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    Ok I am not sure where to put this thread in so I thought I would try here.

    Ok anyway using F_R grimlock g1 articulation thread(thanks for that tutorial by the way)

    I took a junker classics seeker and cut right below the elbow hinge,
    then took WFC Megs hands and cut them off, then glued the arms together, and using my dremel I cut into the arm enough space to fit the classics seeker hand. Using some glue I put in the arm. Now megs has a pull out hand, without loosing the cannon attachment. Now the reason this isnt in the radicons customs section is because i dont have a cam to take pics with yet,

    So I thought maybe one of the radicons here could use this to use on their WFC Megs and then show the pics off it. I am getting a cam soon to take pics but I have some customs to pay off first. If the Mods think this should be deleted until I can show what I have done, then by all means do so, but hopefully the pro radicons here can use this.


    ok i found where to put this, Could a mod move this to creative general discussions please, thanks
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