What should happen next?

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    What would you like to think th epilougue to the trilogy is? I was thinking something like:

    Simmons writes yet another bestselling book, this time about his romance with Charlotte, who insists he gets arrested. He then proposes, which she replies by knocking him out cold. The Autobots use their resources to fashion a ring out of energon for Carly at the wedding, and Bumblebee stays with them as Optimus' wedding gift to them. Also as a special present for Optimus, NEST creates a memorial in the honor of Ironhide, Q, the Twins, Arcee and her sisters, jazz, Jolt, and all the soldiers that died on Earth during the trilogy. The government finally come clean about Sam, and give him the job he deserves, which he declines. The UN agrees to have more Autobot refugees arrive on Earth, as long as they didn't cause trouble. Sam and Carly have a son, Spike, who the Autobots, especially Bee and Optimus, soon become extremely fond of. When he learns how to drive, Sam insists he takes Bumblebee as his car, but he instead chooses Dino. The Autobots are Celebrated by everyone, and they take on the title the Worlds Defenders. They stay there for millennia as more and more arrive. The Witwicky name is then no longer associated with "the wierdo with the blind symbols" or the "boy with the special car". Instead it is now associated with " the boy who helped save Earth three times."

    What do you guys think? Post your thoughts on a closing epilogue for the epic trilogy.
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    I think the Decepticons all over the world now fight over who should be leader just like they did in the 86 movie

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