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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blaster_Prime, Jan 5, 2008.

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    I'm sure many of your have your own websites, and I will freely admit that I have the brain of a Dinobot when it comes to computer/webcode/technical jargon (sorry for the horrible pun but I couldn't help myself.)

    Anyways, I've been watching my hit numbers on my site since it's conception and I have a question. First of all, when it comes to Website Stats and Numbers, what is the difference between "Hits," "Visits," and "Sites?"

    Second of all...for January I have already received 5906 hits in just the first five days in this month, to me that seems pretty big, but I don't know how good that is for an average site. What is a good number to have as far as hits per month go?

    Finally, considering that this seems to be part of a sudden spike in the numbers (December Hits skyrocketing almost double of Novembers) should I be starting to think seriously about expanding my site? Should I start making investments?

    Any help is greatly appretiated
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    Good it be google bots?

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