Watch for falling Cows!

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    Cow falls 200 feet onto minivan

    Heard this on the Bob and Tom show. They had a letter close to this that I can not do much justice. But here it goes:

    The letter came from a guy in the Air Force. They were working humanitarian aid and were flying a cow to a remote village in IIRC Taiwan. They thought they had tranquilized the cow enough for the flight, but half way through the flight it woke up and went nuts. Well they can't shoot a gun on the air craft and they don't want to have their plane destroyed by the cow either. So they do the only thing they could do.. Open the rear ramp of the C-130. The Cow see's the light and runs to it and off into the air. The pilot felt bad for the poor bewildered Japanese fishermen who happened to look up and see a falling cow.

    there was a second letter from a Navy patrol person who rescued some fishermen from the same area. Back at base in a bar he was talking to another military guy who simply asked "Did you see the cow?" The poor fishermen were treated poorly by the Japanese government who thought they were lying about the cow and had gotten drunk and done something stupid. The military had to inform the Japanese government what had happened. They checked the radar for that time and area and and the c-130 had indeed been flying in that area at that time.

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