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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by SaberPrime, Apr 6, 2011.

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    I've noticed some odd numbers popping up in game that don't add up.

    Several times I've seen during game play that I killed an enemy but the score at the end doesn't show that I've killed anyone. My first thought was that doesn't count assists as kills which is fine but then I noticed in one game where it wasn't an assist. I got a +15 without the word "assist" after it 4 times during a match but the end score only showed that I killed 1. There were also times with the reverse were I never killed anybody except for a few assists and the end score showed 2 or 4 kills.

    While we're on the subject of scoring. In team death match the score seems to be = to kills because it is a Death match. Except one time I finished a match with a score of 6 while I only had 3 kills.

    There was also one odd game where it showed there was only 1 other person online and when I clicked on it there were 6 other players already in a match that had 5 min. remaining when I came in. How can they be that far into a match with 6 people if there's only 1 player online just a sec. earlier?

    Just now I got frustrated and logged off because I noticed that the automatic "even" teams were not even at all. I just started and finished a match that was 4 vs. 2. That's a total of 6 players that should of been a 3 on 3 and even while people were coming and going during the match the game seemed insistent on keeping the teams drastically outnumbered. There was a moment when it became 3 vs 2 and someone new came in to replace the missing person but they ended up joining the team that already had 3 players on it. I was hoping that when the one person left it would auto correct itself when a new person came in but it didn't happen.

    Anyone else noticing these things where WFC can't do basic math correctly?
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    That sometimes happens to me, too, but I guess it's because of lags or something.
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    Punch a family member. Vent it out man.

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