Wanted: HA Mudflap - in trade for Universe Hardhead

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by jamspeed, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Looking for HA Mudflap, pref misb - I know he is still being found in discount stores for 15-20 bucks, if you see one grab it for me and I will even trade for a mib Walmart exl. Universe HardHead.

    HardHead works perfectly and is mint from the box, only reason I opened him was to put in fresh batteries to make sure he works. All sound modes work perfect, I only partially transformed him to put in the new batteries (Which are included). The box is in nice shape but has some shelf wear, I assume people will want him for the Hardhead upgrade head so I don't think the box is super important. I don't plan on getting the upgrade now so this guy isn't too important to me. Hook a fellow TF fan up!

    If you live in the Central Florida area we can meet up, otherwise like I said looking to even trade, shipping should be about the same for both figures. I will ship the Hardhead back in the box you send me HA Mudflap in. Thanks!

    BTW I have good feedback here (see sig), and on Ebay as 96blksohc.
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    HA mudflap

    Hey, are you still interested in Mr. Flap?

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