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    Jul 16, 2007
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    Getting Closer to Completion....

    I am rebuilding the collection I used to have before I sold it for college money. Please keep in mind I have a budget and dont intend to drop tons of money in one shot. I intend to rebuild in steps.

    Please note stickerwear and accessories (such as guns, swords) are not important unless the accessories affect the estetics of the toy (like a missing leg, starscream's landing gear, the shoulder cannon on soundwave, planewings, hands etc...) Loose prefered, tight limbs prefered. Reissues are fine.

    Mass Buying on hold till I pay off a $5,000 Dental Bill

    Updated Feb 13, 2008
    > indicates high priority buys
    > indicates low priority buys

    G1 or Reissues
    Tryptacon - Acquired
    Springer (must have helicopter blades)
    Astrotrain - Acquired
    Hotrod or Rodimus Prime - Acquired
    Blitzwing - Acquired
    Jazz - Acquired
    Hound - Acquired
    Blaster - Acquired
    Sixshot - Acquired
    Kup - Acquired
    > Scavenger
    > Hook
    Smokescreen (Takara Bookstyle or TRU Reissue) - Acquired
    Red Alert
    Prowl - Acquired
    Skylynx (shuttle) - Acquired
    Divebomb - Acquired
    Headstrong - Acquired
    Rampage - Acquired

    Razorclaw - Acquired
    Skullcruncher - Acquired
    > Ultra Magnus (Rubber Wheels, Painted Head, complete)
    Weirdwolf - Acquired
    Megatron - Acquired
    > Optimus Prime
    Starscream - Acquired
    > Skywarp
    Thundercracker - Acquired
    > Ramjet
    > Thrust

    Slag (Green) - Acquired
    Slag (Red)
    Snarl (Red)
    Snarl (Green)
    Jazz - Acquired
    Grimlock (Blue) - Acquired

    And now the newer stuff

    Animated 2008

    Classics 2.0

    Megatron - Acquired
    Optimus Prime (loose) - Acquired
    Astrotrain (loose) - Acquired
    Ramjet (loose) - Acquired
    Skywarp - Acquired

    Sideways - Acquired
    Scavanger - Acquired

    > Megatron or Galvatron
    > Divebomb
    Battle Ravage - Acquired
    Grimlock & Swoop 2-pack (loose) - Acquired

    Supreme Starscream - Acquired
    Sky Shadow - Acquired
    Scattershot - Acquired
    Soundwave - Acquired
    Snarl - Acquired

    Hound - Acquired
    Ravage (puma one)
    Smokescreen (Binaltech) - Aquired
    Smokescreen - Acquired
    Jazz/Meister - Acquired

    Robot Heroes
    Soundwave / Bumble Bee - Acquired
    Jazz / Thundercracker - Acquired
    Unicron / Optimus Prime - Acquired
    Bumblebee / Barricade - Acquired

    Megatron - Acquired

    Ruination (Desert Camo or Walmart exclusive color)

    Binaltech Asterisk Alternators
    Red Alert - Acquired
    Sunstreaker - Acquired

    Bumblebee '76 (loose) - Acquired
    Bumblebee '08 (loose) - Acquired
    Leader Brawl - Acquired
    Voyager Prime - Acquired
    Voyager Megatron - Acquired

    > Leader Prime
    Leader Megatron - Acquired
    Arcee - Acquired
    > Voyager Ironhide
    > Voyager Ratchet
    Dropkick - Aquired

    G1 Starscream - Acquired

    > Pepsi Optimus Prime '07 (sealed or with box)
    Comic Con Titanium Menasor - Acquired
    > 20th Anniversary DVD Prime

    Knock Offs
    "mini" Sixshot - Acquired
    Prehistory Animal Sludge - Acquired
    >Prehistory Animal Snarl
    >Prehistory Animal Grimlock
    Prehistory Animal Slag - Acquired
    "Shackwave" - Acquired
    Devistator - Acquired
    Superion - Acquired
    Defensor - Acquired
    Menasor - Acquired
    G1 Swoop - Acquired
    Oversized Blitzwing - Acquired
    Oversized Classic Astrotrain
    Cyclonus Blanche
    Victory Leo / Star Saber Pack - Acquired
    > G1 MISB Slag
    > G1 MISB Slag Ghost
    > G1 MISB Sludge
    > G1 MISB Sludge Ghost
    > G1 MISB Grimlock
    > G1 MISB Snarl

    > Slag's Chrome Gun
    Swoop Head (not beak the little black head) - Acquired
    > Swoop Launchers and Missles
    > Trypticon Battery Cover
    > Dirge Body
    > Seeker Black left fist
    > Skullcruncher Gun
    Sixshot Guns x2
    Rodimus Prime "Yellow Spoiler"
    Thundercracker tail fins
    Predaking right fist - Acquired
    Predaking left foot - Acquired
    Predaking right foot - Acquired
    Predaking large blaster - Acquired

    Non Transformers

    Gi Joe 25th
    > Flint - Pending
    > Destro (Silver Pimp Daddy)

    Moby Dick Toys - Resident Evil
    Resident Evil - Jill (Dino Crisis) - Acquired
    Resident Evil - Jill (RE3) - Acquired
    >Resident Evil - Rebecca
    Resident Evil - Claire (RE2) - Acquired
    Palisades Jill Valentine Vinyl Statue - Acquired

    Final Fantasy Play Arts
    Final Fantasy VII Reno
    Final Fanatsy X Auron (loose prefered)
    Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna - Acquired
    Final Fantasy X-2 Rikku - Acquired
    Final Fantasy XII Ashe - Acquired
    Final Fantasy XII Judge Master (loose prefered)

    Thundersbirds 2086 VHS videos
    Bon Voyage Charlie Brown VHS
    Alter Model Black Lagoon Revy

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