Wars Untold

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    Okay, so the Chojin Nights thing I haven't worked on. Well, I'm abandoning that now and shall go to "Wars Untold". It'll still feature my characters, plus some toys I don't own. Even characters based on members here. But here's the prologue.


    I sit there, lost in the wind. I saw what was supposed to be a game, but what became a war. The explosions have brightened the skies a brilliant orange, and the lasers streaking the skies.

    I was the cost. Me. Just me. But here they are, battling either to protect me, or to kill me. The man who lured me into this, his name, Dave Kings.

    I'll continue this tomorrow.
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    The next chapter

    Chapter 1

    It was several months ago, on December 25, 2972. My birthday. My parents and everyone else bought me 2 gifts each, one for Christmas and one for my birthday.

    "Happy birthday and holidays, Kai-kun!" everyone always said on that day. Sure, it was great. For you, maybe. But me, I'm pretty much modest. Until my brother gave me it.

    While everyone else were enjoying themselves, I was on the porch, counting the stars. And then I heard a voice behind me.

    "Hey Kai!"

    I turned around, and I saw my brother, holding a gigantic box. It was the biggest gift in the house. The other gifts I had opened were mostly toys, ranging from the length of my palm to the length of my forearm.

    "Hey, Kai. Look what I got for you!"

    I sat there, unimpressed. With all the gifts I got, who needed more?

    "Hey, Tsubasa. What's up?"

    "I got the greatest gift for you!"

    I didn't believe him at first, as he said that about every gift he got for me, and it ended up being something that was lame, like an entire HD-DVD collection of He-Man, Masters of the Universe, or a My Chemical Romance collection of plushies.

    "Yea right. Like last year's Electrical Tennis Racket 5000, or the year before that, the all time worse console, the PS 9,910?"

    "Just open the damn gift, Kai."

    I reluctantly took the gift, which nearly crushed my 17-year old legs. As I unwrapped it, the box read "The Toy Animator". I raised my eyebrows, wondering what it meant.

    "Tsubasa, what type of moron are you? Buying something this ridiculous? I mean, the last few gifts I got from you were real!"

    "Man, dude, you have no idea how great it is!" he said with a smirk.

    Later, after everyone left, I decided to tinker with the Toy Animator.

    "Let's see..... 'First, insert a car battery'- wait, what!? A car battery!?"

    With a sigh, I went to my neighbor, Flanagan, and stole his car battery. I didn't fell bad, everyone stole things from Flanagan and he never even realizes it. After I inserted the car battery, I kept reading.

    "Okay.... 'Next, insert a desired name, age, description and personality'. Hm, weird. Ah well."

    I decided to put in my decreased friend, Urara Tataki. She was the coolest! The top notch in basketball, baseball, and volleyball, the school's representative in the district,and the most popular kid in school. It was a wonder how she became my friend, considering the fact that I was 2 years younger. She died two years ago, on my birthday. Maybe that's way I don't care about my birthdays any more. It was never the same without her.

    "Okay.... Name: Urara Tataki. Age: 16. Personality: Caring and kind. Description: Athletic, very pretty, loving, and knows what to do."

    I weeped as I was typing this. It was hard for me to do this, seeing I was very close to her. I hit enter, and then the screen lit up.

    "Hm? 'Now place desired toy beneath the object labeled 'Animation Light'.' Okay, whatever."

    I chose a MMS-Type Angel Arnval for this particular one. Then a voice said, "Standby, loading data. Transfer."

    And the next thing I knew, a bright flash of light came out, and basically lit the entire room. As I slowly regained my eyesight, I could have sworn the Arnval doll twitched. Then it stood up, as if it was real.

    "Hello, master. I am Urara Tataki, MMS-Type Angel. I trust you to be kind."

    She said it with a kind smile, tilting her head slightly. I sat there, awestruck.

    "Eh? What are you?"

    "I'm a Busou Shinki, silly."

    "I know that, but how are you-"

    "The Toy Animator. It makes every toy you put underneath the Animation Light alive."

    I couldn't believe it. Tsubasa finally got something that works great and the way it suppose to be. That's a first. Everything he gets for everyone is very lame.

    "Okay, so you're alive. What's the purpose of that?"

    "The purpose of this is for a underground tournament, the Toy Battler Tourney, also known as the TBT."

    "..... Okay, where is that?"

    "At the Hakubosu High School's old building."

    "Hey, I've went there for a year. They had to move because of a kid was killed by falling debris in the gym. I guess they fixed it."

    I talked to her until 2 in the morning. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up with a blanket on me, without remembering doing it. Urara must have done it, because she was asleep on my lap.

    "Hm. I'll ask Tsubasa in the morning."

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