Customs: warning re: fixing light-piping, rotf deluxe swerve

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by deruberhanyok, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I couldn't find anything on this so wanted to post a warning in case anyone wants to fix the light piping on their deluxe Swerve's head. I'll save the rant wondering why they paint over the light piped parts... I'm sure it's been heard before.

    Anyways, I popped off Swerve's head and unscrewed it. It's very easy to take apart. The light piped part is a small block with the eyes protruding out in two thin pieces on either side; the head is just a front and back half.

    I had the part sitting in isopropyl for less than five minutes and when I pulled it out the joins between the thin pieces and the block were warped. Going over them with a cotton swap to wipe the paint off was enough to disconnect both.

    I managed to get the head reassembled properly (it wasn't too difficult to wedge the eye "stalk" pieces in the front half of the head and then screw it all back together) and the light piping still kinda works, but his eyes are so small I can't say it was really worth the effort.
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    Generally, I use Q-tips + alcohol for something like this. I'm very conservative with my applications and such. Regardless, thanks for the warning to all of us. Fortunately, if you want to try this again, most Walmarts have an overstock of that figure. :) 

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