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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Ishino, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Hey all

    Looking for Classics Rodimus, Skywarp and Universe Cyclonus! Can pay cash as of the 25th, or I have the below items for trade.

    Items for trade include;
    RID Optimus Prime (MIB, complete w/ instructions)
    Masterpiece Skywarp (Hasbro)
    HA Sideswipe (MIB, complete w/ instructions)
    Supreme Starscream (includes crown and 3 cyber keys, missile is jammed in launcher)
    Generations Drift (complete w/instructions)
    NEST Mindwipe (MIB, complete w/ instructions)
    TFTM Bonecrusher
    Classics Deluxe Optimus & Megatron
    ROTF Voyager Starscream
    TFTM Blackout w/Skorponok

    I have a few others that I might trade, but would be reluctant unless it were a good deal; Cybertron Megatron MIB complete w/ instructions, TFA Ultra Magnus complete w/ instructions, Armada Unicron complete.

    PM with any interest/offers, thanks!

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