What all issues were changed between Marvel US G1 and UK G1?

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    I thought I had them all based on the notes in Stuart Webb's Transformation blog, but somebody mentioned that "Aerialbots over America" was edited in the Marvel UK comics and I realized that there're probably at least a few more that I'm unaware of.

    Here's what I know so far:

    Dialogue/art changes:

    [US #5/UK #22-23] - "The New Order"

    [US #8/UK #27-28] - "Repeat Performance!"

    [US #17-18/UK #66-69] - "Return to Cybertron"

    [US #19/UK #70-71] - "Command Performances!"

    [US #21/UK #89-90] - "Aerialbots over America!"

    [US #25/UK #107-108] - "Gone but Not Forgotten!"

    [US #26/UK #109-110] - "Funeral for a Friend!"

    [US #32/UK #139-140] - "Used Autobots"

    [Headmasters #2/UK #134-137b] - “Broken glass”

    [US #39/UK #158-159] - "The Desert Island of Space!"

    [US #41/UK #174-175] - "Totaled!/Totalled!"

    [US #43/UK #180-181] - "The Big Broadcast of 2006"

    [US #45/UK #190-191] - "Monstercon from Mars!"

    [US #46/UK #192-193] - "Ca$h and Car-nage!"

    [US #47/UK #194-195] - “Club Con!”

    [US #48/UK #196-197] - “The Flames of Boltax!”

    Spelling/minor changes:

    [US #1/UK #1-2] - "The Transformers"

    [US #2/UK #3-4] - "Power Play!"

    [US #3/UK #5-6] - "Prisoner of War!"

    [US #4/UK #7-8] - "The Last Stand"

    [US #31/UK #128-129] - "Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash of Doom"

    [US #38/UK #156-157] - "Trial by Fire!"

    I plan on printing out scans and cutting out the edited panels so I can keep them with my Titan Books collection of the Marvel US material, plus this would help the reading order I made be as thorough as possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    You missed off "Totaled" (which became "Totalled" in the UK) - Skids is removed from a background panel, and the injured Decepticons retrieved from the Ark are renamed (to account for the fact that some like Thundercracker and Frenzy have already escaped at this point in the UK continuity).
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    Jest seen this thread. Cool discussion!

    Compiling a list of every edit that occurred between the original US printing and the UK version would be a monumental task.

    Thankfully, then, my upcoming book (see sig!), currently in the copy-editing stage, has a complete list. To whet your appetites, here is a list of all the UK edits made to issues 1 through 4 of the US comics...

    Issue 1: The Transformers

    NB: Page numbers refer to the comic strip itself, excluding adverts, covers etc.

    Page 2, panel 2, ‘eons’ is changed to ‘æons’.

    Page 3, panel 1 ‘defenseless’ is altered to ‘defenceless’ and ‘armored’ to ‘armoured’. Nelson Yomtov’s credit is changed from ‘coloring’ to ‘colours’.

    Page 4, panel 1 ‘valor’ becomes ‘valour’.

    Page 4, panel 6 ‘vigor’ is amended to ‘vigour’.

    Page 5, panel 6 ‘labored’ is changed to laboured’.

    Page 6, panel 4 ‘demoralize’ becomes ‘demoralise’.

    Page 8, panel 2 ‘fueled’ is altered to read ‘fuelled’.

    Page 9, panel 6 ‘lay’ is changed to ‘lie’.

    Page 10, panel 8 ‘indiginous’ [sic] is corrected as ‘indigenous’.

    Page 13, panel 1 ‘maneuverable’ is re-written as ‘manoeuverable’ [sic] (the proper UK spelling is ‘manoeuvrable’).

    Page 20, panel 3 ‘reconnoiter’ is changed to ‘reconnoitre’.

    Page 20, panel 6 ‘Dad’ll cream me!’ becomes ‘Dad’ll kill me!’

    Pages 14 and 15 (the Autobot roll-call double spread) were excised from the main narrative of the UK comic, and placed in the centre of UK#2 as a pull-out poster (with a big Transformers logo covering the first two panels and the hand-lettering replaced by a Letraset font). The resulting gap in the story was covered by the caption ‘Their exit does not go unnoticed... the Autobots, too, have risen.’

    Issue 2: Power Play

    Page 1, panel 1: Nel Yomtov’s credit changes from ‘colors’ to ‘colours’.

    Page 15, panel 5: ‘honored’ becomes ‘honoured’.

    Page 19, panel 1: ‘logic-center’ is amended to ‘logic-centre’.

    Page 23, panel 6: ‘refueling’ changed to ‘refuelling’.

    Issue 3: Prisoner of War

    Page 1, panel 3: ‘colorist’ is changed to ‘colours’.

    Page 3, panel 2: a reference is changed from Transformers #2 to Transformers #4.

    Page 5, panel 2: ‘see last issue’ becomes ‘see issue 3’.

    Page 6, panel 2: ‘refueled’ is anglicised as ‘refuelled’ and ‘neighborhood’ to ‘neighbourhood’.

    Page 11, panel 4: ‘rumors’ has become ‘rumours’.

    Page 11, panel 6: the asterisk and reference to Spider-Man #258 have been omitted entirely.

    Page 14, panel 2: ‘facade’ becomes ‘façade’ (yes, the UK comic made the effort to add the cedilla!)

    Page 17, panel 5: ‘traveling’ is amended to read ‘travelling’.

    Page 23, panel 4: ‘valor’ is changed to ‘valour’.

    Issue 4: The Last Stand

    Page 1, main panel: ‘colors’ is changed to ‘colours’.

    Page 8, panel 1: ‘refueled’ becomes ‘refuelled’.

    Page 9, panel 3: ‘refueling’ is amended to read ‘refuelling’.

    Page 10, panels 3 and 4: with this page printed in black and white in the UK, the two maps displayed on the Autobot screen are no longer visible.

    Page 15, panel 1: the reference to issue #2 is changed to issue 4.

    In terms of favourite dialogue changes I have a couple that I really like: "Showdown" (US#19) and the subsequent US issue, #20 "Aerialbots Over America", were written with the intent that they should be read consecutively – at the end of this story, Skids resolves to return to the Autobots, and in the very next issue he has just arrived back at the Ark. In Britain however, there was a massive sixteen-week gap between the two stories’ publication, as Marvel UK took the opportunity to run a couple of their own original Transformers tales in the gap between American reprints.

    As such, a small change was made to the dialogue here, explaining to UK readers why it would take so long for Skids to return home; the original line ‘I’m going back with Donny – back to my people, the Autobots’ is replaced in the British comic by ‘When my wounds heal, I’m going back to the Autobots’ (page 22, panel 3).

    There's a also a cool change to US#8 (Repeat Performance), that actually corrects a continuity flub:

    Page 14, panel 5: The description of Beller’s right arm, ‘She cannot lift or move it on her own’ is corrected to ‘Moving it causes her great pain’ (US#7 ‘Warrior School’ confirmed that she did in fact have some ‘limited’ movement in the arm).
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    Wow thanks! Continuity fixes like you mentioned in #8 are definitely what I'm trying to find, although I'm not sure that I want to include spelling or non-continuity-related changes just yet, just because I know there are a lot that I'll never be able to find until I set aside the time to do a full side-by-side comparison of the entire series. Yeah though, UK G1 really did bend over backwards when it came to Skids, haha. Again, thanks!


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