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    I have the following for sale.
    Everything is complete + instuctions unless notes otherwise.
    Prices DO NOT include shipping unless stated
    Paypal prefered (send as a gift)
    Prices are negotiable.
    Feel free to PM me any inquiries

    2006 TFCC Landquake MISB 35
    2007 TFCC Breakaway MISB 45
    2009 TFCC Heatwave LOOSE 45
    2010 TFCC Elite Guard Dion MISB 45
    2010 TFCC Punch-Counterpunch MIB 140
    2010 TFCC Shattered Glass Cyclonus MIB 100
    2011 TFCC Sideburn MISB 40
    2012 TFCC G2 Ramjet MIB 70
    2012 TFCC Over-Run and Runamuck MIB 100
    2012 TFCC Scourge MIB 70

    2013 SDCC Transformers Metroplex MISB 390
    2014 SDCC Transformers Dinobot Set MIB 130
    2014 SDCC Transformers Kreon Class of 1984 MISB 190

    Alternators Sideswipe LOOSE 15
    Alternators Silverstreak LOOSE 20

    Animated Deluxe Jazz LOOSE 12
    Animated Deluxe Lockdown LOOSE 15
    Animated Deluxe Oil Slick LOOSE 12
    Animated Leader Bulkhead LOOSE 25
    Animated Leader Shadow Blade Megatron MISB 65
    Animated Leader Ultra Magnus LOOSE 27
    Animated Voyager Blitzwing LOOSE 22
    Animated Voyager Grimlock LOOSE 22
    Animated Voyager Starscream LOOSE 22

    Botcon 2007 Alpha Trion LOOSE 240
    Botcon 2007 Bugbite LOOSE 175
    Botcon 2007 Dreadwind LOOSE INCOMPLETE (missing missiles) 130
    Botcon 2007 Huffer LOOSE INCOMPLET(missing cyber key)E 27
    Botcon 2008 Grimlock MISB 150
    Botcon 2010 Breakdown MISB 120
    Botcon 2010 Clench LOOSE 65
    Botcon 2010 Souvenir Set #2 Rapido and Cindersaur MISB 160
    Botcon 2010 Spark/'Pyro' LOOSE 65
    Botcon 2013 Souvenir Set #3 Rainmakers 3pack MISB 225

    Classics Deluxe Astrotrain LOOSE 16
    Classics Deluxe Bumblebee MIB 18
    Classics Deluxe Cliffjumper LOOSE 25
    Classics Deluxe Grimlock LOOSE 15
    Classics Deluxe Mirage LOOSE 18
    Classics Deluxe Rodimus LOOSE 25
    Classics Deluxe Skywarp LOOSE 37
    Classics Legends Fireflight MISB 20
    Classics Legends Whirl MISB 25
    Classics Mini-Cons Clear Skies Team MISB 12
    Classics Mini-Cons Demolition Team MISB 12
    Classics Mini-Cons Dinobots MISB 12
    Classics Mini-Cons Dirt Digger Team MISB 12
    Classics Mini-Cons Night Rescue Team MISB 12
    Classics Mini-Cons Predator Attack Team MISB 12
    Classics Voyager Megatron LOOSE 30

    Cybertron Voyager Cybertron Defense Scattorshot LOOSE 35

    Dark of the moon Cyberverse Guzzle MISB 25
    Dark of the moon Human Alliance Leadfoot MISB 28
    Dark of the moon Human Alliance Roadbuster MISB 35

    Generations Deluxe Arcee MISB 35
    Generations Deluxe Armada Starscream MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Blurr LOOSE 20
    Generations Deluxe Bumblebee MISB 19
    Generations Deluxe Chromia MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Crosscut MISB 17
    Generations Deluxe Darkmount LOOSE 11
    Generations Deluxe Darkmount MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Dirge LOOSE 19
    Generations Deluxe Dreadwing MISB 17
    Generations Deluxe Drift LOOSE 27
    Generations Deluxe Drift MISB 45
    Generations Deluxe Goldfire MISB 15
    Generations Deluxe Jhiaxus MISB 17
    Generations Deluxe Junkheap MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Kup MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Mini-con Assault Team MISB 19
    Generations Deluxe Nightbeat MISB 19
    Generations Deluxe Orion Pax MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Rattrap MISB 19
    Generations Deluxe Red Alert LOOSE 17
    Generations Deluxe Scoop MISB 12
    Generations Deluxe Scourge LOOSE 15
    Generations Deluxe Skids MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Skullgrin LOOSE 20
    Generations Deluxe Sky Shadow LOOSE 15
    Generations Deluxe Stealth Megatron MISB 32
    Generations Deluxe Tankor MISB 15
    Generations Deluxe Thrust LOOSE 17
    Generations Deluxe Thundercracker MISB 30
    Generations Deluxe Thunderwing LOOSE 17
    Generations Deluxe Thunderwing MISB 25
    Generations Deluxe Warpath LOOSE 17
    Generations Deluxe Waspinator MISB 15
    Generations Deluxe Wheeljack LOOSE 17
    Generations Deluxe Windblade MISB 17
    Generations Leader 01 Jetfire MISB 45
    Generations Legends Acid Storm & Venin MISB 15
    Generations Legends Bumblebee & Blazemaster MISB 17
    Generations Legends Cosmos & Payload MISB 25
    Generations Legends Gears & Eclipse MISB 25
    Generations Legends Skrapnel & Reflector MISB 20
    Generations Legends Swerve & Flanker MISB 15
    Generations Legends Tailgate & Groundbuster MIB 15
    Generations Legends Tailgate & Groundbuster MISB 15
    Generations Voyager Blitzwing + SXS A03 LOOSE 30
    Generations Voyager Blitzwing MISB 20
    Generations Voyager Brainstorm MISB 25
    Generations Voyager Doubledealer MISB 20
    Generations Voyager Rhinox MIB 19
    Generations Voyager Sandstorm MISB 25
    Generations Voyager Sky-Byte MISB 17
    Generations Voyager Springer LOOSE 17
    Generations Voyager Springer MISB 25
    Generations Voyager Whirl MIB 17

    Generations Deluxe Fall of Cybertron Air Raid LOOSE 17
    Generations Deluxe Fall of Cybertron Skywarp MISB 19
    Generations Deluxe Fall of Cybertron Thundercracker MISB 25
    Generations Fall of Cybertron Blaster, Eject & Ramhorn, Rewind & Sunder MISB 65
    Generations Voyager Fall of Cybertron Grimlock MIB + Iron Factory IF EX-01 Dinoarmor & Rifle MIB 50
    Generations Voyager Fall of Cybertron Soundblaster MISB 25
    Generations Voyager Fall of Cybertron Soundwave, Frenzy & Ratbat, Ravage & Rumble MIB 70
    Generations Deluxe War for Cybertron Bumblebee MISB 32
    Generations Deluxe War for Cybertron Cliffjumper MISB 37
    Generations Deluxe War for Cybertron Megatron MISB 43

    Henkei Deluxe C-02 Bumblebee MIB 30
    Henkei Deluxe C-04 Mirage MISB 50
    Henkei Deluxe C-08 Prowl MIB 85
    Henkei Deluxe C-09 Sideswipe MIB 60
    Henkei Deluxe C-10 Silverstreak MISB x2 60@
    Henkei Deluxe C-11 Ironhide MISB 75
    Henkei Deluxe C-13 Hound MISB 85
    Henkei Deluxe C-20 Red Alert MIB 65
    Henkei Deluxe C-21 Smokescreen MISB 95
    Henkei Deluxe D-02 Starscream LOOSE 40
    Henkei Deluxe D-05 Octane MISB 70
    Henkei Deluxe D-07 Cyclonus MIB 60
    Henkei Deluxe Ghost Starscream MISB 90
    Henkei Voyager C-01 Optimus Prime MISB 80
    Henkei Voyager C-06 Skyfire MIB 75
    Henkei Voyager C-15 Inferno LOOSE 75
    Henkei Voyager D-01 Megatron MIB 75
    Henkei Voyager Dark Skyfire MIB 75
    Henkei Voyager Dark Skyfire MISB 80

    Masterpiece (Hasbro) MP-02 Soundwave MIB 300
    Masterpiece (Hasbro) MP-05 Sunstorm MIB 95
    Masterpiece (Hasbro) Optimus Prime + Vector Sigma Gift Set MISB 220
    Masterpiece (Hasbro) Rodimus Prime LOOSE 75
    Masterpiece (Hasbro) Starscream LOOSE 105
    Masterpiece (Hasbro) Thundercracker LOOSE 140
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-08 Grimlock MIB 130
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-12 Lambor + Collector Coin MIB 60
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-17 Prowl MIB 60
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-18 Streak MIB 65
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-19 Smokescreen MIB 55
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-20 Wheeljack MIB 65
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-21 Bumble Cybertron Espionage MIB 60
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-22 Ultra Magnus Cybertron City Commander MIB 170
    Masterpiece (Takara) MP-24 Star Saber Cybertron Commander MIB 140

    Platinum Edition Year Of The Horse Masterpiece Optimus Prime MIB 140

    Prime Deluxe Ratchet MISB 45
    Prime Deluxe Rumble MISB 15
    Prime Deluxe Vehicon MISB x4 19@
    Prime Deluxe Wheeljack MISB 33
    Prime Voyager Thundertron MISB x2 19@
    Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus MISB x2 19@
    Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Lazerback LOOSE 10
    Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Ripclaw MISB 17
    Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Grimwing MISB 19
    Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Megatron MISB 19
    Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Ultra Magnus MISB 30

    Reveal the Shield 'Battle in Space' 2 pack MIB 40
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Mindset MISB 22
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Optimus Prime MISB 25
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Perceptor LOOSE 17
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Perceptor MISB 22
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Special Ops Jazz LOOSE 22
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Tracks LOOSE 15
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Tracks MIB 17
    Reveal the Shield Deluxe Wreck-Gar MISB x4 27@
    Reveal the Shield Legends Optimus Prime MISB 13
    Reveal the Shield Legends Starscream MISB 13
    Reveal the Shield Legends Trailcutter MISB 13
    Reveal the Shield Scout Windcharger LOOSE 25
    Reveal the Shield Voyager Solar Storm Grappel MISB 30
    Reveal the Shield Voyager Lugnut MISB 55

    Transformers (2010) Legends Prowl LOOSE 10
    Transformers (2010) 'Rage over Cybertron' 3 pack MISB 190
    Transformers (2010) Supreme Unicron - Amazon Exclusive MISB 225
    Transformers (2010) Voyager AA-05 Sea Spray MISB 80

    Transformers Cloud TFC-A03 Hot Rodimus MISB 220

    Transformers GDO Deluxe Cliffjumper LOOSE 19

    Transformers Generation 2 Fall of Cybertron Bruticus 5 pack - Amazon Exclusive MISB 75

    United Generations TG-20 Ratbat MISB 75
    United E-hobby 2011 exclusive Autobot 3 pack MIB 175
    United E-hobby 2011 exclusive Decepticon 3 pack MIB 150
    United Tokyo Toy Show 2011 exclusive set Darkside Optimus Prime & Darkside
    Megatron MIB 130
    United Tokyo Toy Show 2012 exclusive Black Optimus Prime MIB 110
    United UN-08 Drift LOOSE 90
    United UN-08 Drift MISB 145
    United UN-11 Grapple MISB 55
    United UN-17 Kup + Igear Kup 02 MIB 110
    United UN-19 Wheeljack MISB 35
    United UN-20 Rumble & Frenzy MISB 45

    Universe 'Challenge at Cybertron' 3 pack MISB 110
    Universe Deluxe Acid Storm MIB 19
    Universe Deluxe Cyclonus LOOSE 17
    Universe Deluxe Galvatron LOOSE 17
    Universe Deluxe Hound + Ravage LOOSE 25
    Universe Deluxe Prowl LOOSE 17
    Universe Deluxe Prowl MISB 25
    Universe Deluxe Ratchet LOOSE 33
    Universe Deluxe SE-03 Drag Strip - Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive MIB x2 23@
    Universe Deluxe SE-04 Overkill - Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive MISB 27
    Universe Deluxe Silverstreak LOOSE 20
    Universe Deluxe Smokescreen LOOSE 19
    Universe Deluxe Smokescreen MISB 25
    Universe Deluxe Starscream + Megavolt Robot Factory MRF 00001 LOOSE 45
    Universe Deluxe Sunstreaker LOOSE 19
    Universe Deluxe Tankor/'Octane' LOOSE 19
    Universe Legends Beachcomber LOOSE 15
    Universe Legends Cosmos MISB 37
    Universe Legends Warpath LOOSE 15
    Universe Legends Wheelie MISB 35
    Universe Ultra Darkwind MIB 27
    Universe Ultra Onslaught LOOSE 19
    Universe Ultra Silverbolt LOOSE 14
    Universe Voyager Dropshot LOOSE 15
    Universe Voyager Overload MISB 30


    BTS Toys BTS-01B Nemesis command center with attack drone and BTS-02DX Teletran Kit MIB 80

    Fansproject Causality CA-02 Flameblast MIB 50
    Fansproject Causality CA-03 ThunderShred MIB 60
    Fansproject Causality CA-04 Stormbomb MIB 60
    Fansproject Causality CA-05 Backfiery MIB 60
    Fansproject Function-X1 Code MIB 60
    Fansproject Function-X1 Code MISB 75
    Fansproject Function-X1 Code Virus MIB 120
    Fansproject Function-X2 Quadruple-U MIB 70
    Fansproject Function-X4 Sigma L MIB 65
    Fansproject Function-XV M.A.D.L.A.W MIB 95
    Fansproject Intimidator MIB 450
    Fansproject Intimidator MISB 550
    Fansproject Lost Exo-Realm LER-01 Columpio/Drepan MIB 75
    Fansproject Lost Exo-Realm LER-02 Cubrar/Tekour MIB 80
    Fansproject Parallax TFX-01 City Commander MIB and Classics Voyager Ultra Magnus LOOSE 155
    Fansproject Parallax TFX-01J D.I.A Commander MIB and Classics Voyager Optimus Prime LOOSE 165
    Fansproject Parallax TFX-02 G3 Trailer + Classics Optimus Prime MIB 140
    Fansproject Parallax TFX-04 Protector MIB, TFX-05 Sidearm MIB, Classics Deluxe Rodimus LOOSE and Henkei C-05 Rodimus 240
    Fansproject Parallax TFX-04B Shadow Scythe MIB and Gentei Deluxe Chara Hobby 2008 Wildride 620
    Fansproject Warbot WB001 Defender MIB 55
    Fansproject Warbot WB003 Assaulter MIB 140
    Fansproject Warbot WB004 Revolver, WB005 Recoiler and WB006 Riftshot MIB 310
    Fansproject X-fire 02A Explorer and 02B Munitioner and ROTF Boxset Bruticus Maximus MIB 250
    Fansproject X-fire Aerial Team Appendage Add On Kit and ROTF Boxset Superion MIB 130

    Fanstoys FT-03 Quakewave MIB 110
    Fanstoys Iron Dibots FT-04 Scoria MIB 175
    Fanstoys Iron Dibots FT-06 Sever MIB 175
    Fanstoys Iron Dibots FT-05 Soar MIB 175

    Headrobots Blood MIB and ROTF Voyager Bludgeon LOOSE 80
    Headrobots Blood DX and ROTF Deluxe Bludgeon LOOSE 60
    Headrobots Hothead MIB and Universe Ultra Hardhead LOOSE 45

    Igear Mini Warriors MW-01C Hench MIB 110
    Igear PP05W Weapon Specialist MIB 120
    Igear PP05M Medical Specialist MIB 120
    Igear W-01 Weapons set MIB 37

    Impossible Toys Quint-01 Scientist MIB 110

    Justitoys WST Robots Military Operations Commander MIB 35
    Justitoys WST Robots Communications Liaison MIB 27

    Maketoys Manga Mech Series Trash-Talk & Cogwheel + M-F-B MIB 100
    Maketoys Mobine Series Paladin/ Chaos MIB 155
    Maketoys Utopia Theophany Interspace Colonization Ship MIB 360
    Maketoys Quantron MIB 330

    Mech Ideas Demolition Crüe DC01 Apex and DC02 Geminus MIB 170+

    Mastermind Creations Reformatted R01 Terminus Hexatron Super Gladiator, Dazzling Glory Chromed Weapon set and Stag Cleavers Set MIB 160
    Mastermind Creations Reformatted R08D Azalea Stealth Assassin MIB 210

    Microblaze Creations MBC002 Military Titans MIB and Platinum Edition Grimlock Vs Bruticus MISB 240

    Perfect Effect PE-01F Warrior Type-F and PE-01R Warrior Type-R MIB 74
    Perfect Effect PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X MIB 110
    Perfect Effect PE-DX01 RC Motobot MIB 70
    Perfect Effect PE-DX02 Aranea Motobot MIB 145
    Perfect Effect PE-DX03 Warden MIB and PE-DX03 EW Super Robot Expansion Weapon MISB 175

    Planet X PX01 Genesis + LED lights MIB 475
    Planet X PX02-06 MIB 530

    TFC Toys Hercules and TFC-007 Rage of the Hercules 340
    TFC Toys TFC-004 Gear of War MIB 140
    TFC Toys TFC-05 Gear of War MIB 110
    TFC Toys Uranos and TFC-008 Wing of Uranos 370

    Toyworld TW-01 Hegemon MIB 175
    Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone MIB 50
    Toyworld TW-T02 Aurora MIB 35

    Unicorn.com Accessory Set 06 - BBTS Exclusive MIB 45

    Unique Toys UT-G01 Maniaking MIB 95
    Unique Toys UT-G02 Sharkies MIB 80

    Warbotron WB01 MIB 495

    X2 Toys XT003 Strengthen Equipment, Generations Deluxe Hoist and Trailcutter MISB 77
    X2 Toys XT005 Gemini Set of Furrow & Rotor + DKR002 MIB 100
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    pm sent
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    payment sent.. thanks man...
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    Looks like you woke up and said, I think I'll sell all my Transformers today lol. I know what it's like though if that's the case bro, especially when you don't got room to display much bc everything's in the way. (^^
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    Sent a PM!

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