What Character Archetypes Fit the Characters of Prime?

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    Which Character Archetypes Fit the Characters of Prime?

    Today in my English class we went over character archetypes and I thought that it might be fun to figure out which archetypes fit the Prime characters. Here's some of the archetypes characters can be:

    • The Hero - Characterized by courage, strength, and honor, the hero will endure hardship, even risk his life for the good of all. Leaves the familiar to enter an unfamiliar and challenging world.
    • The Initiates - Young heroes and heroines who must go through some training and ceremony before undertaking their quest.
    • Mentor - An older, wiser teacher to the initiates. He often serves as a father figure. He gives the hero gifts, serves as a role model or as the hero's conscience.
    • Mentor-Pupil Relationship - The Mentor teaches the Hero/pupil the necessary skills for surviving the quest.
    • The Threshold Guardian - Tests the hero's courage and worthiness to begin the journey.
    • Hunting Group of Companions - Loyal companions willing to face hardship and ordeal in order to stay together.
    • Loyal Retainers - Duty is to reflect the nobility and power of the hero.
    • The Shadow - A worthy opponent with whom the hero must struggle in a fight to the end. Must be destroyed or neutralized. Can represent the darker side of the hero's own psyche.
    • The Evil Figure with Ultimately Good Heart - An evil figure with the potential to be good.
    • The Creature of Nightmare - A monster usually summoned from the deepest, darkest part of the human psyche to threaten the lives of the heros/heroines.
    • The Outcast - A character banished from a social group for some real of imagined crime against his fellow man, usually destined to wander from place to place.

    I can see Jack possibly as The Hero, Bumblebee as The Initiate (Optimus says he still has much to experience before he can become warrior class in Masters and Students), Optimus as The Hero and Mentor, Jack, Miko, and Raf could be the Hunting Group of Companions, Megatron and Silas as The Shadow, and Starscream as The Outcast.

    Who do you all see as the archetypes?
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    The Hero - Ratchet
    The Threshold Guardian - Vehicon Miner
    The Evil Figure with Ultimately Good Heart - Breakdown
    The Creature of Nightmare - Airachnid
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    Jack is not the Hero, but mostly an Initiate, or even a Pupil.

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