wanted omegatron's headvisor and G1boxes

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Spitzadome, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Received omegatron's head visor in the mail but unfortunately it was broken in transit. So requiring another one now. I looked at getting an Omega Supreme one but it is orange and there is a definite colour difference. Would appreciate any help that other members could give. I am also after a lot of G1 boxes only. They need to be C6 or above and have nothing cut. robot points and tech specs need to be in tact. Here are the boxes that i am after-- CATILLA,CHAINCLAW,REPUGNUS,TARGETMASTER HOTROD,TARGETMASTER BLURR,TARGETMASTER CYCLONUS,TARGETMASTER SCOURGE, POINTBLANK,CROSSHAIRS,THRUST, DOUBLEDEALER, IRONHIDE,RATCHET,SMOKESCREEN,HOUND,BARRAGE,SKY HIGH,SNARL AND PROWL. The boxes can be Canadian(dual language) also. Have paypal account ready if there are any helpful people out there. I am from Australia but would only need postage to Madison,WI,53718, if people would prefer to post within the United States. One last item that i am after is HORRI_BULL'S BODY only, the 2 plastic stirrups on body where head joins is broken so i need a new body for him. thanks

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