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    I just read this off of seibertron.com

    "80sGeek was so kind as to let us know about new decodings at the Transformer War for Cybertron website.
    Here's what he has to say:
    New "transmission decoder" on the site. The concept is to decode transmissions with an inner and outer dial to gain access to videos and screen shots/concept art. You rotate the outer blue dial until you gain a blue circle, then rotate the inner yellow to focus the cube image until you get a yellow circle.

    Following gives 100% total recovered data:

    Default trailer transmission code (given when you hit ?): blue-351, yellow-327

    Note: The art transmissions are brief (and I mean BRIEF- 2 seconds max) glimpses.

    Image/art codes: b-018 y-088, b-40 y-328, b-51 y-110, b-073 y-190, b-085 y-298, b-096 y-347, b-107 y- 035, b-120 y-040, b-162 y-359, b-173 y-003, b-192 y-147, b-203 y-094, b-214 y-004, b-225 y-199, b-236 y-015, b-265 y-011, b-284 y-021, b-306 y-041, b-328 y-221

    Video: b-249 y-101 (transformation pulse confirmed in clip)

    You can try them out by clicking here.

    Stay tuned to seibertron.com for all your Transformers related news"
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    yeah those people are behind, none of that stuff is new. The decoder died months ago...

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