What was the use of Earth when Cybertron was teleported?

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by DemonessQ3A, Feb 4, 2012.

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    After reading the thread "why didn't the gravity of cybertron rip the earth apart", I was more confused.
    In the movie, when Cybertron showed up in the sky, it was only a portion of it, so the earth was not violently injured.
    But, what if Autobots failed to stop Sentinel and the Decepticons? If the whole body of cybertron was teleported here, what was the use of earth and the 60 billion slaves on it since they would all be gone by the gravity of cybertron.
    So, what was the use of earth if the teleportation was complete?
    Why Sentinel didn't simply teleport the whole earth (including its creatures and the atmosphere) to Cybertron? That would be easier if they were truly desperate for the slave labor on earth.
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    Sentinel stated that the Space Bridge defied the laws of physics, basically meaning that as long as Cybertron is in the Space Bridge, it has no real effect on Earth.
    I'm not sure what would happen once it goes through the Space Bridge. I'm assuming the Earth would get ripped apart and everyone would die, perhaps the Decepticons never thought about that. Or maybe Cybertron would remain in the Space Bridge long enough for the Decepticons to begin transporting humans/resources to Cybertron, but does Cybertron even have a breathable atmosphere? And how would humans survive without their agricultural needs stemming from Earth? On paper, it is a brilliant plan, but practically, it is ******ed. Blowing up the sun was probably a better plan, despite the fact the following explosion would probably incinerate Earth and all its inhabitants, including the Transformers.
    Regardless, I found the plot of DOTM to be relatively well done.
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    Basically, all we know about Cybertronian technology is that it's capably of defying our obviously incomplete understanding of physics.

    That pretty much negates and renders moot all such questions.

    "How would the Earth survive with such a giant mass like Cybertron suddenly appearing right beside it?!?"

    Whatever. Sentinel's a scientific genius demigod. He's got it all worked out and that's all we need to know for the purpose of the movie.

    And the Sun Harvester was clearly built to harvest Energon from stars. "Blowing up" the Sun was just faulty human hyperbole attempting to convey the point that our Sun would be destroyed. No reason to expect the use of the Sun Harvester would immediately vaporize half the solar system, though.
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    It can all be explained away by the simple fact it's timey-wimey spacey-wacey alien stuff.

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