What happend to The Transformers Spotlights?

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by LastDecepticon, Sep 7, 2017.


Would u like spotlight back on a monthly run?

  1. Yes bring spotlight back.

  2. No I don't need it.

  3. Don't care.

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  1. GogoDG

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    Aug 12, 2017
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    I liked it. It was stylized as a manga. And the message was understandable.
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  2. cashel

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    Sep 20, 2012
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    i enjoy spotlight for many reasons; 1) they help those of us recognize and relate to tfs when they all hit in a massive wave like they did in "STORMBRINGER". i enjoy that story now but it almost caused me to drop the book because it felt to much like when hasbro dumped twenty new characters on budianski all to be introduced in one issue and never seen again. 2) as long as the idw tf mythos contains , at least, two outer space comics; i would, actually, enjoy seeing earth and it's constant changing into a "secret wars" patchwork that due to all the new tech and various enemies from space and earth devastating it more and more after the three year clean-up after "all hail megatron". but i enjoyed buster and his dad, sparkplug in the early issues of the uk comic, i loved the uk tradition of a christmas issue, i hated spike in the cartoon until he grew up for the animated movie BUT then we got the worst: daniel. kinda related: cartoon-wise, i loved the first two season's characters (same ones that died in the first 26 minutes of the movie) but i liked the realism and the "staying dead" save for optimus and starscream's ghost. but i hated the newbies we were left with including blurr, wheelie, hot rod/rodimus prime who was one sucky self-doubting leader, the junkions, etc. i loved kup, however and the sophistication of the third season. but, as a fan of idw's ten year old revamp, i have enjoyed and been surprised by most all characters. heck, eventually, i wouldn't mind all transformer toys ever made (including japanese cartoons, generation 2, beast wars, etc.)

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