What happens after the episode "Hurt" *Warning Spoilers*

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    Post Hurt​
    Disclaimer: I don't own transformers
    Summary: This is what happens after the Hurt episode
    "Bulkhead will survive, he won't be fully functional for the time being?" Ratchet states
    "What does that mean?" Miko whines
    "His back support is messed up, Bulkhead's internals are also damaged. I have him on some machines temporarlly"
    "Can I see him"
    "Okay lets go Wheeljack"
    "You go ahead kid. I gotta get out of here" Wheeljack states
    "Your leaving?"
    "But Bulk is your friend"
    "I can't see him like that Miko"
    Miko sighs as Ratchet escorts her to Bulkhead.
    "Wheeljack, where have you two been?" Optimus demands
    "You might want to sit down" Wheeljack states
    Wheeljack explains what he and Miko did
    "Wheeljack I don't like this at all. What you and Miko did was very risky. You're lucky Miko was there to save you"
    "Me too, she'd be a fine Wrecker"
    "She's human Wheeljack"
    "I know Optimus"
    "Now we'll have to be extra vigilant and give Miko full protection detail for the Decepticons will retaliate"
    "I don't need the lecture Prime. I'll deal with it"
    "You should stay with Miko while her Guardian is injured"
    "Can't Prime, I gotta run"
    Wheeljack transformers and speeds off.
    Back in Med Bay, Miko runs up to Bulkhead. Ratchet picks her up and sets her on Bulkhead carefully. She hears his strong spark beats and vents. Bulkhead opens his optics and looks down. He gently hugs Miko.
    "Hey Miko" Bulkhead says
    "Bulkhead" Miko yells and cries
    "Easy Miko, I'll be fine. Ratchet is the best Doc I know"
    Optimus enters Med Bay and motions to Ratchet. Ratchet walks up to him.
    "You can send the others in Optimus" Ratchet states
    "I will old friend but there's a slight problem I have to mention" Optimus states
    "What is it?"
    "Hey Bulkhead guys what?" Miko exclaims
    "What Miko"
    "Those little fraggers" Ratchet growls "I outta take my wrench to them"
    "Really Miko, you shouldn't of done that" Bulkhead says
    "But they hurt you" Miko states
    "I know Miko but you shouldn't put yourself in harm's way for me"
    "You do it for me"
    "Miko, I care for you. I don't want you doing that again"
    "You still did good though. Genuine Wrecker material"
    Optimus and Ratchet just watch.
    "Guess she told Bulkhead. Lets leave them be" Optimus says
    Optimus and Ratchet leave the room.
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    Dude ya did a really nice job on this :thumb 
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    facepalm...........at least I'll have ample time to get use to the actual eventual writers' cop out.

    Still, I like how you add the bit about Miko being a potential target for the Insecticon swarm

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