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Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by CyberWolf, Oct 17, 2006.

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    I'm looking for the following Japanese exlusive Mini-cons. Please PM me if you want to sell. Thank You:) 

    Want List

    Land Military Team - Japan Toys R Us exclusive
    Street Speed Team - Overdrive edition
    Aqua Raider Team - DVD exclusive
    Sonic Assault Team - DVD exclusive
    Super Stunt Team - DVD exclusive
    Air Defense Team - CD exclusive
    Destruction Team - Itoyokado exclusive
    Rod - single red car
    Atlas - single blue car
    Prime - singlr green car
    Speed Chaser Team - DVD exclusive
    Hazard Team - DVD exclusive
    Accel, Screw, and Throttle
    Grit-bit, Zapmap, and Zigzag
    Hyakurai, Ichibi, and Mugen
    Material, Element, and Factor
    Graviton, Quasar, and Bulge

    If you are unsure with the name and toy, please check out www.TFU.info and look up the name under the Japanese Micron Legend, Superlink, and Galaxy Force sections.

    Thanks for looking

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