wants/sale-trade g1 and various lines mib,misb,loose,exclusives takara/hasbro etc

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    Alright here we go again. I accept paypal, prices aren't set in stone, submit any reasonable offer, thanks.

    So here is my want list:

    r.i.d. scourge red sword
    unicron.com animated upgrade kit with allspark deal (pending)
    botcon 2005 ratchet
    botcon 2005 flamewar (pending)
    botcon 2005 flareup (pending)
    botcon 2006 megatron
    botcon 2006 waspinator
    botcon 2006 lazerbeak
    botcon 2006 buzzsaw
    botcon 2006 boxset (Pending)
    botcon 2007 boxset (pending, loose figs)
    botcon 2007 springer (pending)
    botcon 2007 huffer
    botcon 2008 boxset (pending)
    botcon 2008 rodimus (pending)
    botcon 2008 megatron (pending)
    botcon 2008 ricochet
    botcon 2009 sweeps 3 pack set (pending)
    tfcc nightbeat
    energon optimus prime with mouth on face version
    energon white tidalwaves minicon gray ramjet only if possible (pending)
    cyberton/galaxy force sonic convoy boxset with coby ramble
    r.i.d. omega prime giftset translucent with sword
    1st edition of mp starscream, dark blue version
    henkei liger mirage (pending)
    henkei ghost starscream (pending)
    henkei galvatron
    henkei rodimus
    henkei thrust
    henkei skywarp
    henkei thundercracker
    henkei dirge
    henkei crystal clear convoy
    henkei/classics cliffjumper upgrade
    henkei/classics roadbuster upgrade
    takara buster prime misb (pending)
    parallax city commander upgrade misb (pending)
    robot masters Star Saber & Victory Leo - RM 15 & 16
    Brave Maximus with reissue red guns and sword
    Lucky Draw energon megatron/galvatron
    G2 Green Snarl
    Galaxy force dvd exclusive white noisemaze
    Galaxy force dvd exclusive white chromia repaint (minerva)
    wonderfest pink 2007 movie arcee
    wonderfest black 2007 movie arcee (pending)
    2007 movie premium blackout (pending) & ironhide (pending)
    knockoff or original shadow commander set (pending)
    tftm legends: blackout and both green ratchets

    DC Universe
    He-Man vs Superman TRU 2 pack
    Giants of Justice: superman, batman, cyborg superman, flash, killer crock, etc. (all)
    Batman Beyond masked version
    Wave 1 all figures: batman, penguin, The Demon Etrigan, Orion and Red Tornado
    Wave 2 red boot firestorm, both verions of Aquaman, Harley Quinn and blue superman
    Wave 3 Deathstroke both versions, Sinestro both version and Robin

    Masters Of The Universe/ HEMAN (Classics)
    Battle Cat
    Castle Greyskull (both versions,old and new)
    King Randor

    this is what i have for trade and sale:

    energon starscrem g1 colors mosc new $30 + s/h
    energon beachcomber misb new $85 + s/h
    energon bruticus maximus mosc new $125 + s/h
    energon constructicon maximus mosc new $125 + s/h
    energon superion maximus mosc new $125 + s/h
    energon ultra magnus mib $150 + s/h
    energon downshift loose complete $35 + s/h
    cyberton wingsaber misb new $100 + s/h
    cybertron vector prime mib
    micron legends dx01 magma convoy tru exclusive mib $350 + s/h
    micron legends megatron misb new $75 + s/h
    micron legends lazerbeak misb new $40 + s/h
    micron legends hot shot mib $35 + s/h
    beast wars tru exclusive optimus primal vs megatron misb new $100 + s/h
    transformers movie robot replicas prime, megatron, bumblebee, jazz, barricade, and frenzy all mosc new
    transformers movie target exclusive deep space starscream misb new $30
    transformers movie barricade (recon and premium) mosc new
    transformers movie bumblebee lawson exclusive version gold mosc new
    transformers movie bumblebee mosc new (premium, target 2pack, and fab)
    transformers movie delux divebomb, bid dady, arcee, overcast, stockade, etc.
    transformers movie desert brawl misb new
    transformers movie voyagers first strike op, off road ironhide, rescue ratchet
    transformers movie best buy ratchet and megatron misb new
    transformers animated target exclusives sunstorm vs activator bumblebee and shockwave vs ratchet misb new $30 + s/h
    transformers animated power bots cyber speed bumblebee mib
    transformers animated voyagers optimus prime, skywarp, atomic lugnut, etc
    g1 ehobby sunstorm 1st edition misb new $300 + s/h
    g1 legends bumblebee(it's like the one with the g1 pretender but only bumblebee no human shell) new mosc $150 + s/h
    g1 reissue starscream with megatron guy takara version mib
    g1 tru reissue skywarp mib
    g1 tru reissue thundercracker mib
    g1 tru reissue astrotrain mib
    g1 thrust mib no bubble
    g1 ramjet mib with bubble
    g1 beachcomber(possibly reissue?) mosc new $40 + s/h
    g1 cyclonus mib no bubble $175 + s/h
    g1 galvatron mib $175 + s/h
    g1 ultra magnus mib $125 + s/h
    g1 tru reissue optimus prime misb new $150 + s/h
    g1 tru reissue starscream misb new $85 + s/h
    g1 tru reissue power master optimus prime misb new $175 + s/h
    g1 tru reissue soundwave misb new(rare version, figure backwards) $60 + s/h
    g2 bruticus loose missing most weapons
    g2 devastator loose missig weapons, scrappers wheel on arm broke off
    g2 superion lose missing small jets guns, have 2 slingshot superglued together
    g2 starscream moc
    g2 ramjet moc
    g2 skram mosc new $30 + s/h
    g2 rapido mosc new $45 + s/h
    g2 drench mosc new $40 + s/h
    g2 laser optimus prime misb new $250 + s/h
    g2 reissue laser optimus prime misb new $100 + s/h
    g2 laser ultra magnus misb new $150 + s/h
    g2 dreadwing mib $50 + s/h
    g2 slingshot mosc new $150 + s/h
  2. vbjjune

    vbjjune Nemesis Galvatron

    Feb 25, 2007
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