Minor/Repaint: Wheelie! Part 1, initial sketch and headsculpt

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    Originally planned as an entry to the Vector tribute contest, I had the crazy idea of giving Wheelie some much needed street-cred, courtesy of a modified Cybertron Override.

    I started by doing a quick digibash of the colourscheme, to make sure it would work - I basically traced a photo over my previous Override bash, Coldfire, and recoloured it, along with a design for a new head (pic 1).


    When the fig arrived I took him apart, and started work on the head. Originally I planned to file the thing down to a stump and resculpt the whole thing over the top, but I noted that Override's face was actually pretty suitable, so I opted to just cut off the top of the helmet and resculpt that.

    During the process, I also spotted that it had light piping elements fitted, even though they'd been painted over, so that inspired me to give him new lightpiping too.
    To that end, I removed the original clear element and filed down the rest of the helmet.

    Using my glue gun, I pumped on a layer or two of glue where I wanted to apply the clear parts - a little near to the front of the head, to fill out the lenses of the eyes, then a larger pile towrd the back to act as a light intake. Once this had set, I evened up the sides and front of the mass, trimming it out with a sharp scalpel blade (pics 2 and 3).


    The helmet was then sculpted in Green Stuff putty (4 and 5). At this point the lump of glue protruded from the surface of the helmet, but this would be easier to trim and file to an even finish later. It's a lot easier to pump in too much glue and trim it than it is to exactly pump it to the desired shape (that is, the former technique is possible :p ).


    Images 6 and 7 show why I used hot glue. When it first comes out of the gun, it's relatively easy to control, and once it's cooled down and set, it forms a white, semi-hard, slightly rubbery translucent lump. These pics show the head with a light source behind so you can see how it helps the eyes glow.
    When the paint's applied, it's easy to just brush on a coloured clearcoat (like a Tamiya clear paint, or glass paint).


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    Dude looks awesome in the concept drawing. Can't wait for the finished product.

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    definitely looking forward to seeing him progress, man.

    BTW, I explained in the part 2 thread how I made your images show up in the post.

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