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    Long story short, I'm pretty much leaving comics altogether because they're just not fun anymore. I've gotten together a fairly comprehensive list of all the grahpic novels I've collected over the years with the intent of selling them off or just unloading them at a comic shop since I don't read them anymore and it's just become a hassle to keep them around. I know that I'm going to get jacked on cash value, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate for what I can expect to get for this lot:

    (NOTE: all are trade paperbacks unless otherwise noted)

    Uncanny X-Men: She Lies With Angels
    Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Six
    Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate War
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1
    Justice League: A New Beginning
    Formerly Known As The Justice League
    Manhunter: Street Justice
    Adam Strange: Planet Heist
    The OMAC Project
    Day Of Vengeance
    Rann-Thanagar War
    Villains United
    Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation
    Infinite Crisis Companion
    Wolverine: The Brotherhood
    Wolverine: Coyote Crossing
    Wolverine: Return Of The Native
    Wolverine: Enemy Of The State Vol. 1 & 2
    Fantastic Four: Imaginauts
    FF: Authoritative Action
    FF: Hereafter
    FF: 1 2 3 4
    Avengers: Ultron Unlimited
    Avengers: Red Zone
    JLA: The Nail (Elseworlds)
    JLA: Crisis of Conscience
    JLA: World Without A Justice League
    JLA: Showcase Presents
    Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn I & II (seperate TPBs)
    Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight/ A New Dawn (2-in-1 TPB)
    Green Lantern: A New Dawn
    Green Lantern: Baptism of Fire
    Green Lantern: Old Journey, New Path
    Green Lantern: Power of ION
    Green Lantern: Brother's Keeper
    Green Lantern: Legacy--The Last Will & Testament of Hal Jordan (hardcover)
    Metamorpho: Showcase Presents
    Fell: Feral City
    Union Jack: London Falling
    Blue Beetle: Shellshocked
    Blue Beetle: Road Trip
    X-Men: Deadly Genesis (hardcover)
    Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven
    Nightwing: Rough Justice
    Nightwing: Love & Bullets
    Nightwing: A Darker Shade of Justice
    Nightwing: The Hunt for Oracle
    Nightwing: Big Guns
    Teen Titans: A Kid's Game
    Teen Titans: Family Lost
    Teen Titans: Beast Boys & Girls
    Teen Titans: The Future is Now
    Teen Titans: Life & Death
    Teen Titans: Titans Around the World
    Punisher: In The Beginning
    GI Joe-America's Elite: The Newest War
    GI Joe-America's Elite: The Ties That Bind
    GI Joe-America's Elite: In Sheep's Clothing
    GI Joe: Snake-Eyes Declassified
    X-Factor: The Longest Night
    X-Factor: Life & Death Matters
    X-Men-Phoenix: Endsong
    House Of M
    House Of M: Incredible Hulk'
    House Of M: Fantastic Four/Iron Man
    House Of M: Tales of M featuring Wolverine
    House Of M: Spider-Man
    House Of M: New X-Men-Academy X
    House Of M: Uncanny X-Men
    House Of M: Mutopia X
    Decimation: Generation M
    Decimation: Sentinel Squad O*N*E
    Decimation: X-Men-The Day After
    Decimation: Son Of M
    Decimation: X-Men-The 198
    Civil War: Road To Civil War
    Civil War: Frontline Vol. 1
    Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways
    Civil War: X-Men
    Civil War: Heroes for Hire
    Civil War: Thunderbolts
    Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu (Marvel MAX)
    New Mutants: Back To School
    New X-Men-Academy X: Choosing Sides
    New X-Men-Academy X:Haunted
    New X-Men-Academy X:X-Posed
    New X-Men: Hellions
    New X-Men: Childhood's End Vol. 1 through 4 (all separate TPBs)
    X-23: Innocence Lost
    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
    Superman/Batman: Supergirl
    Runaways: Pride & Joy
    Runaways: Teenage Wasteland
    Runaways: The Good Die Young
    Runaways: True Believers
    Runaways: Escape To New York
    Runaways: Parental Guidance
    Runaways: Live Fast

    Now, I'm just curious what you think I should be getting for all of these. This isn't a "For Sale/Trade" thread, but if any of you are interested in any of these titles let me know so I can start a proper For Sale/Trade thread in the right forum.

    Anyway, thanks for looking/the input.
  2. The Spider

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    If you put the HoM Mutopia TPB on eBay you MAY get $20-30 for it. I have no clue why--must've had a short print run.

    Also one recent auction for the HoM Academy X TPB netted $20.
  3. Wreckgar

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    From what I've seen, TPBs really don't have a large secondary market except a select few. Your best bet would eBay or see if your locl shop buys books.
  4. The Spider

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    Doing a few more searches and I found that Nightwing: Rough Justice had one auction ended at $21 and another that ended at $45.

    Hunt for Oracle is going for $44 on one auction that's currently running.
  5. Denyer

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    Feb 14, 2004
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    Also, if putting stuff on eBay, allow international bidders -- personally I've bought a fair amount of stuff from sellers in the US/Canada.
  6. Bryan

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    Good place to get some quick price checks would be on Amazon. If it's not currently in print, you'll get at least face value, maybe more.

    If it is, expect to get roughly half on average.

    I'd run 'em all, sell the ones in print as a lot to be done with it, then individually sell off the ones that are out of print. You'll lose a little money, but I think you'd come out ahead by saving time.
  7. Triformis

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    Oct 1, 2005
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    Phoenix, AZ
    I work at a comic shop currently and, honestly, it all seems to depend on the owner's mood, his current stock, and what he thinks he can sell 'em for (usually, we offer not much at all). Me? I'd sell 'em on e-bay or through Craig's List unless you're desperate or just don't care.

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