Wanted: Darkside WFC Optimus Prime, AKA WFC Nemesis Prime

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    Hello all, simple list this time around. Looking for a Darkside WFC Optimus Prime. I'm trying to trade off some of my old collection to make room for the baby that's on the way, plus it's cheaper to trade and it usually makes 2 people happy.
    If you don't wanna break up the set and trade for the Darkside Megatron aswell, that's understandible. Here's the list of what I'm willing to trade for, but if your looking for something else just ask, I might have it. No offer is too outragous, except for the whole list for one figure. so 1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 1, 5 for 2, whatever sounds good to you.

    Ultra Class
    Universe Razorclaw, Missing one feather missle.

    Voyager Class
    Universe Vector Prime (Black)
    Universe Leo Prime (Red)

    Deluxe Class
    ROTF Blazemaster
    ROTF Skid/Mudflap (Icecream truck)
    ROTF Breakaway
    ROTF Soundwave (NEST)
    ROTF Wheelie
    Cliffjumper 07'
    Dreadwing 07'
    Overcast 07'
    Autobot Jazz 07'
    Camshaft 07'
    Payload 07"
    Swindle 07'
    Decepticon Brawl 07'
    Protoform Optimus Prime 07'
    Protoform Starscream 07'
    Bumble Bee (74 muscle car) 07'
    Cybertron Skywarp

    Scout Class
    ROTF Scattorshot
    ROTF Divebomb
    ROTF Reverb
    ROTF Nightbeat
    HFTD Hubcap
    PCC Sledge

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