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    May 24, 2008
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    Wants (Loose prefered please)
    1) Transmetal Claw Jaw (purple repaint) [weapon not needed]
    2) Japanese Beast Wars Bazooka (any repaint is fine
    3)Robotmaster Delta Seeker
    4) BW Drill Nuts
    5) Small Energon Megs (This is for a kitbash no weapons needed only main figure missing horns is fine)
    6) BW Predacon Jetstorm complete needed
    7) BW Mach Kick
    8) BW Max B
    9) Robotmasters Starscream
    10) Piranacon or God Neptune{Prefer} -Head and Fists
    11) Dinobot Slapper (Wal Mart excl)
    12) BW Neo Break
    13) BW Powerpinch
    Haves please note all are loose but in great condition have been displayed only
    1) Jap Beast Wars 10th Beast Megs (robotmasters repaint) with box,instructions and DVD (Note this one did not come with the little blue gun but I do have one I will throw in)
    2) Movie Jolt complete w Card
    3) Movie Big Daddy complete w Card
    4) Energon Scorponok complete
    5) Japanese JRX [will only sell trade for cyberbeasts]
    6) energon Quickmix complete
    7) Movie Ironhide (original version complete)
    8) Cybertron Defense Red Alert complete
    9) Universe Superion [ missing the right arm only - could never find so I have stopped trying :-(]
    10) Original Leader Movie Prime [Complete W open box]
    11) Beast Wars Inferno [Complete W Open Box]
    12) TM Waspinator (Buzzsaw repaint)
    13) Cybertron Longrack
    14) Japan exclusive Magma Type Dino (Cruellock) MISB
    15) Cybertron Crosswire

    G1 & G2 & BW fixer uppers
    a1) G1 Scorponok body
    a2) G1 Metroplex (with R fist)
    a3) G2 Sideswipe body only sticker wear
    a4) Polar Claw - Missing Bat/Leg,tight joints needs cleaning
    a5) Cheetor - Missing gut gun
    a6) RID Bruticus (the dog thing missing tail)
    a7) Armada Skywarp [Missing missles]

    Being a newbie I will gladly ship first and send pics. They will be taken with blackberry and emailed. PM me with any questions
    Thanks for looking

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