War Ensemble

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    "Uh, Orion Pax, s-s-s-sir."
    "Um, none sir. Just joined."
    "Civilian, eh?"
    "Yessir, I joined because I want to see this war go away ASAP."
    "Hmmmmm, what'ya good at?"
    "I'm kind of the go-to guy if you need help with anything. I suppose you could call me a handy man.{Laughs}"
    "Glad 'ya joined the effort, son. I seen far too many wars. I'm gettin' too damn old for this shit!{Hearty laughter}"
    "Alright, what do I do now?"
    "Go see the field expert, Ironhide. He'll give 'ya a little test, make sure you're in good health. Oh, yeah, forgot to introduce m'self. 'Ey call me Ratchet. I'm a Field Med. I fix 'em up good."
    "...Good to know."
    "Alrighty, NEXT!"

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