What scenes (emotional, midblowing, spectacular, etc.) would you put in the movie??

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by Tr4nce, Feb 14, 2007.

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    First of all, I haven't read the leaked script and I don't wanna so let's keep spoilers to a minimum. Secondly, I'm European so don't mind my English if you don't understand it.

    I was reading this small article over at Transformersclub.com and the interviewer asked if there is an emotional climax that might bring a tear to the audience's eyes, in the movie. Bay then replied by: (SPOILER)

    describing a scene when Prime transforms and slowly stands up during the “Bay Shot”, a shot where the camera pans around the character.


    So that made me think of what kind of scenes I would put in the movie. I just had this idea.

    Imagine that at some point OP would be severely damaged by the Decepticons in a battle, somewhat like the Terminator in the end of Terminator 2. OP however, managed to escape, because he wanted to tell Spike that the Autobots are not winning the battle and that Spike has to find a way to stop the Decepticons. I can imagine then a heavy emotional scene, preferably at night in the dark, where OP meets Spike in a small environment such as a small alleyway, and he's like all banged up and almost suffers an electronical fallout. However, the battle between the Decepticons and Autobots rages on and OP knows that too, so after the conversation with Spike he tries to go back to the battle field, and tries to transform back into his alt mode, but since he's all banged up, he simply can't transform, knowing that he can't help his fellow Autobots anymore. The last shot of this scene would feature sad music, a very sad look on OP's face, so that the viewer instantly feels sorry for OP, and the sight of a dying OP trying to transform back into his alt mode, but simply cannot, as parts move and try to transform altogether, while noisy sounds can be heard which are caused by the malfunctioning transforming parts. OP falls to his knees and dies. (temporarily :p  )

    Wouldn't this be awesome?

    Or how about this:

    In the beginning of the movie, Spike visits the place where Protoform OP arrives. He then becomes curious and wants to find out what just has landed on Earth. He slowly walks towards OP, while there is heavy raining and some lightning, only to witness that the thing which just has landed is a robot, a giant robot. OP then fully transforms to his robot mode, stands up tall, and bows over Spike (while the camera is positioned low behind Spike, laying his hand on the head of Spike in order to signal him that the Autobots have come in peace and that they mean no harm. Spike then passes out and OP picks him up. Screen goes black, next scene comes.

    So, what scenes would you do and what ideas do you have?? I"m very curious!
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    <~~If I may say something.

    I like that Spike passing out thing. That'd be kinda of funny. But my emotional thing. Um, I read a Trans novel recently (a year ago) and there was a nice scene where Bumblebee was dying after his effort to save Spike and Spike banged up after this psycho guy broke his legs and knocked him over.


    But Prime found them and laid a hand on Bumblebee and held Spike, waiting for dawn and Ratchet to come over and help while the battle beyond died down a little bit.

    I think it's awesomus that Prime can be so macho powerful and yet be so gentle as well. It's that defining line between Autobots and Decepticons.
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    i would want to make it as realistic as possible in terms of deaths. sometimes movies are shot in such a way, with a certain focus on certain characters, that makes you feel bad and deeply touched whenever ANY character dies. i would also make Jazz's death as dramatic as possible. like, have him go down fighting like Boromir. That scene in Fellowship STILL makes me cry.

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