what if characters in other fictional universes could channel spiral energy?

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    i got a question when it comes to spiral energy

    how might it affect and benefit a person from another outside fictional universe if spiral energy were to exist in all other fictional universes?

    basicly the only guidelines being that the character really only needs to be a member of a living species that is able to evolve overtime through a series of generations genetically speaking so that the person in question can asa living being axctually generate their own spiral energy

    when it comes to fighting spirit , the power of ones own powerful positive emotions and the desire to be their in ones life for ones friends family and loved ones at any cost to ones own person. i could think of a number of fictional characters from multiple fictional universes that this what if scenario could be applied to overtime.

    to be honest i am actually quite curiouse how spiral energy might actually effect and benefit a character over time if that character hapens to be batman himself.

    with as grim and dark a character as he is psychologically and at the same time being quite the brilliante positive minded type of person that he is and also being a respectable vigilante type as heroes go

    to be honest i cant even begin to imagine the kind of extremly high octane awesome that could lead to over time.

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