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    Hey guys....if you guys check then fan art section you might have seen my pictures i have drawn of Taylor Swift and Wheeljack.I am gonna warn you know if you are not a fan of the drawings,Taylor Swift,Wheeljack,or humans and robots dating then dont read this.Anyway i wanna give a special thanks to KA for his support on my drawings and i have supported him on his version of the story.This story is unlike any of my pictures or KA's i will shut up now and give you the story chapter by chapter Enjoy! Sorry Chapter 1 is so long!

    Wheeljack Narrator:Well my name is Wheeljack and i was once a engineer on my home planet
    of Cybertron home of alien robots who have the ability to transform into vehicles,beast,and
    technology.The side i chose at the beginning of the war between the factions is Autobots.We
    are the good guys while the other faction is the decepticons.This is my story of how I had needed
    to find a world..a new world to call home...far away from cybertron....but who knew i would fall in
    love with a human....her name was Taylor
    Chapter 1 Taylor
    Optimus Prime:Wheeljack old friend i wish you goodluck in your journey on the planet earth.
    Wheeljack:It has been a honor to serve under you Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime:Until all are one
    (Wheeljack steps into pod)
    (Pod heads for the planet earth)
    (Pod crashes)
    Wheeljack:Well this planet is interesting.I better scan a vehicle and one of the earth
    creatures to fit in.
    (Scans Lancia)
    Wheeljack:Now i need to download the driver as my human self i think i will set the age to
    (Downloads human)
    Wheeljack:Now to be like a human i have to enroll in a school
    Tomorrow i start my life as a human in this city....Nashville
    (The Next day)
    Wheeljack:Guess its time to start my life
    (Enters school)
    Wheeljack:Hmm i got to go to biology alright!
    (Enters classroom)
    Wheeljack:This is biology right?
    Teacher:Yes you must be Jackson Wells
    Wheeljack:Yeah....thats me
    Teacher:Why dont you tell the class a little about yourself
    Wheeljack:Okay hello my name is Wh..Jackson Wells I am very good with mechanical stuff like
    cars and trucks
    Girl:Cool a mechanical junkie
    Teacher: Please Jackson have a seat next to Taylor
    (Wheeljack sits next to Taylor)
    Taylor: Hello Jackson my name is Taylor Swift
    Wheeljack: Hi Taylor nice to meet you
    Teacher: Alright class today we will be looking through microscopes so partner up with the
    person sitting next to you
    Taylor: Im not to good with biology
    Wheeljack: I am ill help you
    Taylor: Really?
    Wheeljack: Sure What do you need help with?
    Taylor: Well i need help with identifing cells
    Wheeljack: Aww thats easy here ill show you hows its done
    Taylor: Thanks
    Wheeljack: Okay so here we have a slide of a plant cell and we have a slide of chocolate
    Now we put the chocolate and all you see is brown correct?'
    Taylor: Yes
    Wheeljack: Now we put the plant cell under and you can see the nucleus and cell membrane.
    Taylor: Wow your really smart Jackson
    Wheeljack: Ive been told that alot
    Taylor: After school would you like to walk me home
    Wheeljack: Sure why not
    Taylor: You know i wish there was more guys like you.My daddy might actully like you
    Wheeljack: What do you mean by that?
    Taylor: Well i used to date some guys who screwed me over
    Wheeljack: Im sorry
    Taylor: Dont be im over them
    (Bell rings)
    Taylor: Oh thats the bell i guess ill be seeing you Jackson
    Wheeljack: Nice talking to you i guess ill see you after school
    Taylor: Meet me at the entrance
    Wheeljack: Alright ill see ya then
    (School ends)
    Wheeljack: Hi Taylor
    Taylor: Hi Jackson
    Wheeljack: Ready to walk home?
    Taylor: Yes
    Wheeljack: Okay
    Taylor: So how was your first day?
    Wheeljack: Pretty good thanks for asking. How about you?
    Taylor: Good
    Wheeljack: So where do you live?
    Taylor: Well we can take the short cut through the forest
    Wheeljack: Okay but is there any animals?
    Taylor: Bears but hardly a chance
    Wheeljack: You sure?
    Taylor: Dont be a scardy cat Jackson
    Wheeljack: Your right
    (Two go through the forest)
    Taylor: Almost there all we gotta do is finish the path
    Wheeljack: Good
    (Bear walks out)
    Wheeljack: Taylor ...bear
    Taylor: Oh man i screwed up again
    Wheeljack: If it attacks i got it im good with animals
    Taylor: Really now?
    Wheeljack: Lets just walk past it and not make any eye contact with it
    Taylor: Jackson?
    Wheeljack: Yes Taylor?
    Taylor: Im scared
    Wheeljack: Dont worry i got you just hold my hand and dont look at it
    Taylor: Okay just promise you wont let go (Holds his hand)
    Wheeljack: I promise (Start walking past the bear without looking at it)
    (Exit forest)
    Taylor: Jackson we did it!
    Wheeljack: I told you
    Taylor: How did you learn to do that
    Wheeljack:Im just good with animals
    Taylor: That was awsome.Well my house is right up here i would like you to meet my family
    Wheeljack: Uh sure why not
    (Both enter Swift home)
    Taylor: Mom! Dad! Im home! And i have a friend i would like you to meet
    Mrs.Swift: Hello Taylor.Who might this be?
    Taylor: This is Jackson Wells he just started school today and he taught me about cells
    Mrs.Swift: Nice to meet you Jackson
    Mr Swift: Is this another boyfriend Taylor?
    Taylor: Dad were just friends
    Mr Swift: I knowi im just kidding with you
    Wheeljack: Well i need to get home my parents are probably wondering where i am
    Taylor: Why dont you stay for dinner with me and my family Jackson?
    Wheeljack: Id love to but my parents really want me to be home tonight
    Taylor: Okay maybe next time
    Wheeljack: That sounds like a good idea
    Taylor: (Hugs Wheeljack)
    Wheeljack: What was that?
    Taylor: It was a hug silly
    Wheeljack: I liked it well i talk to you tomorrow
    Taylor: Okay then see you
    (Wheeljack leaves)
    Mrs.Swift: You like him dont you?
    Taylor: Yes mom hes so nice,brave,smart,and full of surprises
    Wheeljack: Day 1 of my human life is done i need to build a shelter
    (Picks out Holigram Projector)
    Wheeljack: I knew this would come in handy thanks Hound were ever you may be
    I wonder whats so cool about this television
    (Turns on)
    News man: Today the bank was robbed by two masked me
    Wheeljack: Hmm well you know i could help the police by catching them
    (Transforms to car mode and heads to location of robbers)
    Robber1: Hey whos car is that?
    Robber2: Uhh i dont know but whoever it is they better get out of the vehicle before
    i shoot
    Wheeljack: One problem (transforms to robot mode) I am the vehicle
    Robber: Its a robot
    Wheeljack: Thats right you better return that money!
    Robber2: And whos gonna make us?
    Wheeljack: (Gun pops out of shoulder) me,myself,and I
    Robbers: Take it
    Wheeljack: (hangs up robbers on tree and returns the money)
    (meanwhile at Taylor's home)
    News Man: Today the robbery was solved a so called metal man stopped the robbers and returned
    the money to the bank
    Taylor: Woah a robot
    Wheeljack: That was a heck of a day wonder what day two of human life will be like
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    :lol  JACKSON WELLS!

    i love it! my fave bits:

    "see, all you see is brown stuff? thats chocolate!"

    "oh no, bears! i screwed up!"

    write more!
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    Thanks KA heres Chapter 2 Jackson (Jack) Wells (Wheel)

    Chapter 2 Wheeljack gets a date
    (School bell rings)
    Wheeljack: Goodmorning Taylor
    Taylor: Goodmorning Jackson. Did you hear about that robot who caught those crooks?
    Wheeljack: Yes actully. I think the robot's name is Wheeljack
    Taylor: Wheeljack huh? Thats a cool name. I guess hes like a superhero
    Wheeljack: Yeah i guess he is
    Taylor: Oh um Jackson next week the school prom is coming around and i was wondering
    if you would go with me.So what do you say will you go with me?
    Wheeljack: Sure its the least i could do for someone who has been so nice to me
    Taylor: Thanks Jackson. I really appreciate it.
    Wheeljack: No problem.
    Taylor: I cant wait maybe after school you can go pick out a dress with me.
    Wheeljack: Sure that sounds like fun
    Taylor: Jackson you are such a nice boy i wish my old boyfriends were like you. They
    never wanted to go pick out dresses with me or even walk me home.
    Wheeljack: Your a nice girl Taylor you deserve it
    Taylor: Thats not what Cory says
    Wheeljack: Who's Cory
    Taylor: He's a big jerk who is always making fun of me and harassing me.
    Wheeljack: I think ill have a talk with this Cory
    Taylor: Jackson you dont have to do that
    Wheeljack: Nobody is gonna mess with you
    (Steps in front of Cory)
    Wheeljack: You must be Cory
    Cory: Yeah and what do you want?
    Wheeljack: You owe my friend Taylor a apology
    Cory: Uh why should I? Shes a little freak and she sucks at singing
    Wheeljack: You better apologize
    Cory: Or what?Little freak?
    Taylor: Come on Jackson you dont have to do this
    Wheeljack: I got this Taylor. Okay Cory im gonna give you until the count of 3
    to apologize
    Cory: And what happens when i dontapologize when you get to 3?
    Wheeljack: Watch.....1.......2.........3!
    (Punches Cory in the stomach and electrocutes him)
    Cory: Ugh
    Wheeljack: Ah hem
    Cory: Okay you win Taylor im sorry!
    Taylor: Jackson you are so nice!
    Wheeljack: Like i said nobody is gonna treat you bad
    (Bell rings)
    Taylor: Well i need to get to class ill talk to you after school Jackson and thanks!
    Wheeljack: No problem
    (After school)
    Wheeljack: Uh hey Taylor
    Taylor: Oh hi Jackson ready to go pick out a dress with me?
    Wheeljack: You bet
    Taylor: Cool.Hey Jackson i want to thank you again ive only known you for two days and
    you protected me from a bear and Cory.
    Wheeljack: Oh it was no problem you are my only friend in school.
    Taylor: Really? You should have more friends.
    Wheeljack: Well if they knew what i was really capable of they wouldnt
    Taylor: What do you mean?
    Wheeljack: Lets just say there is more to me then meets the eye.
    Taylor: Okay i wont bother you about it.
    Wheeljack: Hey what are we waiting for lets go pick you a dress out
    Taylor: Yeah lets
    (Walk into shopping center and enter the dress store)
    Worker: Hello Ms.Swift can i help you with anything today?
    Taylor: Yes sir i need to look for dresses for a prom im going to next week
    Worker: Im sure you will find one.
    Taylor: Uh Jackson lets go look
    Wheeljack: Alright
    Taylor: Hmm i like the green one
    Wheeljack: Hmm how about you pick three and you try them on and ill give you my opinion on
    each and tell you what i think of them.
    Taylor: Thats a good idea
    (Picks up red and white dress up)
    Taylor: Ill be out in a minute
    Wheeljack: Ill be here
    (5 minutes later)
    Taylor: What do you think of this one?
    Wheeljack: Hmm i like the green on you.It looks very......
    Taylor: Cute?
    Wheeljack: Yes!
    Taylor: Your so nice Jackson
    (Goes and changes into red)
    Taylor: What about this one?
    Wheeljack:Uh i dont think red is you color
    Taylor: Your right let me try my last one on
    Wheeljack: Alright
    (Goes and changes into the white one)
    Taylor: What do you think of this one?
    Wheeljack:.....Its perfect you look so....
    Taylor: Beautiful?
    Wheeljack: You are
    Taylor:Jackson you are so sweet!
    Wheeljack:T aylor your beautiful you know in every little piece.
    Taylor: Hmm i might want to write a song on that.
    Wheeljack: Oh tell me about it after we buy this dress
    Taylor: I dont know if i have enough for it its 150 dollars
    Wheeljack: How much do you have?
    Taylor: I Have 100
    Wheeljack: Well i can pay the rest
    Taylor: No Jackson it wont feel right
    Wheeljack: But i want to concider it a gift
    (Head to cashier)
    Worker: That will be 150 bucks
    Taylor: Heres 100
    Wheeljack: Heres 50
    Worker: Thank you have a nice time at your prom
    (Both leave store)
    Taylor: Jackson thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Wheeljack: No problem. So can you tell me about you and music?
    Taylor: Oh thats right. Well since i can ever remember i wanted to be a country singer.
    I write songs and play guitar.I just wish i could buy a new guitar with my name in it.
    Wheeljack: (In head) I could make her one of those
    Taylor: Well Jackson its only 4:00 so can we go over your house and maybe do homework?
    Wheeljack: Sure why not?
    Taylor: You're parents won't mind right?
    Wheeljack: Actully i dont have parents i live on my own...
    Taylor: Oh did they die or somthing?Im sorry if that is personal
    Wheeljack: I really never met my parents i have always lived on my own
    Taylor: Your so full of surprises
    Wheeljack: Yeah im told that

    Okay just so i can clear some things up...when Wheeljack caught those robbersin chapter 1 he might of kept a couple bucks what a rebble.Im still worried of what the feedback and contriversy one of these chapters will bring it has somthing to do with the birds and the bees but it is mostly skipped through cause this is not gonna be X rated.And dont worry Wheeljack reveals his secret really soon.
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    your canon is waaaaaaaay better than mine! i'm so jelly.

    "taylor, i got this" *punches and electrocutes cory* :lol 

    "jackson well, its been only 2 days and youve already protected me from bears and cory :lol 

    theres even a wardrobe montage!

    great stuff! thanks for keeping it clean, as it should be :thumb 
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    yeah hopefully and a surprise comes in that chapter as well and it kinda leads to our pictures drawn a little bit but all dinobots are in this but one is intoduced first
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    You're seriously one of my favorite writers, man. You keep up the excellent work. :thumbs2: 
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    Thank you sir this is my first fan fiction so i thought it wouldnt be to good thanks for your nice comment
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    Very good with the content. I enjoyed reading it.

    Only one thing I would suggest, would be to proofread it a bit better, it'd would make it look much better, and be easier to read. But it's only a suggestion.

    Keep it up, can't wait to read more.
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    Thanks very much im currently writing chapter 19 at the momemt and want to make it to chapter 25 as of now
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    Chapter 3 Heart like mine
    (Walk to Wheeljacks home)
    (Opens door)
    Wheeljack:After you
    Taylor: What a gentleman
    (Taylor looks around)
    Taylor: Woah you keep your house so clean and its nice
    Wheeljack: Yeah when you have nobody to live with you get lonesome
    Taylor: Im sorry
    Wheeljack: Are you hungry i have some burgers i can make?
    Taylor: Id like that
    (Wheeljack makes the burgers)
    Wheeljack: They will be done in a half hour so lets get our homework done
    Taylor: Okay you mind if i call my parents and tell them where i am?
    Wheeljack: Sure phone is in the kitchen
    (Taylor dials home)
    Mr Swift: Hello?
    Taylor: Hi dad this is Taylor
    Taylor's Dad: Hey Taylor are you done shopping for a dress?
    Taylor: Yeah Jackson helped me pay
    Mr Swift: Well that was nice of him.Where are you know?
    Taylor:Im over his house
    Mr Swift: Okay just be home by 8 and no funny buisness over there.
    Taylor:I promise dad
    Mr Swift: I love you Taylor
    Taylor: I love you to dad bye
    (hangs up phone)
    Taylor: Jackson i have to be home at 8
    Wheeljack: Sure we should be the homework in a bit,eat,and hang out for a while
    Taylor: That sounds like a plan.
    (Finish homework)
    wheeljack: Let me get you a burger
    (gives Taylor a burger)
    Taylor: Arent you hungry?
    Wheeljack: Nah
    Taylor: But you havent eaten anything all day.
    Wheeljack: Im not very hungry now
    Taylor: Okay
    Wheeljack:E njoy
    (Taylor takes a bite)
    Taylor: Jackson this is the best burger ive ever had in my life
    Wheeljack: Really?
    Taylor: Yes really.Where did you learn to make these?
    Wheeljack: I am just good at making things
    (Finishes burger)
    Taylor: Thanks Jackson.Um i don't know how to say this but i love you
    Wheeljack:Hmm i dont know what love is?
    Taylor: Really? Well love is when you have strong feelings for another person
    Wheeljack: Oh well how do you show love?
    Taylor: There are many ways.Usually hugs or kisses.
    Wheeljack: What is a kiss?
    Taylor: Ill show you
    (Kisses Wheeljack on cheek)
    Wheeljack: (Inside)Woah what was that?That was so amazing!!
    Wheeljack: Uh.....
    Taylor: Yes?
    Wheeljack: How do you show this "love" back?
    Taylor: Well you can kiss me back
    Wheeljack: Okay ill try...
    (Kisses Taylor on cheek)
    Taylor: Thats hows it done
    Wheeljack: I liked it
    Taylor: I did to.Jackson you are the nicest boy ive ever met
    Wheeljack: Um Taylor there is somthing i need to tell you.
    Taylor: What is it Jackson?
    Wheeljack: i can tell you anything right?
    Taylor: Yeah? Whats wrong?
    Wheeljack: Well you know that robot who helped catch those robbers yesterday?
    Taylor: Yeah,Why?
    Wheeljack:Y ou must promise not to tell anyone else
    Taylor: What is it?
    Wheeljack: Just promise you wont tell anyone or run away
    Taylor: I promise now tell me
    Wheeljack: Sigh...ill show you...
    (Transforms to robot mode)

    Stuff is getting tight now :D 
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    Aww, you made taylors reaction a cliffhanger D:<
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    Dont worry ill post it tonight at midnight i know the suspense is gonna kill
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    Okay the suspense was killing people so it wont be here at midnight but this chapter is fairly short ill tell you we are getting close to the one chapter that is gonna be contriversal....ill put another chapter on im still writing the story currently on chapter 21 i have decide however there are gonna be 30 chapters and then i will start the sequel sorry for that spoiler anyways heres chapter 4

    Chapter 4 More Then Meets The Eye
    Taylor: Jackson?
    Wheeljack: Taylor my name is really Wheeljack
    Taylor: Thats awsome
    Wheeljack: You arent gonna run away?
    Taylor: Why would i?I love you.
    Wheeljack: Really?You dont think im some kind of monster?
    Taylor: Its not whats on the outside that counts its whats in the inside
    Wheeljack: Taylor?
    Taylor: Yes Wheeljack?
    Wheeljack: Do you still like me?
    Taylor: I love you
    Wheeljack: Well i guess i can turn back into human mode and tell my story
    (Transforms to human mode)
    Taylor: I like that
    Wheeljack: Its easy
    Taylor: So tell me are you from Japan or somthing?
    Wheeljack: Not exactly. I come from a world called Cybertron
    Taylor: So why are you here?
    Wheeljack: Well when i lived there i served for the autobots and our planet was dying
    Taylor: Autobots?
    Wheeljack: Yes Autobots we were the guys who thought everyone deserves freedom
    but there was another faction of robots who only cared for power and evil called
    decepticons.So for millions of years we have been at war.Eventully the energy of the planet
    collapsed and most of us had to say goodbye to our friends and all find a new world.Im glad i was
    chosen to be here.
    Taylor: Whys that?
    Wheeljack: I met the most amazing girl in my life
    Taylor: Really who?
    Wheeljack: Well i can show you her do you have a mirror?
    Taylor: Hahaha your funny Wheeljack i love you
    Wheeljack: Well its getting late i better get you home
    Taylor: You're right
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    Chapter 5 Prom
    Wheeljack Narrating:So that is for the next week what we did Taylor would come over my place we would do
    homework,i would make her food,and i would get her home
    Wheeljack:Good morning Taylor
    Taylor:Hey babe how are you this morning
    Wheeljack:I love the dress i guess your ready for tonight
    Taylor:Yup you dont look bad yourself who knew a alien robot could look hot in a tux
    Wheeljack:Aw thanks
    Taylor:Hey Wheeljack um Cory has been harassing me very um weird it kind of made me feel uncomterble
    Wheeljack: Dont worry Taylor ill get him this time just as i did last time
    (Walks up to Cory)
    Wheeljack:Hey didnt i make myself clear last time to leave her alone?
    Cory:Hehe you just got lucky that time
    Wheeljack: Dont test me
    Cory:Oh im soooo scared
    Wheeljack:You ever touch her Ill make you world a living nightmare
    Cory:Yeah right
    Wheeljack: Dont say i didnt warn you (Hands transform into magnetic repulsors)
    (Electricutes Cory)
    Cory:Okay i wont ever talk to her again
    Wheeljack: Dont talk to her,look at her,think about her,or anything again! And if you do you will have
    to deal with me!
    Cory:Okay Okay!
    Taylor:Thanks Wheeljack
    Wheeljack:Well i waited for this all day
    Taylor:Wheeljack over here
    Wheeljack:Hey Taylor oh i got you some flowers
    Taylor:Oh thanks Wheeljack your the best boyfriend ever
    Wheeljack:Uh at my place ive been working on somthing for you to have ill give it to you when the dance is over
    Taylor:What is it?
    Wheeljack:Its a surprise
    (Music plays)
    Wheeljack:May i have this dance
    Taylor:Yes you can sir
    Wheeljack Narrating:And so that night we danced until the clock stroke 12.Taylor was exhausted so i decided
    she would spend the night at my place.Im so glad her parents let me do that.The next day she would recieve
    somthing that wouldstart her music career

    So yeah we are getting pretty deep into the story well not really....you will like the next chapter Wheeljack kicks some but....yet again....sorry for the spoiler....
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    Heres Chapter 6 i really enjoyed writing this chapter because how Wheeljack responds to Taylor being in danger.He also learns somthing.Only 2 chapters until the one i hope i wont get yelled at for....Enjoy

    Chapter 6 Love is Where the Spark Is
    Wheeljack: Taylor?
    Taylor: hmmmm oh Wheeljack! What happend?
    Wheeljack: You were tired so i took you to my place.Your parents know and they are fine with it.
    Taylor: Thank heavens
    Wheeljack: Heres the present i have for you
    (hands present to Taylor)
    Taylor: What is it?
    Wheeljack: Open it!
    (Taylor opens present)
    Taylor: You got me a new guitar!
    Wheeljack: Actully i made it
    Taylor: You even carved my name into it? Oh Wheeljack you are the best
    (Kisses Wheeljack)
    Taylor: When i get home im gonna write a song for us
    Wheeljack: Really a song?
    Taylor: Yes i mean i dont care what others think of us this has been the best two weeks of my life
    Wheeljack: Same here i mean you are the most amazing human ive ever known.
    Taylor: So i think the song can be called "Our Song"
    Wheeljack: Thats a clever name
    Taylor: Ill have it to you monday
    Wheeljack: Oh no hurry so do you want to anything this weekend?
    Taylor: Well im free tonight but tomorrow i want to spend time with my family
    Wheeljack: Okay so what do you want to do today?
    Taylor: How about we go to the mall? We can look at anything
    Wheeljack: Sure that sounds like fun
    (At the mall)
    Taylor: Lets go into the music store
    Wheeljack: Taylor i think your music will be in here someday
    Taylor: Your so sweet Wheeljack.Im gonna get the new Tim McGraw CD
    Wheeljack: So is he a singer like you?
    Taylor: Yeah but hes well known
    Wheeljack: Lets buy it and go to the DQ ill buy you a milkshake
    Taylor: Your so sweet.I know i say that alot but its true
    Wheeljack: You are so amazing
    (Taylor buys CD)
    Wheeljack: Hey Taylor?
    Taylor: Yes Wheeljack?
    Wheeljack: I see people with rings on there hands why do they have rings?
    Taylor: It means there married silly
    Wheeljack: What is married?
    Taylor: Oh i can explain this one easy.
    Wheeljack: Please explain
    Taylor: You know how we are dating?
    Wheeljack: Yup
    Taylor: Well when you are married it means the two people have dated for a long time and decided
    they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.
    Wheeljack: Can we get married one day?
    Taylor: I think you would be a good husband for me one day Wheeljack
    Wheeljack: What else do you do in marriage?
    Taylor: You can have babies
    Wheeljack: How do you have babies?
    Taylor (Whispers in ear)
    Taylor:Yeah i know it is kinda weird but its natural
    Wheeljack:Let me get you a milkshake
    Taylor:eek: kay can i get chocolate?
    Wheeljack:Ill get a big one so we can share
    Taylor:I would like that
    Wheeljack: I will be right back
    Taylor: I will be right here
    (Group of boys approuch Taylor)
    Boy 1: Hey Taylor so wheres your boyfriend?
    Taylor: Uh getting a milkshake for the both of us
    Boy 2: Well he wont mind if we take you for a walk
    Taylor: Please i dont know you.Get off me
    Boy 3: Hes gonna pay for hurting Cory twice
    (Grab Taylor's Arm)
    Taylor: Ow your hurting me
    Boy 1: Grab her and run guys
    Taylor: No!!Wheeljack!!!
    Wheeljack: Huh?Taylor is in trouble
    (sprints to her with the boys)
    Taylor: Wheeljack help me!
    Wheeljack: What do you punks think your doing to her?
    Boy 1: Were just taking her for a walk
    Wheeljack: Leave her alone!
    Boy 2: Whos gonna make us
    Wheeljack: Im glad you said that
    Boy 3: Why's that you freak?
    Wheeljack: Gentlemen let me introduce you to my crew me (are cannon pops out) myself
    (shoulder rocket pop out) and i (Electric laser pops out)
    All Boys: Uh were sorry we messed with her just put those weapons away
    Wheeljack: And if i ever see any of your faces again i will make your world full of pain
    All Boys: Okay! (Drop Taylor and run)
    Wheeljack: Taylor are you okay
    Taylor: (Starts to cry)
    Wheeljack: Taylor whats happening?
    Taylor: (Sniffles) Its called crying Wheeljack it happens when your really sad
    Wheeljack: Im now sad because your sad
    Taylor: Wheeljack you are the best person whos ever stuck up for me
    Wheeljack: I get so mad when someone screws around with you
    Taylor: You must really love me Wheeljack
    Wheeljack: I do
    Taylor: Oww
    Wheeljack: Your arm
    Taylor: Oh its bleeding
    Wheeljack: I might be able to fix it my friend Ratchet was a doctor on Cybertron and taught me
    how to treat these kind of things
    Taylor: You have a solution for everything.Dont you wheeljack?
    Wheeljack: Let me just put some water on it and put a band aid on it and you should be good
    Taylor: Thank you for everything you have done for me
    Wheeljack: It is no problem
    Taylor: (Sniffles)Promise me somthing
    Wheeljack: What is it?
    Taylor: Dont leave me for another girl
    Wheeljack:I would never
    Taylor:Thank you
    Wheeljack:I have your guitar packed along with the CD you bought
    Taylor:I think today im just gonna rest
    Wheeljack:Want me to take you home?
    Taylor:Yes please
    (Takes her home)
    (Wheeljack rings the doorbell)
    Mr Swift: Hello Jackson i guess Your here to bring Taylor home
    Wheeljack:Yes sir but some boys attacked her and i stopped them. She only has a little cut i fixed it for her
    Mr Swift: Thank you Jackson.
    Wheeljack:Can you make sure she gets some rest and is okay?
    Mr Swift:I will
    Wheeljack: Oh and heres her new guitar and CD
    Mr Swift: Did you buy her a guitar?
    Wheeljack:Actully I made it
    Mr Swift:No wonder she likes you.I even like you.Oh and Jackson have a good weekend she will be fine by
    Wheeljack:I hope so
    Wheeljack:Yes Taylor?
    Taylor:Thank you for getting me home
    Wheeljack:Your welcome. I guess ill see you Monday
    Taylor:I hope so i cant resist that cute face of yours
    Wheeljack:Awe thanks
    Taylor:No Wheeljack thank you for stoping them they could have hurt me more
    Wheeljack: I promise they wont hurt you any more.
    Taylor: Thank you Wheeljack (Kisees on lips)
    Wheeljack: Goodbye ill miss you
    Taylor:Its not forever Wheeljack
    Wheeljack: But i havent lived a day without you since...i left to get here
    Taylor: Oh Wheeljack ill see you Monday less then 48 hours ill call you tomorrow morning
    Wheeljack: Promise?
    Taylor: Promise
    Wheeljack:I love you
    Taylor:I love you too
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    Chapter 7 Barricade
    Wheeljack narrating:That rest of the day i just sat home all day.I was so furious of what those boys did to her.
    On the other hand i was sad because she was hurt.I was depressed because i wasnt with her.
    (The next day)
    Wheeljack:Sigh...nothing better to do then put the tv on
    News Man:Today some kind of machine attacked the down town area.Heres a picture of what this machine
    looked like
    (Shows picture)
    Wheeljack:Oh...It can't be!....Barricade?.....I have to stop him....
    (Scans area for decepticon activity)
    (Transforms and drives to the location of Barricade)
    Wheeljack:Hey you!
    Barricade:Wheeljack..Just the Autobot I was looking for
    Wheeljack:What do you mean?
    Barricade:Oh you don't know?
    Wheeljack:Know what?
    Barricade:Alow me to explain...Megatron knows the autobots all fled to different worlds
    Wheeljack:Im guessing you were sent to kill me then
    Barricade: Precisley (Spinning Weapon deploys)
    Wheeljack:Yeah you dont scare me.
    Barricade:Oh and i know of you and the organic
    Wheeljack:Keep her out of this! (Shoulder cannon deploys)
    Barricade:Hehe you are so pathetic...you call yourself a autobot?
    Wheeljack:Optimus Prime entrusted me to this world and you are a threat to it
    Barricade:Exactly..this planet will serve good for Megatron
    Wheeljack:Im not gonna let you get to him
    (shoots Barricade in chest)
    (Wheeljack steps on hand)
    Barricade:.....You can still do the right thing...
    Wheeljack:Right thing should not be used in the mouth of a decepticon
    Barricade:Just turn yourself in to Megatron and i promise your death will be fast and painless!
    Wheeljack:Hmmm let me think....Nope (Shoots Barricade through the head)
    (Wheeljack returns home)
    Wheeljack:Hopefully thats the only decepticon i have to deal with
    (Phone rings)
    Taylor:Hi Wheeljack!
    Wheeljack:Hi Taylor! I miss you so much! Are you feeling better?
    Taylor: I miss you to and im feeling alot better
    Wheeljack:Thats good.I think the decepticons know im here.
    Taylor:Are you okay?
    Wheeljack:I just killed one before he could report to Megatron
    Taylor:Who is Megatron?
    Wheeljack:He is one of the most evil names known through the universe
    He loves to watch pain go through a living things eyes
    Taylor:Are you afraid?
    Wheeljack:No...but im worried...they know im with you...
    Taylor:Well they cant stop me from loving you
    Wheeljack:I know they cant
    Taylor:Well im gonna go back to bed ill talk to you tomorrow.
    Wheeljack:I love you!
    Taylor:I love you to Wheeljack!
    (Hangs up)
    Wheeljack:....Atleast she is safe...Well tomorrow is Monday and she will be there.
    hmmm.That thing she said marrried....i need to make a ring so we can be married soon

    OoOo....What a twist!.....Oh man the next chapter is gonna be very contriversal please dont hate me for it....Barricade wont be the only con in the story promise.If T_C is reading sorry for killing Barricade....
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    .........wellheres the chapter that might get me killed in some regard but anyways please give me some feedback

    Chapter 8 Only Human
    (Enters school)
    (Both kiss)
    Taylor:I missed you so much!
    Wheeljack:I missed you to
    Taylor:Um so i was thinking after school we could....try somthing
    Wheeljack:What do you mean?
    Taylor:Ill show you at your place
    Taylor:Be sure to stay in human mode though
    Wheeljack:Alright....so how is that song you were writing going
    Taylor:Finished.Heres a copy
    Wheeljack: (Reads) You should sing it its so fantastic
    Taylor:Well i cant because class is about to start heres a recording of it though
    Wheeljack:Well thanks i guess ill see you after school
    Taylor:Love you
    Wheeljack:Love you too
    (After school)
    Taylor:Hi Wheeljack!
    Wheeljack:Hi Taylor.Thats a pretty dress did you change clothes during the day?
    Taylor:Yup just for you
    Wheeljack:Why would you do that for me?
    Taylor:i like you alot wheeljack so much that um lets go to your place
    Wheeljack: okay
    Taylor:It will be good for both of us
    Wheeljack:Ummm....im confused
    Taylor:I know you are lets just go to your place
    Wheeljack: (In head)Shes acting strange today...
    Wheeljack:Okay here we are.Would you like me to make you somthing?
    Taylor:No thanks.
    Wheeljack: Now you wanted me to stay in human mode for what reason?
    Taylor:Can you sit on the couch?
    Wheeljack:Okay...Taylor your acting a little strange today...
    Taylor:I know but this will make you feel good
    (Taylor hugs and kisses Wheeljack)
    Wheeljack:What are you doing?
    Taylor:Wheeljack um will you uh...have sex with me?
    Wheeljack:Uh what does that mean?
    Taylor:Ill show you
    (The both start hugging and kissing and slowly start to have intercourse)
    (1 Hour later)
    Wheeljack:That felt strange...
    Taylor:I know it did.Im sorry i pressured you into it.
    Wheeljack:Its okay.Ummm Taylor?
    Wheeljack:I know you said to maybe one day...but maybe today is that day....i made this for you and was wondering..
    Taylor:What is it? What do you mean?
    (Reveals a ring)
    Wheeljack:Taylor....Will you marry me?
    Taylor: Wheeljack....(Starts to cry)
    Wheeljack:Oh no i made you sad...
    Taylor: (Sniffles)...No Wheeljack these are tears off joy.
    Taylor:And Wheeljack
    Taylor:Of course ill marry you
    Wheeljack:You have made me the happiest robot in the universe
    Taylor:I love you i cant wait to tell my family

    What a twist....yet again.........yet another twist in next chapter but i think we can guess what it is
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    Heres chapter 9 with another twist

    Chapter 9 Taylor's Secret
    Taylor: Dad
    Mr Swift: Yeah Taylor
    Taylor: I dont know how to say this but..Wh..Jackson asked me to marry him
    Mr Swift: Oh my gosh honey (Hugs Taylor)
    Taylor: Your not mad at me?
    Mr Swift: I am the happiest Dad on the world right now
    (The next week)
    Taylor: Uh...Wheeljack...
    Wheeljack: Hi Taylor whats up you look kinda sad
    Taylor: I have somthing to tell you
    Wheeljack: Dont tell me your parents wont let me marry you!
    Taylor: No!They are so happy for us
    Wheeljack: That was close..Whats wrong then?
    Taylor: Well remember that thing we did last week?
    Wheeljack: Yeah
    Taylor: Well Wheeljack...
    Wheeljack: Whats wrong? You can tell me anything
    Taylor: Wheeljack...im pregnant
    Wheeljack: What is pregnant?
    Taylor: It means im gonna have a baby Wheeljack
    Wheeljack:...Whos the dad Taylor?
    Taylor: Wheeljack...your gonna be a dad!
    Taylor: What? Dont tell me your gonna leave me
    Wheeljack:...Are you kidding im gonna be a dad?!?
    Taylor: Yup
    Wheeljack: Oh Taylor...im so happy
    Taylor: I am to...Already were engaged and are gonna have a baby together
    Wheeljack: Wait...since you are a human and im a cybertronian...our baby would be half human and cybertronian
    Taylor: I dont care as long as you are with me im happy
    Wheeljack: So....what do you want to name it?
    Taylor: If a girl i want to name her Sarah
    Wheeljack: If hes a boy can we name him Wheelor?The beginning of my name and ending of your name
    Taylor: Sure thats a clever name
    Wheeljack: Im so happy....um when do you wanna get married?
    Taylor: As soon as possible
    Wheeljack: Well school is about to start ill talk to you later
    Taylor: (Kisses)
    (After school)
    Wheeljack: Hey Taylor
    Taylor: (Cries)
    Wheeljack: Are you doing a happy or sad cry?
    Taylor: (Sniffles) a sad cry
    Wheeljack: Whats wrong?
    Taylor: Everyone was harrassing me,calling me names,and throwing things at me today
    Wheeljack: Why?
    Taylor: Someone must of overheard us.
    Wheeljack: Im tired of this i swore nobody was gonna bother you again and im tired of it!
    Taylor: Please Wheeljack i dont want you to hurt anyone
    Wheeljack:...You are already in enough pain
    Taylor: Thank you
    Wheeljack: You wanna go to my place?
    Taylor: Please

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    Hey guys heres a new update so far the story is almost complete ive decided to update every other day besides weekends there will be updates on all days.Also if you guys could give me a better title of the story that would help....alot. Anyway please enjoy this new chapter

    Chapter 10 A visit
    Wheeljack:Taylor i want you to be calm i will do anything for you
    Taylor:Can you tell me stories of the war days?
    Wheeljack:Sure.Let me think of a good one.Oh heres one so the decepticons have power of
    our precious city of Iacon.Our beloved leader Optimus Prime killed over 500 decepticons that
    day.I worked with Ironhide so we got the autobots to safety.That was the day i said goodbye
    to everyone.
    Taylor:That was the day before you met me?
    (Ship lands)
    Taylor:Uh Wheeljack is it decepticons?
    Wheeljack:No...Its the Ark!
    Taylor:The Ark?
    Wheeljack:This is the ship of the autobots
    Taylor:So this is your family?
    Wheeljack:You could say that.They must be here to check on me
    (Optimus prime walks out of ship)
    Optimus Prime:Hello Wheeljack
    Wheeljack:Hello Optimus
    Optimus:Im here to tell you the decepticons have taken over Cybertron
    Wheeljack:...I am so sorry....Where are you living now prime?
    Optimus:I am currently taking shelter on a planet far away in this galaxy
    Wheeljack:Um one decepticon has shown its face around here but has been destroyed
    Optimus:Good job
    Wheeljack:Oh um this is Taylor....shes gonna be my wife
    Taylor:Hello Wheeljack has told me about you
    Optimus:Hello ms.taylor so he did.
    Wheeljack:Um prime she is also gonna have a baby cybertronian
    Optimus:Your the father right?
    Wheeljack:Yes sir
    Optimus:Good Well we need to check on the other survivors on other worlds.
    Wheeljack:Well this planet is safe
    Optimus:Good luck Wheeljack..and Taylor be good to him..i am sure he has been good for you
    Taylor:I promise
    (Ship leaves)
    Taylor:He seems nice
    Wheeljack:He is hes kind of a family to me
    Taylor:Wheeljack i dont want you to worry about me so much.
    Wheeljack:I will protect you from anything.Please let me deal with it
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    Chapter 11 The Combaticons
    Wheeljack:Can we have the wedding here?
    Taylor:As long as im with you
    Wheeljack:Can it just be you,I,and your family there?
    Wheeljack:So why do people bully you
    Taylor:Wheeljack...theres some things i did to deserve it
    Wheeljack:Like what?
    Taylor:I used to date half the boys that bully me
    Wheeljack:But your gonna be my wife and i wont let them touch you
    Taylor:I want you to protect me from them
    Wheeljack:....I will....they do anything to you one more time....ill transform and hurt them
    Taylor:You would blow your secret just to protect me?
    Wheeljack:Nobody is gonna hurt you
    (Enter home)
    (5 comets hit the surface)
    Wheeljack:Taylor get in the house now!
    Taylor:What is it?
    Wheeljack:The Combaticons
    Taylor:Whatever happens i love you
    Wheeljack: (Kisses taylor)...i hope that wasnt the last time....now go! (transforms to robot mode)
    Taylor: (Runs into Wheeljack's home)
    Onslaught:Autobot Wheeljack...the combaticons are here to take that organic!
    Wheeljack:Now why would you want her?Dont you guys usually go after autobots?
    Blastoff:Usually but...we know what happend a week ago
    Wheeljack:What do you mean?
    Swindle:Isnt it obvious? You mated with an organic...against cybertron law...
    Wheeljack:Three things....One i know we mated....Two i dont think cybertron law works here because were on
    Earth!....and three when did decepticons start following the law?
    Brawl:We have grown tired of your games autobot....now give us the girl or perish
    Wheeljack:....Im not gonna let you
    (Weapons pop out off every part on Wheeljack)
    Vortex:He has more weapons the we do usually we have the most weapons all we want is the filthy human
    and we will let you live
    Wheeljack:...Her....name....is...Taylor!!!! (Shoots all combaticons until they all fall to their death)
    Wheeljack:Sigh....owww (Falls)
    Taylor:Wheeljack? Wheeljack!!!!
    Wheeljack:....Im damaged.....it hurts
    Taylor:....i know this always made you feel better (kisses Wheeljack)
    Wheeljack:......(Eyes open wide)
    Wheeljack:Thanks for helping me....i could have been in the well of allsparks if you didnt do that
    Taylor:Anything for my future husband
    Wheeljack:...We need to get you to a doctor to see the baby soon
    Taylor:Isnt it a little early
    Wheeljack:Cybertronians are born faster then humans
    Taylor:Thats what we will do

    Well a pretty small update ill update with 3 chapters on the weekend.....story hasnt made any progress in writing still at chapter 25 and aiming for 30.......and yes i know the combaticons died easy just a little taste of decepticon dont worry there will be more decepticons.........lots more

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