War of X

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    War of X

    Decade 20/Year 32 Abbreviated X20I32*
    Kalis, Southwestern Cybertron

    ** * *The road was small and rusty but the Wreckers are used to these kind of conditions.*Being a team of rough, tough, and ( as some joke) gun obsessed Autobots that are sent in to complete only the hardest missions.*
    ** * The team traveling along the road was an early draft, but they were nonetheless effective in their assigned task.*
    ** * Their task at this moment consisted of protecting an energon transfer to a skysled. After being transported to the skysled, they would accompany it through a space bridge to the planet Taayger.
    ** * "Remind me again why we are assigned to a basic energon transfer mission." requested the transformer who took the alt-mode of a large green and orange military truck.
    ** * "Whining again Roadwrecker? Your only happy if you're blasting a Decep into a thousand pieces." retorted the medium sized Fembot.*
    ** * A lagoon-green vehicle that resembled an earth pickup truck replied next,"We are accompanying the energon because it is a large sum that will likely attract the attention of *the Combaticons or someone of the like."
    ** * " Listen to Commander Kup, an All-Autobot Patriot." laughed a blue and white drilling machine that unusually had two drills mounted on the front.*
    ** * The blue Fembot, Stream, said "He just tired if hearing Roadwrecker complaining about there being nothing to shoot but Heliohamsters around here."
    ** * Floating above the laughing convoy was a Cryojet. A type of sleek, solid spacecraft that is highly agile and quite popular as an Alt-mode on Cybertron.*
    ** * The name of the jet was Topspin, who was looking down upon the rigid hills encompassing the road below him. The hills rose and fell at almost right angles, which reminded him of their mission in Altihex.*
    ** * The city of Altihex had flat land only between the tower space-seowed towers. Some of these towers were even used as launching points for space stations.
    ** * As he looked northward he noticed the sun glinting off the dark metal of the hills. This light ray caught his imagery receptors for a cryosecond and he couldn't see the large column they were approaching.
    ** * The column was not tall but it was immensely wide. The quiet humming of the shield generators could also be heard by the jet's keen sound receptors. This sound is what caught Topspin's attention.
    ** * He began to send communications in the direction of the sounds requesting entrance."This is Codename: Xantium on approach. Requesting entrance.
    ** * A gruff but clear voice responded" This is Fort Kaon responding- Codename: Xantium approach from west entrance."
    ** *The Wreckers turned left and continued toward the growing hole in the disguise-shield that deceived the viewer into thinking it was a shiny, silver-tinted column like the hills.

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