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    Well since I'm getting some ebay bucks with their program since I joined last year and now got like $120 in ebay bucks that I'll be getting in January[Just 15 days away!] I'm seriously considering some expensive Transformer items.

    First at the top of the list!

    Masterpiece Rodimus Takara Version: while it won't be enough to pay for it fully I'd still have to pay about $150 probably to cover the rest.[Depends on how quickly they get put on ebay at a good price] So that's in my "Possible" List category.

    Takara Cybertron Primus. This too is one I'd have to pay a little more for as well.

    Takara Unicron, I've been eying this one for a while as well and would like to get it but not sure really if he's worth getting and I'd have to pay a little bit on that as well.

    Masterpiece Starscream's Ghost, I probably won't find him cheap I think.

    Masterpiece Megatron

    Matrix of Leadership Statue, again I'd have to pay a little bit on this one too

    Fansproject DIA Commander Trailer [Depends on if I can find him for less than $100 that isn't a KO or around $100] And I'd have to Get Classics Prime.

    Classics Prime and a G3 Trailer since I can find that on ebay.

    And finally:
    Another Protector+ Sidearm set for the 2nd Classics Rodimus I got on the way [the Battle in Space 2 pack version] since that way I could have one in Protector Robot Mode and Protector in Vehicle Mode.

    And the last contestant to this potential things to get-
    Predaking Re-Issue set but I've got the G1 version so it's not that high on the list.

    Course I'm also an anime collector and Kotobukiya is releasing Emma frost for the Marvel Bishoujo. And there is a few Shining Wind/Tears series figures I'm interested in but I'm wanting to get more Transformers again now.

    [the ebay bucks would cover a good portion of the cost of many of these items and I'd have to pay the rest or if I get some profits in from my ebay sales to cover the rest]

    There are many pros and cons to getting these figures so it's really a brain racking decision to decide what'd be the best thing to do, I'll probably decide in a split instant though when the time comes....

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