
    UV2 Ratchet
    HEI Red Alert
    UV2 Sideswipe
    UV2 Sunstreaker (M6)
    GEN Trailcutter/Trailbreaker
    GEN Wheeljack (M6)

    TR Brawn
    TR Bumblebee
    GEN Cliffjumper
    GEN Gears
    CW Huffer
    CW Windcharger


    Team Omega

    CLA/GEN Jetfire/Skyfire

    CW Hotspot

    CW Blades
    CW First-Aid
    CW (DLX) Groove
    CW Streetwise
    CW Rook

    CW (LGD) Groove

    HEI Beachcomber
    T30 Cosmos
    CW Powerglide
    (TR Seaspray)
    CW Warpath

    (Omega Supreme)



    Autobot Resistance 10/21

    ○ Cybertron Cell

    (TR Alpha Trion)

    T/L Elita One

    (CST Beta)
    GEN Chromia
    GDO Swerve as Firestar
    TR Nautica

    GEN Goldfire
    (CST Greenlight)
    (CST Lancer)
    (CST Moonracer)
    GEN Windblade

    T/L Flare-up
    TFP NYCC Arcee as Ariel
    TFP Bulkhead
    T/L Cop-Tur as Helix
    T/L Dion


    Caminus Cell

    (UW Pyra Magna)

    (UW Dustup)
    (UW Jumpstream)
    (UW Rust Dust)
    (UW Skyburst)
    (UW Stormclash)

    NOTES: This stealthy neo-G1 sub-faction of Autobots sometimes referred to as the rebels are led by Autobot Sub-Commander Elita-One...she is guided in her duties by Alpha Trion...her top lieutenants are Chromia, Beta & Firestar...their base of operations is on the outskirts of Iacon...with a newly built satellite base on Caminus run by Pyra Magna and connected via space bridge...their warship is the Udon...the roster is based on the G1 Female Autobots - Transformers Wiki & Torchbearer - Transformers Wiki...Ariel is the daughter of Elita-One and Optimus Prime (unbeknownst to him) and based her previous identity before being rebuilt...she is usually assigned to the maintenance crew...thus is very close friends with Helix, Dion and Bulkhead...I am considering adding Goldfire (as a seperate character from Goldbug) to help pad out this group...(thoughts?)...



    Lightning Strike Coalition (Force) 15/17

    PLA Grimlock

    UV2 Ironhide
    CW Silverbolt (M6)

    (AOE Steeljaw as Carnivac)
    UV2 Inferno (M6)
    UV2 Smokescreen
    RTS Tracks

    CW Airraid
    CW Alpha Bravo
    CW Fireflight
    CW Skydive
    CW Quickslinger/Slingshot

    PLA Snarl/Slag
    PLA Sludge
    PLA Snarl
    PLA Swoop

    NOTES: The LSCF is a commando unit of neo-G1 Autobots led by Grimlock...his top lieutenants are Ironhide and Silverbolt...Chief Medical Officer is Skar...with a base of operations in northern Canada...sometimes referred to as Earthforce...the warship is the Exodus...roster is loosely based on the roster of the Lightning Strike Coalition - Transformers Wiki and Earthforce - Transformers Wiki...I would like to use AOE Dinobots as neo-G1 Dinobots if I'm able to get them...thus repurposing AOE Scorn as Skar...thought of even repurposing AOE Steeljaw as Carnivac...



    Wreckers 12/19

    T/L Impactor/FOC Impactor Major

    GEN Drift
    GEN Roadbuster
    GEN Springer

    (TR Broadside)
    (CST Rack'n'Ruin)
    GEN Sandstorm
    GEN Scoop w/Holepunch & Caliburst as Tracer
    FOC Topspin/(TR Topspin)
    FOC Twin Twist/(TR Twin Twist)
    GEN Whirl

    T/L SG Starscream as R-Blade
    T/L Counterpunch as SG Wheeljack or Slicer
    T/L Fractyl w/Scorponok
    T/L Bluestreak as Sgt. Springarm
    T/L Toxitron

    T/L Lifeline


    Honorary Members

    (DOTM Guzzle)
    T/L Ironfist aka Fisitron
    UV2 Drag Strip as Leadfoot
    (DOTM Skyhammer or AOE Drift as Rotorstorm)

    NOTES: This rugged band of brothers known as the Wrecker - Transformers Wikis sub-faction are a neo-G1 commando unit led by ]Impactor Maximus...his top lieutenants are Springer and Drift...the group due to their "Wreck & Rule" fighting style have a close knit but ever changing roster...to date Sgt. Kup & Pyro are the only Wreckers to to retire from the unit with no serious injuries...if Hasbro does an updates for Landfill and Quickmix they'll likely be drafted as Wreckers...



    Cybertron Defense Force or Cybertrons 21/30

    ○ Main Unit

    CLA Ultra Magnus (w/ FP City Commander Armor)/(CW Ultra Magnus)

    GEN Sgt. Kup/(TR Sgt. Kup)
    RTS Perceptor/(TR Perceptor)

    GEN Arcee
    GEN Blurr/(TR Blurr)
    CLA Hot Rod(imus)/(TR Rodimus)

    TR Wheelie

    T/L Punch-Counterpunch

    Metroplex Unit

    TR Blaster

    TF10 Hubcap
    CW Pipes
    GEN Swerve
    GEN Tailgate

    FOC Sundor as Blockrock
    FOC Eject
    FOC Ramhorn/(TR Ramhorn)
    TR Rewind
    FOC Steeljaw/(TR Lione)
    TR Stripes

    GEN Scamper
    (CST or 3P Six-Gun)
    (CST Slammer)

    (GEN Metroplex)

    Moon Base One Unit

    CW Sky Lynx

    CW Scattershot
    CW Afterburner
    CW Lightspeed
    CW Nosecone
    CW Strafe

    CW Cybaxx
    (CST Ironclad)
    CW Scrounge

    NOTES: The neo-G1 sub-faction called the Cybertrons are currently led by the Autobot City Commander Ultra Magnus...his top lieutenants are Sgt. Kup (A former Wrecker), Blaster & Sky Lynx...they have several bases across Cybertron as well as on Moon Base One and at Metroplex on Earth...they have a close working relationship with Wreck-Gar and his people the Junkion (species) - Transformers Wikis...Punch reports directly to Magnus...more often than not he works solo...no one knows of his alternate identity not even his direct superiors...

    [() = No Current Figure Representation]
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    My world has Rodimus and Galvatron as the leaders on Cybertron following Op's and Meg's apparent deaths. :D 

    Therefore, each side has two leaders.
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    Beacon, NY
    in my world, impactor gains an "Evolution Mode".a mode that is basically "super sayian",but is much less common. much similar to optimus becoming white,impactor's purple turns green. this new found power allowed the wreckers survival rate go to 90%, eventually the wreckers grew to the point that they need a small planet as a base of operations.

    as for the decepticons, shockwave has his own planet full of obedient creatures-from-the-universe-turned-cybertronian. eventually i'll give shockwave an Evolution mode, caused by unnatural means. also, grand scourge is the leader of the quintessens (by force).
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    no splintered factions here, but if i did i'd have slipstream as seeker commander and strika as a high ranking decepticon commander. following starscream's death at megatron's hand, slipstream takes over as decepticon second in command.
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  7. My Splintered Factions Part II


    Junkions 12/15

    RTS Wreck-Gar

    (EHY Scrap/Scrap-Iron)
    GEN Junkheap/Junkyard

    (CW Wreck-Gar) as Short Junkion - Transformers Wiki renamed Rubble or Odss & Ends (haven't decided)
    Wasteoid Gamma


    NOTES: Based on a bit of Dreamwave, IDW and Shattered Glass fiction. The vast majority of the Junkion race are cannibalistic versions of their former selves who devolved over time from being a rich and prosperous yet extremely wasteful race. They tend to communicate in the form of computer error messages. The Junkion tribe led by Wreck-Gar and a scattered few others whom inhabited the area known by most as the "Wrong-Side-of-the-Tracks" did not suffer the same fate as the others. They became a resourceful bunch as the area they inhabited was located in "The Landfill". This area served as the dumping ground via "Spacebridge" for the planet Cybertronian due to a contract agreed upon by the former "Junkion Council". As previously stated the Junkion tribe are led by Wreck-Gar. His top lieutenants are Junkheap/Junkyard & Scrap-Heap/Scrap-Iron. The members of the Junkion tribe specialize in several fields from medical to scientific. Their battleship, "The Minnow" serves as their source for interplanetary transportation and as a first line of defense from invaders. The mercenary Deitrus (who pilots "The Reclamation") and his muscle Salvage look to raise enough capital to build a large enough army to overthrow Wreck-Gar as leader of the Junkions.

    (I have several spare Wreck-Gar & Junkheap figures...and...3p Junkion parts...I've just yet to decide how I'll put them together)...(haven't decided yet what I'll do for Nancy or Detritus (or if he'll stay aligned with the tribe)...(will repurpose the recent CW Wreck-Gar as the Short Junkion from G1...I've decided I'll name him Odds'n'Ends)



    Quintessonian Federation ??/??

    NOTES: The neo-G1 Quintesson - Transformers Wiki Federation is led by the Supreme Imperial Magistrate Derodomontatus...they are descendants or quite possibly the cteation of Quintus Prime - Transformers Wiki of "The Thirteen"...at some point in the early stages of their existence the Quintessons tricked "The Thirteen" into stasis...as the beginning of their plan to take over Cybertron...this led to the mis-belief that the Quintessons were the creators of the Transformers...and...the destruction or sometimes reformating of any who were deemed dangerous...the Supreme Imperial Magistrate has a detail of no less than ten Allicon or Overcharge at all times...most other Judges are usually accompanied with two...Bailiffs, Executioners and Prosecutors are numerous and replaceable...though there are a chosen few that have been given the Judiciary upgrade...Inquirata is the Quintessons Chief Science Officer...all other Scientist answer directly to him...the Quintessons Science Division can credit themselves with implementing mass production models...as well as using DNA from lifeforms indenginous to the planet as well as frankensteining and reversing the tech that allows Nexus Prime to split into five components to create the Seacons...the dark halls of the Security Division are monitor by the outdated Quintesson Security Guards...the Quintesson base of operations is on the planet Quintessa...which is patrolled by legions of Sharkticons...wild and those aligned to the Quintessons...led by the notorious Gnaw...the Quintessons are known to employ various bounty hunters and mercenaries...they also have a shaky alliance with the Cybertronian Empire...

    (currently I've several yet unnamed Impossible Toys Quintessons...as well as...T/L Oilmaster, TR Black Shadow, ROTF Lockdown, T/L Barricade, LG Blackarachnia, LG Slipstream, TR Gnaw (X5 TR Gnaw as Sharkticons) & T30 Doubledealer who are aligned with the Quintessons...roster to be supplemented with other Bounty Hunter or Gangster types that fit nowhere else...this is were I'd love to be able to add some Allicon or Overcharge drone-type figures to troopbuild...and...fill out the ranks of my actual display...would most likely add Seacons to this group...)

    [() = No Current Figure Representation]
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    I have Several Neo-G1 Factions that do battle with the numerous Movie figures.
    Traditional Autobots led by Optimus Prime with Ultra Magnus SiC, then later Ultra Magnus led with Bumblebee as SiC. Then when Orion Pax was killed, Ultra Magnus brokered an Alliance with Megatron to hunt down Starscream
    The Autobot Defense Army led by Prowl with Ironhide SiC
    The Autobot Special Operation Forces led by Drift, then later Springer with Drift as SiC

    The Honorcons led by Megatron
    The Decepticons led by Galvatron, then Thunderwing, then Starscream
    The Combaticons led by Shockwave

    Starscream went on to conquer Cybertron with his own Army after Shockwave abandoned him to be destroyed by Optimus Prime.

    Sometime later Jetfire used the Combiner Tech created by Shockwave to create some subfactions that would aid in the defense of Cybertron in Ultra Magnus' absence.
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  9. My Splintered Factions Part III


    Decepticon Empire 27/31

    UNT Megatron (thinking of replacing with CW Megatron)

    (UW Onslaught)
    TR Soundwave
    LG Nightbird

    T30 Blitzwing/(TR Blitzwing)

    CLA Ramjet
    CLA Skywarp
    GEN Thrust
    GEN Thundercracker

    TAV Bombshell
    TR Kickback
    TAV Shrapnel

    3X T/L Reflector w/T30 Reflector as Spectro, Spyglass & Viewfinder

    (UW Blast-Off)
    (UW Brawl)
    (UW Swindle)
    (UW Vortex)
    CW Blast-Off as Mindscape (OC, name/idea came from another fan)

    CW Buzzsaw
    FOC Frenzy
    TR Laserbeak
    TR Ravage
    TR Rumble

    CHMS Acid Storm
    CHMS Ion Storm
    CHMS Nova Storm

    3X CHMS Air Warriors

    NOTES: The largest faction of my neo-G1 Decepticons are led by UNT Megatron...(his troops consist of all G1 Pre-TFTM Decepticons that have no splintered affiliations)...their base of operation are the Nemesis...stationed on planet Earth... FOC Shockwave, TR Soundwave, UNV Onslaught & LGD Nightbird are his top lieutenants...CW or UW Onslaught will eventually replace UV2 Onslaught...will replace GEN Blitzwing eventually with TR Blitzwing...



    Cybertron Gaurd 9/10

    FOC Shockwave (May be interested in that 3rd party Voyager FOC Shockwave if no official Voyager is announced)

    RTS Lugnut
    CHMS Sunstorm
    EHY Magnificus
    T/L Flamewar
    TFTM Fracture as Renegade Crasher

    3X FOC Skywarp as Generic Air Warriors
    3X Prime Vehicons as Generic Ground Warriors or Watchdogs (G1 - Transformers Wiki)

    3X TF-RID Undermines as Generic Ground Drones
    3X FOC Ratbats as Generic Air Drones

    NOTES: The Cybertron Guard - Transformers Wiki are a small sub-faction of neo-G1 Decepticons "loyal" to Megatrons' Decepticon Empire...they report directly to Shockwave...are based out of Shockwaves Tower in Iacon...they tend to have beliefs more in line with Shockwave than Megatron...their purpose on Cybertron is to ensure the reign of the Decepticon Empire does not falter...would like a FOC Sunstorm & FOC Rainmakers to bulk the group up a bit...may invest in customs down the line...would probably be better to get Air Vehicons as Watchdogs but, they are rather expensive...



    Predacons/Preditrons Empire 15/22

    CLA Starscream w/Coronation kit

    CW Motormaster
    T/L Krok

    T/L Runabout
    T/L Runamuck

    CW Blackjack
    CW Breakdown
    CW Dead End
    CW Drag Strip
    CW Brake-Neck / Wildrider
    CW Off-Road

    (T/L Bitstream)
    GEN Dirge
    (T/L Hotlink)
    (T/L Nacelle)

    (?? as Hardcase - Transformers Wiki)
    (RG Farsight T20 as Pulse - Transformers Wiki)
    (TT Dia Battles as Stormbringer - Transformers Wiki)

    (T/L Dreadwind)
    UV2 Darkwing

    CLA Astrotrain/(TR Astrotrain)
    UV2 Octane/(TR Octane)

    NOTES: The Preditron sub-faction of my neo-G1 Decepticons are led by King Starscream...the group is somewhat based on the Dreamwave sub-faction Predacon (War Within) - Transformers Wiki...there are headquartered in Kaon...his top lieutenants are Motormaster and Krok...considering what figure to repurpose as Hardcase...



    Decepticon Militia/Squadron X 12/18

    SG Wreck-Gar as Trannis

    GEN Darkmount as Lord Straxus

    CLA Nemesis Prime

    MIS Deaths Head

    BH Dreadwing as Macabre

    Squadron X

    T/L Ferak
    BH Starscream as Tornado w/ T/L Tornado Targetmaster drone
    FOC Airraid as Crosscut
    (Energon Sharkticon as Triton)
    (TFP Swerve as Earthquake)
    (Crossovers Hulk as Fang)

    Darkmount Security

    UNT Wipeout
    T/L Universe Ramjet
    (CYB Starscream) as Thrust
    (UN2 Dirge)

    (Airborne Hunter Squad)

    NOTES: The Decepticon Warlord Lord Straxus leads the neo-G1 Decepticons portion of my collection known as the Decepticon Militia...based out of Darkmount...the Pale Fire & Star Seeker are their most heavily armed warships...his former mentor Trannis serves in an advisory capacity...his top lieutenants are Nemesis Prime, the Straxus created powerful Optimus Prime clone & the psychopathic Macabre...Wipeout serves as lead scout of the faction...the group consist of most G1 Decepticons having originated or featured in the Marvel UK comics...such as Squadron X - Transformers Wiki...AND...the deadly Airborne Hunter Squad...the group is filled out with thugs, thief's & shadowy sneaks...they consider themselves to not be aligned with the Decepticon Empire...but...also pose no "serious" threat to the reign of Megatron...or...do they...



    Destrons/Unicrons 10/18

    UN2 Galvatron/(TR Galvatron)

    HEI Cyclonus
    UNT Scourge/?? Scourge

    T/L Razorclaw


    TF10 Cyclonus as Armada
    GEN Scourge/TR Scourge as Carnage the Sweep
    GEN Scourge/TR Scourge as Discord the Sweep
    GEN Scourge/TR Scourge as Malice the Sweep (all Sweeps to be replaced by TR Scourge X3)

    UV2 Overkill/(TR Overboard)

    T/L Weirdwolf

    (TR Trypticon)

    (TR Full-Tilt)

    (Hook, Line & Sinker)

    NOTES: The neo-G1 sub-faction called the Destrons are the most ruthless of Decepticons and are led by the maniacal Galvatron (not a reformated Megatron)...they are based on the planet Chaar...they consist of most G1 post-TFTM Decepticons that have no splintered affiliations...and...are either followers of The Church of Unicron or afraid of Galvatron...his top lieutenants are Cyclonus, Scourge and Razorclaw....I'd like to add a non-deployer Slugfest to compliment Overkill...if deployer versions of the two come out...I will look to add a compatible Soundblaster (not a reformatted Soundwave) as well...also would like to add a neo-G1 Trypticon with his drones and Predacons...




    Ultracon/Mayhem Attack Squad Alliance 17/23

    TK/GEN Senator Ratbat

    TFTM Crankcase
    UW Scrapper

    UW Bonecrusher
    UW Hook
    UW Long Haul
    UW Mixmaster
    UW Scavenger

    (TR Quake)

    CW Chop Shop


    UV2 Thunderwing

    ROTF &or T/L Bludgeon
    T/L Bugbite

    T/L Needlenose
    T/L Garuge/Ruckus
    T/L Spinister
    T/L Windsweeper

    T/L Battletrap
    (TR Flywheels)

    T/L Octopunch

    The neo-G1 units influenced by Dreamwaves Ultracon - Transformers Wiki, stationed at Polyhex, under Senator Ratbat and Marvels Mayhem Attack Squad - Transformers Wiki, stationed on the Empirion, under Bludgeon...have formed a shaky alliance out of necessity...I would like to add a neo-G1 Quake to the crew under Ratbat....a neo-G1 Venom, Barrage & Ransack to join the eventual Chop Shop...the Deluxe Insecticons have no pure allegiance to either Ratbats' Ultracons or the Mayhems'...as well as a neo-G1 Flywheels & Stranglehold to fill out Bludgeons crew...T/L Bludgeon will replace the current Bludgeon in my collection...the MAS answers directly to Thunderwing...(due to the Double Targetmaster and Triggercons being split amongst both units...as well as the Deluxe Insecticons being officially apart of both squads I decided to just basically to tie together both factions in my head-canon...

    [() = No Current Figure Representation]
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    It depends.

    If I were building a bible for a new G1 universe, I'd probably create a chain of command. This is a little rough since its been a long time since I've thought about it..

    Optimus Prime - Supreme Commander
    Ultra Magnus, Fortress Maximus, Metalhawk*, Star Saber, Dai Atlas - Subcommanders

    Then you have Prowl, Grimlock, Silverbolt, Hot Spot, Countdown, and the other individual team leaders as the next rank. For the most part, everyone falls into slots pretty easily under these guys.
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  11. Okay...thanks for sharing...how about your Autobots...???...

    Thanks guys for sharing...:thumb 

    Thank you for sharing...is this more head canon...or...evolution of the factions in your figure collection...???...

    Cool...but more along the "Chain-of-Command" than "Splintered Factions"...but...still cool...and...thanks for sharing......
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  12. My Splintered Factions Part IV

    ● Cybertronian Empire 18/20


    ROTF Mindwipe as Liege Maximo, one of the Original 13

    GEN Jhiaxus

    TF10 Hailstorm as Mindset
    TF10 Sunspot as Rook

    T/L Nightracer

    2X (2X) GEN Mindset as Mindset drones
    2X (2X) GEN Laserbeak as Rook drones

    T/L Megaplex
    T/L MW Sandstorm

    (T/L MW Starscream)

    T/L Hoist
    (T/L Mirage)
    T/L MW Skywarp
    T/L MW Thundercracker

    NOTES: The Cybertronian (faction) - Transformers Wiki are a sub-faction of my neo-G2 Transformers that are co-led by Liege Maximo & Jhiaxus...top lieutenants Rook & Mindset command their respective squads..."they were created by the rediscovery of "budding", a mitotic means of reproduction that diminishes the influence of Primus's life force...as a result, the Cybertronians as a whole are marked by a distinct amorality..,they share many of the philosophies of their Decepticon ancestors but otherwise do not take kindly to being associated with them...the Cybertronians view themselves as something better, a stage of Transformer life far surpassing the others...in fact, their self-appointed pedestal is so high that they can barely conceive of non-Transformers as alive at all...they left Cybertron some time ago and have since dedicated themselves to cyberforming other planets, eliminating natives with clinical detachment" - from tfwiki)...their base of operation remains unknown...their army still growing...they are aligned with their partners in "Drone Technology", the Quintessons...this is where a neo-G1 Monstructor or neo-G2 Gobots would align...as well as...a MW Soundwave, MW Prowl and MW Hubcap to round out the Machine Wars updates minus Megatron and Optimus Prime...would likely toss in older Classics figures that are displaced by better updates...but...I've decided to keep...

    [() = No Current Figure Representation]


    ● Cybertron Alliance 17/21



    ● G2 Autobot Alliance 7/9


    T/L Sir Pyro Ignatius Spark

    (GEN Combat Hero Op as Surefire)

    GEN G2 Jazz

    T/L Rapido

    T/L Electro

    T/L Scorch

    T/L Streetwise

    (CST G2 Sideswipe)

    HFTD Hubcap as Volt

    NOTES: The "Second Generation" or neo-G2 sub-faction of Autobots...who were manufactured on Earth at various Cyberfactory - Transformers Wiki s across the world...the first & largest of these were built in Japan, the United Kingdom & United States of America...their primary objective is to protect the planet Earth from the expanding threat of the Cybertronian War...they are led by Sir Pyro Ignatius Spark, sometimes called Pyro or Spark...their main base of operations is in the United Kingdom...due to threat of the Cybertronian Empire they have aligned with their neo-G2 Decepticon brothers to form the Cybertron Alliance to protect the Earth, their home world...


    ● Decepticon Syndicate 10/13


    T/L Clench

    UNT Megatron as Archforce

    (T/L Starscream)

    T/L Ramjet

    T/L Thundercracker

    (GDO Powerdive)

    T30 Dreadwing

    TF10 Terradive as Hooligan

    UNI Skyjack

    DOTM Space Case

    T/L Cindersaur

    (T/L Double Punch)

    T/L Breakdown

    The "Second Generation" or neo-G2 sub-faction the Decepticon Syndicate...were manufactured on Earth at various Cyberfactory - Transformers Wiki s across the world...the first & largest of these were built in Japan, the United Kingdom & United States of America...have alligned with their neo-G2 Autobot brothers as the Cybertron Alliance...to protect the planet Earth from the expanding threat of the Cybertronian Empire...led by the Warlord Clench, also referred to as Colossus..,are based out of Texas, USA...for the most part their are not a troublesome bunch of 'cons...

    [() = No Current Figure Representation]
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  13. T-Logicon

    T-Logicon assembles the drones

    May 3, 2008
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    I have a large army of kronoform tfs. Some are bots some are cons. They are led by Optimus as an infiltration squad for the bots and for the cons they are led by snapdragon.
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  14. WinstoBot

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    In my mind, I have a certain chain of command: Megatron on top with Generals all reporting to him. The Generals are; Starscream, Galvatron, Shockwave. Starscream commands all aerial warriors (Seekers, Triplechangers, everyone with wings. ). He's more feared by his legion ,in my world, than he is portrayed in official stories. Shockwaves commands all the Cybertron based bots. Galvatron (alt universe not Meg's) controls Cyclonus and the Sweeps. Combiner leaders answer directly to Megatron but otherwise are lieutenant level. Soundwave and his family obviously answer only to Megatron.

    The Autobot leadership starts with Optimus on top and his generals Ultra Magnus and Cerebros. Magnus is 2nd in command and Cerebros leads all Headmasters and Targetmasters.
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  15. Are you talking about the little watch dudes...???...

    Thank you both for sharing...:thumb ...
  16. FirstandBest

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    Its a mix of both. The idea basically sparks with each new toyline. Whenever there is a new toyline to come out that doesn't have an official story (like the Neo-G1 figures) I give it a personal fiction with some ideas borrowed from IDW and Sunbow. However with the older toy lines like G1 and beast wars they play out closer to the fiction presented. Then when the Club started doing their multiverse story I figure why not kick it up a notch and make entire continuity families go to war with each other.

    From there evolved the idea that with the introduction of a new toyline, that new line had to battle with the old toyline. If the old line was continued in concept, like with the classics, then the line would continue to flourish. However if it ended permenantly like Transformers Prime then it would lose to the new toyline.

    If you'd be interested a more detailed outline of key players in each faction just shoot me a PM
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  17. LSyd

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    Autobots: a lot less micromanaged/compartmentalized than the Decepticons

    Commander: Optimus Prime, HQ at Mount St. Hillary/Autobot city
    Command Sergeant Major: Ironhide/Kup
    Deputy Commander Staff: Ultra Magnus
    Deputy Commander Operations: Jazz
    G2, G3 and G5: Prowl
    G4: Wheeljack (sort of, he pawns off this duty,) replaced by Hoist and Grapple
    G6: Blaster

    Autobot Garrison NYC: established after "City of Steel," and filled with human-appreciating Autobots. Jazz, Tracks, Blaster.

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  18. LSyd

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    based on a command staff model

    Decepticons: because of treacherous power plays and plotting, the leadership chain of command is either purged and replaced or rival factions splintering off. the arrival of Galvatron and Unicron caused further splintering.

    Megatron - Commander
    Starscream - Deputy Commander (appointed by convenience to get the loyalty of most Seekers, although some teams maintain loyalty to others, like Rainmakers to Shockwave)
    Shockwave - G3, G4, G5, G9 and Chief of Staff - plans, strategy, supply and organization
    Soundwave - G1, G2 and G6 - personnel, intelligence and communication

    Former staff:
    Overlord - former G5 and G4 (supply,) now leads Powermasters, some Pretenders, and misc. "mercenary" focused 'cons.

    Deszaras - former G5 (plans and strategy,) now leads Liokaiser, Dinoking, Monstructor. open to a negotiated peace with the Autobots.

    Bludgeon - apocalyptic cult leader, wants Unicron back.

    Thunderwing - overly-ambitious badass.

    Black Shadow - Decepticon equivalent to Jabba the Hutt/Pablo Escobar.

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  19. Feel free to share here...take your time...I am...:) ...I have only listed three Decepticon sub-faction thus far...haven't started with the Autobots yet...:) ...
  20. Cool...:cool: ...I like how you have your command structure laid out...thank you for sharing:thumb ...

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