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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Tampalicious, Dec 24, 2011.

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    You guys remember that dotm Space Case I bought on accident? Had it in the closet for about 6 months. My dad and I decided my nephew Tony wouldn't dig it as much, he prefers big old solid cars or trucks to play with. He's only 4.
    There will be other little kids present as well, so I don't want them messin with that trident.
    Sooo....I opened that little outcast 2 nites ago. I only had Barricade and the first Bee from the 07 movie. Wasn't impressed and that was that.
    So this is my first, no wait, I had Shockwave in hand, but didnt like the look of it and returned it.
    This is my first kept Bay fig that I actually like, let's say that.
    Transformation is impossible for me lol! Without instrutions I mean. I hate the color scheme, I just don't like it.
    But then I noticed, hey this thing has some personality. You have to admit classics don't pose that much, or well, have that articulation I should say.
    I wish he was painted to look like the G2 Decepticons that were under Jhiaxus. Because that's what I think of.
    I know he was a G2 character, but I never knew of him. His bio makes him seem like a Waspinator-ish personality. Because of that research, I probably won't paint him. I was thinkin maybe a Leader-1 repaint, but nah....
    So anyway, I'm actually thinkin I might have to pick up some more of these random characters.
    The one I searched for today I couldnt find, but I'm gonna order a dotm Skyhammer. I'm jonesin for it somethin fierce lol!!
    I'll order it after the holidays.
    I think it makes sense to have some figs that are different from the classics style. It's actually kind of refreshing.
    I did find an Animated Oil-Slick of all things. I picked it up, I'm gonna paint him into Cy-Kill.
    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! (whatever you celebrate, make it a good one. My figs are road trippin to my dads, so I dont have to worry about Sticky Bandits. They can get my tv, they aint gettin my toys lol)

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