What TV series are coming back soon?

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Scaleface, May 28, 2012.

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    Just checking the Syfy (That's Sci-Fi to you and me) Channel I see Alphas is coming back in July, and Warehouse 13 in the fall.

    Both Alphas and Warehouse 13 are unexpectedly good series. They also take place in a shared world with Eureka, with characters crossing over from one plot to another occasionally.

    Alphas is a basic X-Men-lite series, where Alphas (mutants) are people born with extra powers. They keep the powers relatively low in the series, and all powers have some drawback. The leader of the group is a normal human psychiatrist who is researching alpha powers, and works with the CIA. Main characters include a woman who can get people to do what she wants through eye contact (who can't always control her power), another woman who can enhance one of her senses at a time (but her other senses black out when she does it), a guy who can trigger a surge of adrenaline at will to be strong/fast (but doing so too long will cause a heart attack), a guy with super reflexes and aim (powers linked to his confidence, so if he's demoralized, he's clumsy), and an autistic teenager that can see and manipulate cell phone and wifi signals. There is a plot about some alpha terrorist trying to take over the world, and the government who locks them away. The group of heroes is caught in the middle.

    Alphas ended last season with a cliffhanger with the main character revealing the governments cover up of people with Alpha abilities to the world on TV. So that's a cliffhanger I'm eager to see.

    What other shows are coming back and when? What do you want to see from them?
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    All I really care about is Dexter and The Walking Dead. I want Doctor Danco, the villain from the second Dexter novel, to appear on the show as Dex's ultimate opponent. And I want to see the Governor/Woodbury arc properly adapted for The Walking Dead TV series.

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