Wanted: Energon Megatron Wing & Bits

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by StarscreamKills, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Hey all!

    Listen, I'm new here and am catching up as fast as I can. TFs was one the best things in my childhood & I got out of them in the mid to late 80s. Then I saw the Movie and I flashed back to my 5th grade b-day party where we saw the 86 movie in the theatre. Ever since, I've gotten the bug & I'm hitting the Netflix series' to catch up on things since I've done other stuff.

    Along this recent path, I was on eBay and someone was trying to off load lots of TFs without figuring out what or who they were. Actually, the pics kind of reminded me of that part in Return of the Jedi where it shows crooks working for Jabba torturing bots!

    Anyway, one photo was really dark but looked intriguing. I went in & I could tell it was some Energon Megatron (again, really painful pose). In a related auction, they were hocking the tank-gun as a separate figure, so I swooped in & got a super/giga/leader vehicle sized Energon Megatron w/ the tank-gun for $4 in pretty mint with paint!

    This wasn't without trouble, though, as I couldn't tell from the bad photos he was missing a wing - his right wing (if you were Megatron, you'd be missing your right wing) in robot mode. It's not a break-off, but rather has just been removed off some pegs.

    Also I got the tank-gun, but not the sword & the missile for him.

    Even with all of this, I'm glad to have him. I would like to fill him out for my collection instead of hunt down a 100% complete one (or shell out big $$$ for one!). Can anyone help?

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    I may be able to help you.

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