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    Glad you find it useful. The paper is conditioned when heated up and is semitransparent, go figure. Help with the absorption of water.
    Plow has already PMed me concerning this and whats mine is yours as long as it is kept in its entirety.:thumb 

    This will show you how to make your very own "wet palette" A wet palette is a little known secret to painters who use acrylic paints. It is usually a sealable container that holds a sponge and acrylic paper in it but can be anything from a store bought one to a do it yourself one made at home. The sponge is wet so it allows the special acrylic paper to keep adding water to the paint keeping it thinned and wet, two things that are of the most importance, especially when painting action figures. (Transformers Included)

    The things that you will need to make your own wet palette is a sealable container, a package of Sta-Wet Acrylic Paper (available at Michaels), a sponge, a microwave safe bowl and water.



    First things first is to make sure the sponge and paper are cut to fit the container you have chosen, does not have to be exact but the closer the better. Take the sponge and completely soak it in cold water and place it (still soaked) into your container, you can pour out some of the water if it is pooling above the sponge but make sure the sponge is completely wet. Next we will put the precut piece of Acrylic Paper into the microwave safe bowl, completely submerging it in water. Put the bowl in the microwave for about five (5) minutes or until the paper becomes semi-transparent (slightly clear). Be careful when taking the paper out as it will be extremely hot.



    While the paper is still hot place it directly onto the sponge in the container smoothing it out being sure to get rid of all the air bubbles and you are done!
    The palette in meant to keep your paint usable for days when on the palette and will keep your paints nice and thin so your coats will be super clean and smooth. The acrylic paper is tough so don't worry about poking a hole in it and paint can and will soak through to the sponge on occasion so don't worry and have fun!


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