When they come Part 1

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    When they come Part 1

    Walking, Walking, I keep walking. At a place where I really think I don’t belong. It’s a place where it’s mostly the opposite of who I am. A private school. Each day I get up I remember the fun of middle school. My friends, the non or not so strict dress code. The freedom. I really wish I could go back to public school. My friends probably forgot who I am. I see them at random times threw the year. I see them and yet I just act like they where never seen or never heard of them. I have tried contacts threw the year and nothing ever seemed to work. It’s like im never going to see them again. At the private school im at it’s really weird. Weird in a different way. Not good not bad just different. I have one friend who is really different but only one who really reminds me of my old friends. Also a girl named Jazmyn reminds me of my old friends. She is very funny and nice. Strongly I had grown to like her. As I remember the past and how my friends were and how my life is going sometimes I wish something could happen that would let me go on home to my friends. So there I go. Walking down the hall on Friday as I think "Great what a day im going to school, back to the place of boringness and dullness. Where ill be the pride of the class in a way, and as quite as a mouse in another way. I guess for any consolation one day closer to the end of the year, I see my so called friend, and I get to see jazmyn. But as a walk down the stairs from my locker in a class room. I begin to walk down the stair case when I look out the window and see, A Decepticon. What a real Decepticon. As big as a real transformer. But how I thought that transformers were fake. As it attacks the people down there I know im the only one here who has the intelligence to stop him. Then im just a human a small human. But if I know I must try to stop him. So as I run down the stairs so possibly get killed I think of how lucky I am and how bad this is going to get. As I walk down to the first floor and I see the Black Transformers yelling at the students. I hear him yell "Where is user saberconvoy, Where is he answer me humans!” They look confused but then I hear him say “Where is Student Dustin now answer me". I heard him say both names, Saberconvoy and my real name. My Mind is telling me to run, but my heart is telling me to go and fight. So ... I go out there and fight the Decepticon. He says it again " where is the human Dustin!?" "Im right here decepticon." As he looks down at me and yells “All seibertron.com and Tfw2005 members must be killed"! Right when I heard that I ran. As he comes and chases me I keep running and try to get away from him. At the same time I try to lead him away from the other students. As we run to the parking lot he gets his gun and fires. I hear the shot coming and then boom. "I’m alive still yes uhh, what im about to fall down the pit. Holding on to the pipe for my life". As I look up and see the Decepticon looking down at me aiming his gun at me, the pipe begins slipping out of the pits wall. As I yell for help and the pipe begins to fall. Then right when has about to shoot the pipe falls with other weird looking metal stuff. He shoots and the blast seems to destroy something but I could not tell what it was that took the shot. I fell on the ground bleeding and hurting. I look at what’s left of the so called pipe. In my mind I expected an autobot to just come out of no where and attack him. Then I thought this me life not possible. Then I thought that the armor could protect me if he shoots me again. Right when I grabbed it, it started to glow yellow and then I was in the armor. I looked up and he’s preparing to shoot again. I quickly thought of some random word that just popped in my head and I yelled it. "TRANSFORM" Then the ground started to shake and the top of the pit began to fall apart with a robot coming out of the pit it self. I thought an autobot. "Wait im flying what uahhh". "My armor it’s bending and it does not hurt at all. Then I could feel my legs again. "What im as big as you, IM a transformer". My mind still puzzled with amazement about being a transformer. So I and the decepticon continue fighting. Some punches back and forth throwing each other to the ground. The battle went on as we fought to the death. Then I jumped behind him and pulled his arms behind him so I could get him. "Now answer me what do the deceptions’ want with the Tfw and seibertron members"? Then all of the sudden. What my body it’s messing up. Then he threw me to the ground. I noticed something he had vehicle mode parts. That’s it I have to scan something the body is still a protoform I thought. I quickly scanned some random car and transformed. When my head came off and I began to transform I noticed and saw how scanning and replication is done. The car parts being built out of the protoform. Then I saw the car exactly how it looked before it was scanned. The roof opened up and I fell in it. Then I started to drive and hit the decepticon from underneath him. As he falls I turned around and attacked him by ramming him again. "Transform Head on, ok decepticon start talking tell me what are you doing here and why are you doing this"? As I asked him these questions his arm became a gun and he shot near the populated area. “The humans they will be killed"! As I yelled that. Then I threw a car over there to block the shot. One thing I noticed I just called them humans, fellow students’ humans. While I was in a thought he attacks me and I was able to get my gun and shoot his arm so it does not work any more. “Ok now you’re going down decepticon" I said. As I kept shooting I noticed human reporters and police along with medics and other human care vehicles started to come. So I finally got the Decepticon down and threw him up at a building. I had him at gun point when he said, "finish me, do it, and prove that you won". "Mmmmmm" I replied. "Ha autobots are worth less they give up the battle right before victory" he yelled. I just took a shot and killed him; his head just falls off and is terminated. Then I looked at the humans scared with little they know what I am but still scared. I look up in the sky and I see military copters. "Transform". I got to vehicle mode and drove out. I looked behind me and saw the police chasing me. So I thought maybe its time to scan something new. I quickly drove around and looked for another vehicle mode to scan so that the human authorities don't find me. So I scanned a new car. A blue care like thing it kind of reminded me of jazz from the movie but only thing I could find. I drove in to a place so they lose me and my car body transformer thing changed to a blue car, which looked like jazz or armada hotshot or even rid prowl not sure. So I went on home to tell my parents about this event. As I drove home in a car that seemed to be controlled by thought and easy to drive I was still wondering, how did he know who I was, where is cybertron, how did they get here, are others have been hunted down, where prime and am I the only autobot here. So I kept going to find out more. I’m at home. Right when I get out the exo armor transforms in to like a backpack. "What no bracelets" I said to my self. I get out and go inside. My mom is only home about to go to work. Umm mom you home. "Dustin what are you doing home? Any ways I was about to go get you after what happen on the news." "You heard or saw it? so you know about the Transformers and that I was the one who won the battle" I said. "What?" she said. Ya it was me. So I told every thing and then after the weekend I went back to school but different, questions still unanswered. Also not in school uniform for reasons im not sure yet. So as I drive up in a way that seems funny and apparently find a place to park which is very odd for me. I come up to the building and walk in. Right when I walk in I hear silence. No one was talking. All quite. For some reason the humans would not talk. It was weird it’s like I was not suppose to be there. Then I heard a whisper, "he’s not suppose to be alive". Then I understood they thought I died and that I was not the autobot that saved them. Then I walked out side when I saw a few people around the spot which I stayed at for no reason like they were crying. I went up. "Umm hello?" I said. They jumped. One asked "how are you alive", another "We thought you were dead". At first I was shocked then right before I told them what happen some police man came and told me to go upstairs. I went up there and went in a back room. Like the teachers lounge I think. "Sit down kid" Some one said. I sat down then they started to ask about what happen Friday. About the Decepticon which they called alien and the autobot which they also called alien. I told them “Look follow me out side please and that should explained every thing". I went out side and the people who were thought to have been crying like Jazmyn and a few others followed to. "Ok Humans, this should explain every thing. SUIT ON," Then my backpack changed to the armor I have. "Transform, Head on". The car began to change shape to a robot and the I began to change shape to look like a head. I became the head of a robot that is about the sized of a one floor building with a few inches higher. "Humans of earth I am the Transformer who destroyed the Decepticon who was here on Friday, I am the one who saved you. I AM SABERCONVOY". As all the humans just looked at me they were very confused about it. So I just stood there looking down at the frightened humans, my so called friend and Jazmyn they all looked scared. Even if Transformers are a big hit its like they never knew what transformers were now. "Umm well "what do you humans think"? They all were speech less. "Umm sir can you come down town so we can know more so that we can know your one of us so that we wont try killing you in battle" said the police human. "Umm ok" I went. So I went down town and the discussion was all over the news. So now im allowed to be a human and a transformer. So now it’s been a few days after and im still worried about the other members or the transformers fan sites.

    I did it and found out more I have spent the last week after the attack on seibertron and tfw2005.com. I have sound out something. I’m not alone, there are other Human transformers. Some have Master force and others have headmasters. Well it seems that im not the only one. Other members report similar Decepticon attack where they are but still no sign of the autobots. Why im telling this to my self ill never know. "Great here come more of my fans, well im out of here". So I drove out of there and went to a place were no news humans wont find me. As I drive I recall some of the comments some other members said embrace the transformer body and become famous. Uhh but I really could not get the point, what autobot took advantage of this famous life. Well here I go again all the way back to the crime scene so to speak, but not for the crime again so to speak. Strange I still have connections to people here at the school I considered a prison for my actions last year. Here’s the best part I don’t have to be human to talk to some people here. Well just one in particular. Transform Head on! First I was thinking that maybe I should just steal that person but then I don’t want to get in trouble for kidnapping. One thing I did not say what school. Hello Kevin. "What are you doing here"? "Muahahah I did it I bet you at something I finally did it"! I told him. Well that went as good as expected. So here I go around the city looking for something but not sure what. I have a felling that I should go see jazmyn but I don’t thing I was given this transformer body to just impress her in any way. Then as im on my way there I see a helicopter coming after me. Uhh well it seems that im being followed, but I thought I could do what ever I want in transformer body or human. Wait now it’s shooting at me!? Great now im being chased by an idiot human who wants me dead for some reason. Ok now im getting mad he’s going to messes me up. Uhh have to keep driving keep going keep going. I did it I passed him. What rain? Its raining, real heavy rain apparently. Uhh maybe I should just leave and go a different direction after all im in a populated area. He im at my so called school now how on earth did I get here. What that noise it’s the noise from the copter. "Transform” said the copter. "What"!? I replied. As I watch the copter I could easily tell it was a decepticon. "Ok you are going down decepticon"! "Transform Head on". "Umm so it’s true you lived then my job is clear ill just defeat you hear and now" as he said that. Now we start to fight. A typical autobot vs. decepticon battle well as typical as it gets since im the autobot. As he throws me against the floor I try to keep fighting him by shooting and trying every thing I know how to do. As the battle goes closer to the school I fear for the humans or they will get crushed. As the decepticon come closer and picks me up and throws me back across the construction sight the humans start to walk out side. "Man are humans this stupid coming out side during a battle"! "So autobot lets see how you would like if I destroy the humans you are suppose to protect" as he said. "What is he talking about, wait no! I look as he jumps in the air and transform to his vehicle mode I quickly shoot down and grab it and jump over to where the humans are about to get shot. "Uhh made it, saved them". As the shots quickly start to turn to fire I really don’t know what to do now. I throw the flaming board at the decepticon and grab the two humans that were about to get killed and get them out of there. I put them down in a place that is safe. I look behind and the decepticon is on top of the building and about to shoot the humans. "Never" I start shooting the decepticon and he jumps down and then throws me at a house. "Uhhh akkk akaka" as I say that while he picks me up by my neck. “Umm god master or headmaster"? As he thinks out loud. "Well best try both"! I have to get out of this position. "Uhhh uhhh cant movie can’t transform ahh uhhh"! "Muahahha die autobot" as head said. I don’t do anything ill die uhh what to do uhhh. As I look in to what my be the one whose killing me. My legs grown week, losing grip.............. Dying.

    Uhh can’t move, loosing dying. I guess I did become a transformer but I did not get far, I have done what I could do. "Systems shutting down, resume stasis lock or loss of spark occur" as the computer said. Uhh no, uhhh cough cough ahh uhhh.

    "Stasis locks occurring"

    Uhhh, uhhh what where am I. Is this heaven? Am I dead? No im not dead I can see the sky.... red...... dark. I might be in hell not sure. Uhh the fire went out of control. I have to put it out. Uhh water, I brake up the fire hydrant and made water hit the fire and make it go out. As I put out the fire I look for the humans who were here and either they left or died. Where is the decepticon? "Right here" he said. "You where are the humans where are the other people" yelling out the question. "Dead by any other word, well at least they will be. See let me tell you what happen months ago Deceptions’ found the planet and found out that humans knew about our kind. With the few deceptions’ coming here and a quickly loss of contact we were not able to get any more information about this planet. So the body you have was once a decepticon."
    He said. "What a decepticon? How but where are the autobot?" I asked. "Dead we won the so called Great War and went on threw out the universe. Really your one of the lucky ones we have nearly concurred the only defense and the earth. Not many Members from those web sites still are alive. In fact the hardest ones where the admins infact megatron took care of them him self." he said. "So now it’s down to you and down to me, if you do beat me then what, how are you going to take down megatron you will die even when you take on skywarp" he said. Then I will take you on and I will destroy you monster! I go charging and start fighting. The battle was like one on the TV show. From a distance it looks like two robots just killing each other. Punching and fighting. Then he picks me up and throws me at the school. When I get up I look at the ground and see humans, dead...... burned..... Broken. As I look at the dead humans I notice my old friend lying in the pile of dead humans. As I look around at the humans a little longer I notice also ... Jazmyn and her sister dead also. No, gone the ones..... My friends..... The ones I loved ..........gone. My fault, I should have never joined seibertron.com or tfw2005 or even use this body. Im the one who doomed them. It’s my fault. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! "You you are going to die because of this" yelling at the decepticon. "Um now the autobot is mad, don’t worry I’ll put you in your place with them. Your be dead with them" he said. "NO" I yelled. I run to him and I grab his arms and rip both of them off and grab his head and crush it like he wanted to do to me. Crushing it and watching as my doom that would have happen to me. As I watch the deceptions’ body fall down and brake apart I think that I failed. I go back to the place where the bodies of the hu.... students are laying. I pick up Jazmyns lifeless body and look down at her. All the words I never spoke to her, all the time I enjoyed with her. All gone. I know what I have to do. I have to go and find the other members. I have to find more autobots. More members to help defeat megatron.

    So this is why I Sent out this message to any surviving members to help defeat Megatron and save the ones who died. Please help.

    If you want to be know in the story tell me and what type of earth disguise you want.

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