What do you consider canon: Air Dates or Production Dates

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by rid, Dec 25, 2006.

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    Warning: this thread is for the anal retentive amongst us only ;) 

    This is a two part question:

    First, as you may know, the order in which the TV shows are produced (production order) don't always match with the order in which each episode is aired (air dates). There's a slight mismatch. So my question is which do you consider to be canon: air dates or production order.

    I personnaly go with air dates because that is what was mean to be seen. I know there are other motivations behind air dates such as toy sales and all but I still think air dates are canon.

    Second, I was browsing a few torrents for G1 shows when I saw that they list the episodes to be in, yet, another order. Just slightly different from the air dates and also slightly different from production order. Anybody knows where this order comes from?

    I was thinking that it was taken from the order the DVD was released in. But that prompts another question: why does the DVD order it so? Was it meant to be the way Hasbro intends it to be?
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    Well since I don't know which torrent site you are talking about I wouldn't know. But I think what happend is that some episodes were aired out of order. For instance Octane is with the autobots in one episode and then the episode after that he is with Trypticon and still with the decepticons and Megatron bans him. So a little backwards there, and there were others but I can't recall them all since I think it happend quite a few times.
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    Well, I assume this question is based around the few out-of-order episodes in Seasons 2 and 3 of G1. It's a common mistake to just say that these were aired out of order, and that their production order is the proper, chronological order of the episodes. It's not - they were actually *produced out of order*, as is evident from their production codes. Transformers airdates were all over the bastardin' place, as you can see from TV.Com (and probably differed depending on whatever channel they were shown on, given they were in syndication), so NEITHER order is actually the correct, chronological story order for the episodes to be viewed in.

    But if I was writing an episode guide, I'd put them in production order, since that's how they were made, rather than how some random TV station decided to show them. Similarly, RiD's airdates were thoroughly messed up, and Cybertron skipped out its first three episodes first time around - they're simply the incorrect way to view the series. They're hard things to trust, airdates are, so they are.
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    I would say which ever order causes less continuity problems is proper cannon order. However, when watching them I just watch how they are on the DVD and pretend the episodes are out of order are like a flashback/prequal.

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