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    There are 4 identifiers I use to classify Transformers toy lines:
    1. Brand- The main label seen on the packaging, usually determined by the font like in the 1984 G1 or the 2007 Movie, or the subtitle like Robots in Disguise or Armada. Also called a line of toys.
    Examples: G1/ Generation 1, More than Meets the Eye, Beast Wars, Robots In Disguise/ RID , Universe, Universe 2.0, Energon, Armada, Cybertron, Titanium (could be both brand, series or class), TFCC/ BotCon/ Timelines

    2. Series- If a brand consists of more than one Transformers Universe, then it may be divided in series.
    Examples: Titanium More Than Meets the Eye, Generation 1, War Within, Movie, ROTF
    Universe 2.0 Classic, Generation 1, G2, Armada, Cybertron, Beast Wars, RID
    BotCon 2008 Timelines Shattered Glass

    3. Class- Transformers lines are divided by class to determine price points for retailers. another name for class could be assortment.
    Examples: Mini-con, Legends, Scout/Basic, Deluxe, Mega/Voyager, Ultra, Combiner, Leader, Supreme, Ultimate, Titanium 3", Titanium 6" (height could be used as a class)

    4. Special notes- Some toys have special names added to them because they are combo packs or are exclusive to certain stores, others have variant colors or parts. Sometimes a year would be included to distinguish it from previous toys with similar names. If the title is on the package, it would usually go in the front of the name. If it is not written on the package, then it is usually written in parenthesis.
    Examples: Evolution of a Hero, Legacy of Bumblebee, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, blue color, red color, untabbed/tabbed version, 2008

    Other things to consider
    *More than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise are very common subtitles for brands. RID used for many brands but more commonly referred Hasbro's version of Takara's Car Robots.
    *Some exclusive toys like those sold at conventions or special offers are usually identified by them in the beginning of the name with the year they were sold.
    Botcon 2007 Timelines Springer and Huffer (commonly referred as Botcon Springer and Huffer)
    SDCC 2009 Universe 2.0 Classic Voyager Nemesis Prime (without the specifics, it could be confused with SDCC 2007 Alternators Nemesis Prime)
    Takara Movie Deluxe Bumblebee Classic Camaro (Lawson Special Color Version. Commonly referred to as Lawson Bumblebee)
    *Not all identifiers are used for every toy but using them does help distinguish each toy from another, particularly for toys with the same names and series.
    Here is an example of toys that have almost the same name:
    Classic Deluxe Bumblebee (commonly referred to as Classics Bumblebee. This one is from an international value pack with Classic Deluxe Astrotrain)
    Movie Legacy of Bumblebee Classic Deluxe Bumblebee (Walmart)
    Movie First Encounter Deluxe Bumblebee Classic Camaro (Walmart. Commonly referred to as '7x Bumblebee)
    Classic Legends Bumblebee
    Universe 2.0 G1 Legends Bumblebee
    Here is an example of toys with everything the same except for colors:
    RID Deluxe Side Burn (blue), RID Deluxe Prowl (black and white)
    RID Deluxe Side Burn (red), RID Deluxe Prowl (blue and white)
    By writing out the full description of the toy using the above 4 steps, it very easy to distinguish each toy by reading out the name.

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