What Dark of the Moon Should've Been Like

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    Behind you
    Don't get me wrong, I love the movies, and I thought the third was the best. However, when you think about it, it is flawed and lacking in many ways.
    My complaints:
    -Megatron, a psychotically unstable monster, had the foresight to create such a complicated and well thought out plan that didn't even fit within the plots of the first two movies? I find that hard to believe.
    -Shockwave didn't play as tremendous of a role as I had hoped.
    - Dreads were not introduced properly.
    -The whole "you lied to us" plot that was featured so prominently in the trailers was not really elaborated on; I think there should've been more to the plot
    -I've got a different role for Wheeljack in mind.
    -Highway chase should've been different.
    -Driller can just suck it, waste of CGI. But fun to look at.

    However, for all its faults, I loved it. I don't care about what the critics think; it's my own opinion that matters.

    Anyway, on to a revised synopsis on what could've been.
    Shockwave Narration: It began with a Golden Age on Cybertron: the homeworld of my people. We were supreme, we were gods; we were a civilization to be envied, surely. But as time went on, old squabbles evolved into war, and I watched, as our civilization began to crumble. The planet sunk further and further into war, until an Autobot ship carrying technology that was guaranteed to stop the war tried to leave Cybertron. It would have been illogical to let my enemies leave like that.

    Okay, so imagine this scenario and combine it with an imaginary Shockwave voiceover.
    Opening shot of a part of Cybertron. The screen slowly pans revealing how war-torn the planet is and also shows a major battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons in the process; large chunks of the planet are being blasted off and thrown into space, with some robots still on it. The next shot shows the Ark frantically flying through the battlefield, trying to avoid Decepticon fighters. After an elaborate, yet short chase scene, the Ark manages to destroy its pursuers. However, it passes by a tower, which Shockwave happens to be in. Shockwave sees the Ark and readies his cannon.
    Shockwave: (screams in Cybertronian) It's never that easy, Autobots.(Fires and misses)
    Cuts to the cockpit.
    Generic Autobot 1: (also in Cybertronian) Open the Space Bridge!
    The Autobots frantically try to activate it. Scene cuts to Shockwave, and he fires his laser yet again, but this time it hits. The Ark seems to be tearing apart as it warps through the Space Bridge. Cut to empty space, where the Ark just transports to. The ship just floats through space until it crashes onto the moon. The same sequence with the moon landing ensues.

    Cuts to the present day. The scene is actually more of a rearrangement of the Chernobyl scene, with a few added scenes. It begins with Lennox meeting up with Vokshod.
    Vokshod:( looking nervous) Ah, Major Lennox. It's a pleasure to meet with you. You are alone?
    Lennox: Yes sir, but even so, we have to be careful. We never did find out who hacked the satellite nor did we fix the problem. We're probably still being watched.
    Vokshod: In that case, we better go somewhere more secure.
    (As they leave, a security camera follows them. It transforms into a spindly robot and follows them discreetly.)
    Vokshod: My government will refuse to acknowledge that we met, but I am just here to tell you of an object that we fear is...alien in nature.
    (The robot, which I name Reflector, readies his camera and observes.)
    Vokshod: The object is located in an abandoned facility in *whispers* Chernobyl
    (Reflector smiles and runs off to another room)
    Reflector: Soundwave. (cuts to Soundwave who is still attached to the satellite)
    Soundwave: (Eyes glow) Report, Reflector.
    Reflector: The Autobots... their next mission...Chernobyl.
    Soundwave: Excellent. Rendezvous with Laserbeak. We have business to attend to. (As he speaks, a trio of Protoform comets appear from behind him, streaking past him toward Earth) Decepticons. Operation: Retrieval
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    I'm liking this keep it up :) 
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    ten times better than the movie already !
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    sweet jesus get more of this up asap loving this

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