What Keyboard into Joypad profiler do you use ?

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Mighty.Maximal, Mar 17, 2011.

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    I wanted to find some feedback on what program people might be using to map the functions of a game that only supports keyboard onto the functions of a Joypad.

    I did some searching and found several : such as Pinacle Game Profiler

    But I was wondering if anyone got any feedback to offer.

    Ideally I'd like one I can use with a wired Xbox 360 Joypad (As it's got lots of spare buttons).

    I've already got a programme that can work with a Coleco emulator but for some odd reason it does not work with more modern games or even slightly older ones.

    The games I'm currently hopping to play with a joypad are Cryostasis and Hellforces and in the future Painkiller and Crisis (if it does not have it's own joypad support built in).

    I might try playing the PC copy of Far cry too in that way.

    I know some people get irate about people wanting to use joypads on PC games but I just don't have the set up to use a Keyboard and mouse easily.

    And I'm much happier with a 360 pad if at all possible to use that.

    Any help and advice would be much appreciated.
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    I haven't really gotten into doing this sort of thing, but I think it can be done using GlovePIE.

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